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Gun is the charge function of the game, his fireball and dp will put each other on cooldown, forcing Gun to use his zoning tools with caution. Gun can stall the release of his fireballs to bait jumps, or to fire two fireballs in quick succession, allowing for strong angles to approach and start frame traps.

Unfortunately Gun suffers from a lack of reliable combo routes, instead getting his damage from looping frame traps with fireball, and chip damage from zoning.

Gun has some of the largest normals in the game to control screen space with, borrowing Chel's far heavy, and an advancing version of Dauntless' crouch medium. This in conjunction with excellent dash speed makes gun threatening from anywhere on screen.


RT Gun Icon.png Gun is zoner who possesses a variety of normals from other characters.
Pros Cons
  • The best fireball frame data in the game.
  • Has some of the better anti-air normals.
  • Ground movement is very strong, with a fast dash/run, as well as normals that advance/retreat.
  • Lowest damage in the game.
  • Combo routes are very limited, most neutral hits get you nothing extra.
  • Special 1 and 2 have a linked cooldown.
  • Has troubling dealing with crouchers due to normals whiffing, and poor throws.


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Gun full.png

Health: 950

Stun: 950

Backdash: 30f (invun 1-8)

Initial Dash: 19f (run 15~)