Noob Saibot (MKT)

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Noob Saibot emerges from the darkest region of reality - A region known as the Netherealm. He belongs to a group called the Brothers of the Shadow, and worships an evil and mysterious fallen Elder God. His mission is to spy the events taking place in the battle between the realms and report back to his enigmatic leaders.



Auto Combos

1. HP, HP, LP, HK 4 hits 22%, 31%, 33%

2. HK, LK, LK, LK 4 hits 23%, 33%, 34%

Basic Juggles

1. KS, HP, HP, LP, HK, teleport slam, Uppercut 7 hits 53%

Advanced Juggles

1. KS, HP, HP, LP, HK, aaHPHP teleport slam, Uppercut 9 hits 59% or aaHP, HK 11 hits 59%

2. teleport slam, aaHP, aaHP, aaLP, repeat (inf, can be mixed into combos)

Special Moves

Disabler Ball: D, DF, F, LP

Clone Throw: F, F, HP

Teleport Throw: D, U


Fatality 2 "Teleport Slam": D, D, U, RN (Next to)

Noob grabs his opponent and teleports and then starts bouncing many times and the opponent explodes.

Babality: F, F, F, LP (Past Sweep)

Brutality: HP, LK, LP, BL, LK, HK, HP, LP, BL, LK, HK (Next to)

Stage: D, F, BL (Next to)

Fatality 1 "Lift N Spin": B, B, F, F, HK (Sweep)

Noob raises his hand and a ring surrounds his opponent,lifts them up, and then spins them into pieces.

Friendship "Bowling": F, F, B, HP (Past Sweep)

Noob makes a row of bowling pins fall down infront of his opponent and then he rolls a bowling ball and knocks over most of the pins.

Animality "Anteater Snack": B, F, B, F, HK (Step out of Sweep)

Noob turns into an anteater and sucks his opponent into a snack

The Basics

Advanced Strategies