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Persona 4 Arena/Chie Satonaka

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Chie Satonaka

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In a nutshell TBW

Move List

Furious Action

Special Properties
High Counter
Sa.png + Spa.png
1,628 (5 hits)
High Counter (mid-air)
air Sa.png + Spa.png
800 (4 hits)


Special Properties
Rampage (weak)
Qcf.png + Wa.png
480 (3 hits)
Rampage (strong)
Qcf.png + Sa.png
960 (5 hits)
Rampage (boost)
Qcf.png + Wa.png + Sa.png
1,120 (6 hits)
   Skull Cracker (weak)
Qcf.png + Wpa.png
600 (2 hits)
   Skull Cracker (strong)
Qcf.png + Spa.png
900 (2 hits)
   Skull Cracker (boost)
Qcf.png + Wpa.png + Spa.png
1,200 (2 hits)
Dragon Kick (weak)
Qcf.png or Qcb.png + Wpa.png
Dragon Kick (strong)
Qcf.png or Qcb.png + Spa.png
Dragon Kick (boost)
Qcf.png or Qcb.png + Wpa.png + Spa.png
Black Spot (weak)
Qcb.png + Wpa.png
Black Spot (strong)
Qcb.png + Spa.png
Black Spot (boost)
Qcb.png + Wpa.png + Spa.png

SP Skills

Special Properties
God's Hand
Qcf.png qcf + Wpa.png or Spa.png
button used determines
attack range
Power Charge
Qcf.png qcf + Wa.png or Sa.png
increases damage of Skills and
SP Skills by 25%

Awakened SP Skills

Special Properties
Qcb.png qcb + Wpa.png or Spa.png
520 per meteor
button used determines
meteor attack range

Instant Kill

Special Properties
Galactic Punt
D.png , D.png , D.png + Wpa.png + Spa.png


Mission Mode


Tips and Tricks

"High Counter" does not reference the type of attacks Chie's Furious Action. The move can also counter low attacks and grabs.

Rampage in any form slows descent in the air, making it useful for dodging attacks from an opponent expecting you to land. However, use caution, as an enemy who waits will notice and have a larger window to counter.

Rampage's follow-up, Skull Cracker, is fast as well as an effective switch-up. It can hit crouching enemies on the first strike, and high guarding enemies on the second. Even experienced players may slip up guarding it.

Dragon Kick is one of the best counter moves in the game. Even for a Kanji, losing 1/5 of maximum health in one strike is intense. Practice landing the attack on aerial enemies, as it can turn the tide of battle in one strike.

Substituting Black Spot into a combo is a good way to fling the enemy away for breathing room or a change to use Power Charge.

--Patrick Escudero 11:38, 23 September 2013 (UTC)


Basic Strategy

Chie has a sizable amount of health, at 9500, making her average. She has the most comeback potential, arguably, because of her incredible counter potential. If forced into Awakening before the opponent, Chie is capable of dealing incredible damage and turning a battle around almost instantly. Several of her One-More Cancel combos may seem difficult at first, but they can add unexpectedly high amounts of damage, especially after grabs.

During a battle, from start to finish, make good use of Tomoe, Chie's Persona. While fragile, Tomoe's multi-hit attacks can stop charging opponents or disrupt aerial advances. If you need a moment, use Tomoe to buy that time. Tomoe is also useful for avoiding characters who use Furious Action to much, as it allows Chie to step in after the Furious Action has ended without losing health or falling into a combo. As above, her Dragon Kick is devastating when used alone. It can be very useful in air combos as well as finishing a ground combo, but by itself it is an incredible counter. A match that may have started one-sided can be turned around with one well placed hit. Combined with her average health, this makes Chie very well spread out between air and ground combos, as well as combo potential and single-hit damage. When in Awakening, Agneyastra can force almost any opponent to pause and block. When blocking this way, Chie can easily start a pressure game and break through for a turn-around or finishing blow. Also good to keep in mind is that her Instant Kill appears under the opponent, not in front of Chie, making it perfect to exploit against enemies who attack from the air too much or enemies who attack from a distance.

--Patrick Escudero 11:55, 23 September 2013 (UTC)

Advanced Strategy