Raiden (MKT)

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As Earth's sworn protector, Rayden finds himself banished in the merger between Earth and Outworld. When the Elder Gods refuse to assist him in aiding the Earth, he is forced to take matters into his own hands. He transforms himse lf into a mortal warrior to fight alongside his human comrades - this time risking his place in the pantheon of gods and giving up his own immortality.



Auto Combos

1. HP, HP, LP, LP 4 hits 19%, 29%, 31%

2. HK, LK, B+HK 3 hits 18%, 28%, 30%

3. HK, HK, LK, B+HK 4 hits 23%, 33%, 34%

4. HP, HP, LP, F+HP 4 hits 36%, 45%, 47%

Basic Juggles

1. KS, HP, HP, LP, LP, JK, superman 7 hits 48%

2. aaHPHP, JK, superman 4 hits 46% (BP)

Advanced Juggles 1. (Near corner) KS, HP, HP, LP, LP, JK, aaRH, superman 8 hits 56%

2. KS, HP, HP, LP, LP, teleport, aaHPHP, JK, superman 9 hits 54%

Special Moves

Lightning  : Quarter-circle Towards - Low Punch

Reverse Lghtng: Quarter-circle Away - Low Punch

Torpedo  : Back - Back - Forward

Teleport  : Down - Up

Shock Opponent: Hold High Punch(3 seconds) and release


Fatality 1 "Exploding Uppercut": Hold HP for 10 Secs, Release (Next to) (Hold HP before you end the round) or just Hold BL, HP, Release BL on N64

Rayden kneels down and deleivers a powerful uppercut to his opponent which causes him/her to explode into pieces. Then the opponents head drops down to the ground.

Fatality 2 "Death Shock": Hold LK for 3 Seconds, Release, Tap BL+LK Rapidly (Next to)

Rayden grabs his opponent and starts to send an electrical charge thought his opponent's body which causes them to explode.

Friendship "Kidd Thunder!": D, B, F, HK (Past Sweep)

Rayden calls opon Kidd Thunder!

Animality "Electric Eel": D, F, D, HK (Sweep) (Mercy First)

Rayden turns into an electric eel and wraps around his opponent and shocks them to death.

Babality: D, D, U, HK (Past Sweep)

Brutality: HP, HP, LK, LK, LK, HK, LP, LP, LP, BL, BL (Next to)

Stage: D, D, D, HP (Next to)


Brutality  : HP - HP - LK - LK - LK - HK - LP - LP - LP- BL - BL

The Basics

Advanced Strategies