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Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge/Victor

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"My great strength is wasted on your great weakness!"

Victor is the final creation of the mad scientist Victor von Gerdenheim, whom he shares his name with. Shortly after giving his creation life, Dr. Gerdenheim died and was found by the newly animated Victor. Despite these strange circumstances, Victor is a happy-go-lucky person who greatly cares for others and will do whatever he can to save those in need.

Lacking an understanding of what life or death really was, Victor interpreted the Doctor's lack of movement as a sign of disapproval. Because of this, Victor believed that if he became strong and was able to prove himself as a worthy creation, the Doctor would finally accept him. After departing the castle, Victor wanders in search of powerful opponents to prove his strength to the Doctor.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great hitboxes on normals
  • Easy Guard Reversal input
  • High damage command throws
  • Electric normals provide Victor with unique resets
  • No forward dash by default
  • Massive hurtbox makes him mixup fodder
  • Weak high/low mixup
  • Lack of mobility makes fighting zoners incredibly difficult

Color Options

LP MP HP Hold Start
VHUNT Victor Color LP.png VHUNT Victor Color MP.png VHUNT Victor Color HP.png VHUNT Victor Color Start.png
VHUNT Victor Color LK.png VHUNT Victor Color MK.png VHUNT Victor Color HK.png VHUNT Victor Color LP+MK.png
Victor von Gerdenheim
VHUNT Victor Artwork.png
Defense Heavy
Standing Height 113px
Crouching Height 67px
Ground Movement
Forward Walk Speed
Backward Walk Speed
Dash Type None
Forward Jump Speed
Back Jump Speed

Moves List

Normal Moves

Standing LP - whiff crouching opponents.

Standing close MP - useful for crouching opponents,can be electrified

Standing far MK - a good horizontal range one, can be electrified

Standing far HP - it had a good horizontal range, can be electrified

Standing far HK - a good anti air,can be electrified

Standing close K's - twerking time

Crouching LK - hits low and you crouching combo starter

Crouching MP - can be electrified

Crouching MK - hits low, can be electrified

Crouching HP - ok hitbox range for anti air, can be electrified

Crouching HK - excellent hibtox range for a combo ender, can be electrified

Jumping MK - his best jump in and overhead move.

Jumping HP - had the best hitbox range for cross ups.

Jumping HK - your far range overhead.

Special Moves

Giga Hammer: Charge B for 2 seconds, then press F + P [ES]

Victor dashes with a medium height fist that varies depend of the button strenght , doesn't make good damage, its only recommended to get close to your opponent.

ES - Victor slides and rise up diagonally his fist, its a good attack agaisnt front jump in ones.

Giga Buster: Charge B for seconds, then press F + K [ES]

Victor slides with a low kick, its recommend for crouching opponents.

ES - Victor jumps and makes three low kick, use it for overhead cheap damage.

Graviton Knuckle: During throw, press D, U + P

Victor slams his opponent with a powerbomb.

Gyro Crush: QCB + P [ES]

A Double Lariat homage with a fist finisher , its for close combat and as a crouching opponent combo ender commonly, but can be countered with sweeps.

ES - only makes more hits

Giga Burn: QCB + K (Guard Reversal) [ES]

Victor jumps and rise up his knee, a Tiger Knee power based homage, its a good option for medium jump in opponents and as a standing opponent combo ender

ES - makes more damage and its more anti air specific.

Mega Spike: Close, 360 + MP or HP

One of the most damaging Command Grabs of the game, throws your opponent toward but don't had enough recovery for Pursuits.

Mega Shock: Close, QCF + MK or HK

Its a close combat command grab, you can add more damage mashing up button.

Super Moves

Great Geldenheim: Close, HCF + 2K, then MP or HP

Your Command Grab Super setup, it makes more damage than his Specials and had a nice ending animation, recommended to activate it after a sweep and its had a invincible start up.

Thunder Break: Charge D for seconds, then press U + 2P

Victor jumps and hits the floor with both fist to made a low shockwave, it mades good damage but its slow, use if for suprise crouching opponents.

The Basics

If you love to be a Grappler and a Zoning he is your pick, your electric chains are the most damageful in the game but too specific against some standing or crouching characters, you will use your Kick or 360 punch command grab instead for throw traps.


Crouching LP, LK, MP Hold,HP Hold - 4 Hits, 21% Damage

Standing Close MP Hold,Close MK Hold,Close HP Hold - 3 hits, 22% Damage

Standing Close MP Hold, Close MK Hold, CloseHK - 3 hits, 25% Damage

Crouching MP, MK, HK - 3 Hits, 28% Damage

Crouching LK, EX Gyro Crush - 4 Hits, 25% Damnage

Standing Close MP Hold, Crouching LP/LK, MK, HK - 4 hits, 30% Damage

Jump MK, Crouching LK, Giga Burn - 3 Hits, 26% Damnage

Advanced Strategy

Electric Chains

You can chain electric attacks holding the button for it, the only advantage its about the first strike damage.

Link Electrics

Standing MP is the best electric one for link chains.

Great Geldenheim Setups

Activate it when your opponent jumps or makes a crouching chain,or when you wake up,it had enough invicincble startup frames and the fast recovery to grab your opponent.

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