Raoh/Normal Moves

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This page covers Raoh's normal moves. His special and super moves are explained here.


Close A

A short elbow jab. Very poor reach, but still can be used as an anti-air sometimes.

Far A

A quick jab while advancing forward. Mostly used in Traveling/Basuke combos. Can be used as an anti-air sometimes.

Close B

A kick to the shin. Can cancel into itself. Mostly used as a combo part.

Far B

A light kick. Fairly fast execution and good range. Good for zoning and as an anti-air.

Close C

A strong overhead punch. Doesn't hit crouching opponents. Used mostly in combos to connect to a Banishing Strike. Holding C with a powerup stock available grants Super Armor and makes it unblockable.

Far C

A two-handed punch. Identical to Kenshiro's far C, but due to Raoh's height it does not hit crouching opponents and is much less useful. Holding C with a powerup stock available grants Super Armor and makes it unblockable.

Close D

A knee followed by a drop kick. Both hits are cancelable, and the second hits low. The first hit can be a good spot to cancel into 6B as the startup animation looks the same as the second hit.

Far D

A sidekick. Its long range makes it good for zoning, but it has very long recovery. Can chain into a Banishing Strike by canceling the startup of 2D(input as D > 2CDCD or D > delay 2CD), making it a key move in combos.



A crouching punch. 4 frame startup - this is Raoh's fastest ground normal and is the only move capable of following up after an air Sai. Can be used to get out of pressure and even as an anti-air in some cases.


A crouching kick. Fairly decent range, good for zoning. Startup too slow to use to get out of pressure. As it is only a level 2 attack it can be hard to hit confirm Boost into a combo.


A strong punch to the ground. Causes opponent to bounce into the air even on normal hit, but if the total hits in the combo is over ~20 at the time of it connecting, the opponent will instantly be knocked down. One of Raoh's few jump cancelable moves. Holding C with a powerup charge available makes the move become unblockable and gain Super Armor, and the opponent is launched high into the air on hit(must high jump after connecting to follow up).


A low sweep kick. Very long range, can follow up with Insatsu, or a Grave Shoot in some situations. Like far D it is dangerous to miss with, but slightly safer as you can cancel the recovery into a Grave Shoot or Banishing Strike. Holding D with a powerup stock available makes the move unblockable and launches the opponent into the air.



A jumping jab. 3 frame startup. Used mostly for getting out of pressure.


A jumping kick. Decent range. Used mostly for cross ups and in combos.


A strong air punch. Can cancel into itself. Has no landing recovery, making it the only normal Raoh can bait a Guard Cancel with. Holding C with a powerup stock available makes the move unblockable and causes wall bounce.


A 4-hit kick. The last hit is almost behind Raoh, making it good for cross ups from normal and high jumps.



A charging punch. Mostly useless except in certain Banishing Strike combos. This move will likely be the cause of your demise many times as it loves to randomly come out when you try to input a reversal chop.


A drop kick. Hits overhead. Extremely hard to block when followed up with Boost 2B. There is no reason to ever use it without Boost or Aura as it is not cancelable and does not give advantage even on hit.


Raoh lifts up the opponent and throws them away. Follow up possible with Boost. Cannot cancel into Musou Insatsu. Great if you have enough Boost to follow up, otherwise not worth using.

BD Throw

Raoh grabs the opponent by the face and smashes them to the ground. Follow up possible with Boost. Cannot cancel into Musou Insatsu. Generally only ever used to finish off a dizzied opponent.

Grave Shoot

Raoh throws up his arms, launching his opponent into the air. Short range to the sides, but extends high into the air. Aside from its use as a combo part, it also functions as an early anti-air, but suffers from long recovery. Use with caution.

Heavy Strike

A backhand punch. Range is short and misses on all crouching characters except Heart and Raoh. Fairly bad as far as Heavy Strikes go but still useful in some situations.

Banishing Strike

A painful looking body shot. Extremely important move used in pretty much all of Raoh's combos.