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Arcana Heart/Partinias

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Partinias “The Pure Lady” (Arcana of Love)

In the middles ages, when Europe was covered in war, a woman who criticized violence and tried to spread compassion was burned for being a witch. Now, her spirit leads its power to Heart, who she feels embodies the same capacity for Love.

The Love arcana is focused around the use of extra projectiles, while stopping other projectiles. Not necessarily the strongest arcana, this arcana is useful for keeping the opponent at bay from a distance.

Passive Changes

  • If you double jump and then hold [8], your character will float down instead of falling like normal.

Command List

Special moves

Roz Sfaira - 236D: (1500 dmg) A pink ball floats forward and in the vertical direction of the opponent. Can be performed in the air.

  • If this hits, it doesn't shoot the opponent away, but rather stuns them in place for a bit allowing combos. In addition, the homing for it isn't 100%, but it will follow the opponent decently well.

Roz Toxo - 623D: (2200 dmg) A quick lazer shoots full length across the screen horizontally. Can be performed in the air.

  • This shoots full screen, and its pretty quick. Not much else about that.

Roz Kyklos- 214D: (2740 dmg for the 3 hit love ball) Your character puts up a shield that will absorb all projectiles. You can hold the shield for quite a while, as well. Once a projectile is absorbed, a 3 hit tracking love ball will come out and will track the opponent in any direction for a couple seconds. Can be performed in the air.

  • This will absorb all projectiles, no matter how many are shot. So if it's one fireball, it will absorb and shoot out a tracking 3 hit love ball. If you absorb 3 Konoha ninja stars, same thing. If you absorb the entire lazer super, same thing. You can also absorb Lightning's 236D, Love's 623D, Wind's 236D, and others. If it is a physical attack of any sort though, you will get hit.

Super moves

Tria Sfaira - 236236D: (4290 dmg) 3 of the above love balls shoot out. Can be performed in the air.

  • Same as above except there's 3 instead of 1.

Ouranio Toxo - 641236D: (7731 dmg) A giant 33 hit lazer comes out and shoots the opponent. Can be performed in the air.

  • This hits full screen as well, but is not nearly as fast as the regular love lazer.

Ilios Sfaira - 236ABC Super - Summon Partineas

(10000 damage) Partineas comes out and summons a SUPER love ball that covers most of the screen and homes in on the opponent.

  • This CANNOT be blocked in the air. If you are hit during the startup of the super, the giant love ball will not come out. You can be thrown out of the super, as your character cannot move while the giant ball is being summoned.

Activation Changes

  • You can use 236236D as many times as you want without it wasting meter.