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1 - Life Bar - Red will indicate damage being taken.

2 - Meter - Grows gradually on its own or while being hit or hitting your opponent. Maximum is 3 Bars.

3 - Round Counter - First to 2 wins. Will also give you unique icons depending on how you won each round. (i.e. Clock = Won by Timeout)

4 - Timer - Starts at 60. Round will end once it reaches 0.

5 - Combo Counter - Indicates the lenght of a combo.

6 - Beast Force! - Bar that you can go trought to select diferent supers from the other characters in the game.

7 - Beast Force activation - Appears when hitting 3 buttons, it will summon your animal spirit that will grant you with different buffs and nerfs depending on character, bar will deplete with time or by using a specific special or Beast force super.

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