Raoh/Special Moves

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This page covers Raoh's special and super moves. His normal moves are explained here.

Hokuto Goushouha

(Land or Air) 236C
A fireball move. Done on the ground, it is a 3-hit beam-type projectile capable of nullifying other projectiles. Mostly useless due to its large startup and recovery. The air version is a more traditional looking fireball that travels downward at a 45 degree angle. While much more useful than the land version, after shooting off the fireball you do not recover until landing, so it is necessary to exercise caution when using this move. Both versions take off one star on counter hit.

When powered up the land version gains an extra hit and executes faster, and the air version causes wall bounce on counter hit. Despite the improvements the land version remains useless for the most part.

Hokuto Donryuu Kohou

A powerup move. Allows for storing up to three powerup charges, which appear as globes above the Boost gauge. These powerups are used to strengthen several of Raoh's normal and special moves. Having powerup charges available opens up many combo options, and also forces your opponent to adjust their play as well, as they have to worry about the devastating powerup chop. As it has fairly long startup and recovery, Kohou should only be used at a distance. Even then, it is almost never safe to powerup when your opponent has Boost.

Hokuto Tenshou Raigeki

AKA Chop. Raoh winds up and then releases a delayed chop. The startup is invincible, but it wears out 9 frames before the move actually executes, making it hard to use as a reversal. On counter hit the opponent loses one star and is launched high into the air, and it is possible to follow up with a special homing jump, similar to a Grave Shoot. This move is exceptional at dealing with Guard Cancels.

The powerup version gains a second hit during the wind-up animation, making the execution much faster(8F), and is fully invulnerable. This move is a legitimate dragon punch and can be used very effectively as a reversal. Both hits can be canceled into a jump on counter hit. While much better than the normal version in almost all areas, due to its fast execution the powerup version is not suited to baiting Guard Cancels.

Hokuto Raretsuken

Raoh rushes forward, punching 3 times and finishing with an uppercut. It executes very quickly and nets you a ton of meter on hit or guard. Often clashes with fireball moves and does quite a bit of chip and Guard Crush damage as well - it is especially useful against characters like Thouther and Mamiya. Takes one star and causes wall bounce on counter hit. It is only -6 on guard, but the final hit will sometimes miss if your opponent uses Aura Guard, which will allow them to punish you.

The powerup version gains 4 hits, to a total of 7, and the final uppercut takes one star. Aside from its increased chip and Guard Crush damage as well as meter building abilities, this move is a very important part of Raoh's Dribble combos.


(Land or Air) 214D
Raoh stabs his opponent through the foot, pinning them to the ground. The opponent and Raoh stay stuck together on the ground for a certain amount of time, during which neither opponent can move(except to crouch) or use Boost.

When performed in the air Raoh first catches the opponent with a kick and brings them to the ground, where he then stabs them. This is without a doubt Raoh's most important move, as it plays a central role in all of his combos. Can be followed up with 2A only(2 frame window). Also it has a minimum height limitation, meaning that if you try to tiger knee it too low, you will only get a high jump air D.

The land version takes one star on hit, and due to its slow execution can only be comboed into using Hitstop Cancel(except vs crouching Rei). Also possesses Super Armor versus weak attacks, but as you will never use this move outside a combo it has no real use. Larger window to follow up with 2A than the air version.

Only the land version can be powered up - it takes two stars on hit and becomes easier to use in wall bounce combos. The Super Armor is also improved but it remains useless. When following up with 2A the timing is slightly different than the normal land version - it is easy to mess up your combo if you use Sai without realizing you have a powerup charge, so it is important to keep this in mind.

Musou Insatsu

41236D (Uses 1 Bar Aura)
A unique move that allows Raoh to cancel the recovery of almost any move into a powerful kick, at the cost of one bar of Aura. With a very quick startup at only 3 frames and Super Armor, Musou Insatsu is extremely useful and causes your opponent to have to approach you very cautiously when you have meter. This can allow you to get away with a lot - for example Kohou is usually unsafe to use in most situations, but fear of an Insatsu will often keep your opponent from taking advantage of this and attacking you.

Musou Insatsu can be jump canceled on guard or hit. It is also possible to Boost both the startup and recovery of it. On normal hit the opponent is launched into the air, and you will want to follow up with a normal forward jump. A counter hit will take a star and cause wall bounce, and is best followed up with an air dash B.

Hikou Shinkesshuu

214214A (Uses 1 Bar Aura)
An anti-air super. Raoh throws his cape into the air, catching any opponent within range. This move is completely unblockable - if your opponent is in the air and in range they will be caught. Can be extremely useful to get out of pressure, but will likely result in your death if you miss. Takes off one star on normal hit and two on counter hit.

Musou Tensei

214214B (Uses 1 Bar Aura)
A 'charge' super, that after executing(left picture) grants the ability to use the special defensive maneuver Musou Tensei(middle and right pictures) up to 7 times. While active pressing 6(for mid/high attacks) or 2(for low attacks) in time with his opponent's attack hitting will cause Raoh to teleport behind them. Specifically, the time frame for Musou activating is 5 frames within inputing the forward or downward direction. However, if the lever is returned to neutral within 5 frames of the input, the total time is extended to 11 frames. There is a roughly 15 frame window after attempting to Musou in which it is not possible to try again, which prevents continuous Musou attempts.

Musou charges carry over rounds so it is advantageous to try to get off the super as soon as possible.

Tenshou Honretsu

214214C (Uses 1 Bar Aura)
An invincible charging super. Takes two stars on normal hit, three on counter. Its slow startup makes it pretty much useless as a reversal and it is not really suited for combos either. It does have some rare uses, which are covered in the Matchups section.

Hokuto Mettenha

236CD (Fatal KO)
A deadly punch to the skull, from the final fight between Raoh and Kenshiro. A very good FKO, as it locks on the opponent and cannot miss as long as the first hit connects. Also possesses Super Armor, although it is mostly useless except as a gimmick.