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The system mechanics of Rabbit are quite strange yet familiar with other fighters of the time. This will be a simple look at how the game plays and functions.

Chain Combos

Chain combos are like vampire savior's magic series. The order for a chain combo is lp - lk - hp - hk. Rabbit does have its quirks. after hp or hk you can input 6 hp or vice versa to extend the combo, but this will not led to a hard knockdown. You usually want to chain combo into sweep for oki and for safe beast mode activation. Every character has a bnb combo that leads to a knockdown.

Beast Mode

Beast mode activation is done by inputting abc on the same frame to activation a characters spirit animal. it takes one bar to do this and you have limited time in beast mode. pressing abc again will do a beast attack that is unique to each character. Beast mode also gives the user special buffs and debuffs during the duration of beast mode. super is also available during beast mode, but usually players would want to keep beast mode active by not draining the timer down because of the beast mode buffs are very good. Beast mode is risk and reward system that some character greatly benefit from and is the meta of this game.


This game has an overhead move with all the characters. It is done by either pressing AC or BD. It is character dependent and it can also be performed in the air with a jump in. This move can help open up opponents guard and can led to some big damage.


Throws are performed with close C or close D. Throws in this game are very powerful and hard to deal with. For now there is no way to tech a throw in this game.

Short hops

Short hops are performed with tapping your stick up quickly then back to neutral. This technique is the bread and butter to fast offensive play. Short hops can be stopped with a anti air, dp, or any move that can successful stop the hop in.

Spot Dodge The characters in this game have a context sensitive spot dodge. This occurs when the player is stand blocking and the opponent inputs a st C or st D. This spot dodge can be used to punish with a throw, jab, or any fast move. Be mindful tho depending on the spacing the spot dodge can be punished or you can't get a punish.

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