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Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge/Sasquatch

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"I've had knots in my hair that were harder to take out than you!"

Sasquatch is the most noble of his tribe of Bigfoot that live deep in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. When he sensed the powers of the extraterrestrial Pyron, he set out to discover the source of said power. After returning to his village, he finds members of his village have disappeared. In the center of his village was a huge hole. Determined that his fellow villagers have been pulled into trouble, Sasquatch jumped into the hole to help them. In the end, he found out that his fellow Bigfoot went willingly because Jedah offered them lots of bananas (not knowing that he is evil).

Strengths Weaknesses

Color Options

LP MP HP Hold Start
VHUNT Sasquatch Color LP.png VHUNT Sasquatch Color MP.png VHUNT Sasquatch Color HP.png VHUNT Sasquatch Color Start.png
VHUNT Sasquatch Color LK.png VHUNT Sasquatch Color MK.png VHUNT Sasquatch Color HK.png VHUNT Sasquatch Color LP+MK.png
VHUNT Sasquatch Artwork.png
Defense Heavy
Standing Height 83px
Crouching Height 59px
Ground Movement
Forward Walk Speed
Backward Walk Speed
Dash Type
Forward Jump Speed
Back Jump Speed

Moves List

Normal Moves

Note worthy Normals

Standing LP - whiffs on crouching opponents

Standing far MP - whiffs on crouching opponents

Standing close MP - good combo starter

Standing far MK - large hitbox covering his whole, good range, excellent anti-air that cannot be ariblocked

Crouching HP - A good anti air.

Crouching LK - Your main special cancellable attack.

Crouching MK - good low poke.

Crouching HK - long range sweep that is relatively safe on block from max range

Jumping LP - a good dash combo starter

Jumping HP - had a nice angle for overad

Jumping LK - best combo starter

Jumping HK - your main cross up and overhead combo opener.

Special Moves

Big Snow: QCF + P [ES]

A slow but a damaging projectile , Sasquatch open his mouth and spits a snowball, its only useful for far combat.

ES version is a bit fast and makes HP version damage.

Big Cyclone: QCB + K (useable in air) [ES]

A Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku homage using both legs and rise up his palms, with good active hitboxes but a bad startup and recovery ,use it only for crossing up your opponents in wake up games, the air version had a rainbow trajectory and can be a good hop or jumpo combo finisher

ES ground version had more range and makes HK damage, and the air can be used to juggle or land the Ice Lake.

Big Typhoon: F, D, DF + K (Guard Reversal) [ES]

Sasquatch use his feet and twists it rising up diagonally, can be used as an anti air against straigh jump in oppponents and as your 2-in-1 standing opponent combo ender.

ES version had more range and HK properties.

Big Swing: Close, 360 + MK or HK [ES]

If you wants to make damage use this Command Grab.

ES Version isn't different outside of make more damage.

Big Towers: Press D, D + P [ES]

Sasquactch summon ice pillars around him,a Special Move that was a Super in the first game,it doesn't had a large hitbox but suitable to use it agaisnt front jump in opponents or keepaway him.

ES version is the same as Vampire one.

Big Brunch: Close, HCB + MP or HP [ES]

A great Command Grab for hop setups, it had the enough freeze time for it.

ES version freezes more time.

Super Moves

Big Freeze: HCF + 2P

A powered up version of his projectile, can be evaded jump in and had bad start up, use it only if you are far from your opponent and for cheap damage.

Big Ice Burn: HCF + 2K

Sasquatch breathes ice in the floor to make a fake lake trap, its your option for crouching opponents and close combat, the only problem is that it had a large lenght animation but its a funny one.

The Basics

Your objective is about to be a hop rushdown chainer to charge your bar and make a Ice Floor Trap, for jumping opponent you can use your Ice Pillar for keepaway tactics and hop resets.


Crouching LK, MP, MK, HK - 4 hits, 25% Damage

Close MP, ES Big Typhoon - 2 hits, 28% Damage

Jumping HK, Crouching LK, Big Typhoon - 7 hits, 25% Damage

Short Hop MP, Crouching LK, MK, HK - 4 hits, 23% Damage

Short Hop LP, MP, Air Big Cylcone - 3 hits, 23% Damage

Long Hop LK, LP, HK, Crouching LK, MK, HK - 7 hits, 52% Damage

Advanced Strategy

Hop Cancel

You can tap back after a forward dash to land fast.

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