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Rick (RBFF2)

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Rick Strowd. One of the two (three?) new characters introduced in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2. Huge damage potential. Amazing normals and special moves. Good P-Power. Top tier character.

Moves List


Gung Ho: close, b or f + C

                           COMMAND MOVES

Chopping Right (f + A) - Two hits. Overhead.

Smash Sword (df + A) - Anti air. Special cancellable.

Punisher (f + C while dashing) - Special cancellable.

                           SPECIAL MOVES

Shooting Star [Breakshot]: d, df, f + A or C

Shooting Star EX: During S or P Power: d, df, f + C

Blazing Sunburst [Breakshot, Invincible]: d, db, b + A - Unblockable.

Shooting Star MAX: Blazing Sunburst, During S or P Power, d, df, f + C

Full Moon Fever: d, db, b + B (can hold) - Upper body invincibility.

-> Cancel: D / Special move / Normal move.

Divine Blast [Breakshot, Invincible]: d, db, b + C

-> Feint Blast: After the backstep, D

Helion [Breakshot, Invincible]: f, d, df + A

                            SUPER MOVES

Gaia Press: f, b, db, d, df + B + C (S-Power)

Howling Blue: f, b, db, d, df + C (P-Power)

                            FAKE MOVES

Helion: f + A + C

                            CHAIN COMBOS
      5A - | - 5B -> 5C (Not special cancellable)
      2A - | - 5C (Special cancellable)
      2A -> 2B -> 2C (Knockdown)
close 5B - | - 5B - | - 5C (Special cancellable)
           |        | - 3C (Juggle; Special cancellable)
           | - 5C (Special cancellable)            
           | - 2B -> 2C (Knockdown)
close 5A - | - 5B -> 5C (Not special cancellable)
           | - 5C (Special cancellable)
5B - | - 5C (Special cancellable)
     | - 6C -> 22C (Overhead)
3A - | - 5B -> 6C -> 22C (Overhead)
     | - 33B (Overhead)
     | - 4C (Plane shift)
2B - | - 5B (Special cancellable)
     | - 2C -> 6C (Not special cancellable)
close 5C -> 5C (Special cancellable)
Forward dash + 6C -> 5C (Special cancellable)
Air Chains
A -> C
B -> C

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


VS Cheng Sinzan

Be careful with blockstrings because Cheng players love to breakshot any chance they get. The damage is well worth the meter for them.

Don't ever let him get away with that Sneeze move up close, you can stop it with pressing Stand A constantly up close or Stand C if they far away and time it late

If he throws fireballs in the corner, let them know that it's -5 on block so you can normal throw them up close, Stand A if they like the sneeze move (Time Stand C afterwards if they're far away) as well as Stand A or Crouch A to take your turn back

Neutral Hop/Jump A beats his Belly Dive outside corner and in corner if you do right away as a hard read if he tries to scare you with that. Very punishable for him if blocked of course.

If they tiger knee their P-Power it hits lows and if they do up in the air it hit high up and very punishable. Tiger Knee'd just normal throw them out of whatever they're about to do.