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Project Justice/FAQ

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What kind of game is Project Justice?

Project Justice is a 3D fighting game that more or less plays like a 2D game. It's also quite unique, with a fast pace and sense of style not seen in any other fighting game. The game is pretty neutral-heavy, with a big focus on playing around strong universal defensive options with good movement and checking people with low-commitment attacks.

What characters do you recommend?

Kyosuke, Roberto, and Hideo are good starter characters. They're all characters with strong, simple gameplans that will help you get a feel for how the game flows.

Kyosuke has really good reach all around, while Roberto and Hideo have basic combos that are easy to do and result in high damage.

What partners do you recommend?

Edge, Roy, Chairperson, Hinata, Tiffany, Natsu, Kyoko, and Yurika.

The first two have fast Team-Up Attacks that are fairly safe on block, while the last six recover either health or meter for you (Chairperson recovers both).


How do combos work in this game?

Combos are based primarily around the Textbook Combo chain system, as well as Marvel-style air combos.

Specific chain routes differ depending on the character, but for all characters the general flow of combos is Light > Heavy > Command Heavy > Special/Super.

There's actually quite a bit of input leniency when compared to other games, so just do it slowly and you should be fine.

I keep getting rushed down and can't do anything!

Rushdown in Project Justice can be very strong if you don't properly use your defensive options. Learning how to properly use your Tardy Counters will do wonders to make your opponent think twice about pressuring you. Remember that Tardy Counters are available in the air as well as on the ground! A very common answer to repeated jab pressure (used by characters like Roy and Kyoko) is to chicken block and Tardy Counter with an aerial command normal. A lot of pressure strings also aren't airtight, so you can use your Team-Up Techniques to blow through this pressure.

How do I open people up?

Truly threatening overheads in Project Justice are few and far between, so for the most part you'll be mixing people up with strike/throw or setting up left/right mixups after an some air combos. Also of note is that every character has access to a low throw which will throw crouching opponents and cannot be teched, which kind of makes this your universal overhead.


Class order is S -> E, same class is [Strong] -> [Weak]

Japanese Tier List

S: Roy, Kyoko, Hyo, Hideo
A: Hayato, Kurow, Kyosuke, Roberto, Yurika
B: Vatsu, Burning Batsu, Zaki, Batsu, Edge
C: Shoma, Hinata, Boman, Momo, Natsu, Tiffany, Akira = Powered Akira
D: Nagare, Daigo, Wild Daigo, Demon Hyo, Gan, Ran
E: Chairperson

Old Tier List

S: Roy, Kyoko, Hyo, Kurow, Hideo
A: Kyosuke, Roberto = Hayato, Yurika
B: Burning Batsu, Vatsu, Zaki, Edge, Batsu
C: Powered Akira, Momo, Shoma = Tiffany, Boman, Natsu
D: Nagare, Akira, Hinata = Ran, Demon Hyo, Daigo = Wild Daigo, Gan
E: Chairperson

Tech Support

How can I play online?

Previously, the main two methods of playing Project Justice online were via either NullDCBear, or through Fightcades Flycast fork with Delay-based Netcode. As of 9/3/2021, there now exists an option to play with Rollback Netcode via a standalone Flycast test build.

Shiburizu has written a very well-structured guide over on [Mizuumi! Click here to read!] A communal save state is available on the Project Justice Discord.

Fightcade integration is already in the works, and should hopefully alleviate some of the stressors and organization required to play with the current method. In the meantime, please consider supporting [FlyingHeads work]. Without them, Rollback would not be possible! Once Fightcade integration has been implemented, we will update accordingly.

At the moment, there are two methods to netplay Project Justice:

  1. Via NullDC Netplay Launcher which is included on Fightcade 2
  2. Via NullDC BEAR

Both use the same emulator therefore performance is very similar. However, for the time being, only BEAR allows to spectate matches. Any ROMs and BIOS needed to play this way, you'd have to find on your own. Or check the resources channel on the Project Justice Discord.

Training mode? In order to have access to training mode, you need to emulate the Dreamcast version. An easy to set up emulator is Redream. For some reason, VMU editors don't work with Project Justice. Therefore, in order to have access to the whole roster without grinding story mode make sure you grab a hacked gdi ROM linked in the resources channel of the Project Justice Discord.

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