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Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge/Pyron

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"Are you the best your pitiful world has to offer? Conquering you will take no effort."

An alien from the planet known as Hellstorm that is known for their love for war in the UDON Comics, whose size largely surpasses the Milky Way. After evolving over many years, he became a powerful alien who can control fire and has an orbital span that stretched over 400,000 light years and counting. Over the span of 200 million years, he sought to collect worlds and other celestial objects throughout space by consuming them in flames. After traveling across the cosmos beyond the speed of light, he lands deep within the Atlantic Ocean to wait for the right time to consume the planet Earth. Originally, he came to Earth 65 million years ago during the age of the Dinosaurs and created the army of Phobos (Huitzils) to destroy life on the planet.

It is unknown why Pyron did not consume the world back then, it is possible that he wanted to wipe out the life on the planet before he could consume the planet, after fighting against worthy foes, he decided that he would leave the world at peace so they become stronger and worthy of fighting.

Strengths Weaknesses

Color Options

LP MP HP Hold Start
VHUNT Pyron Color LP.png VHUNT Pyron Color MP.png VHUNT Pyron Color HP.png VHUNT Pyron Color Start.png
VHUNT Pyron Color LK.png VHUNT Pyron Color MK.png VHUNT Pyron Color HK.png VHUNT Pyron Color LP+MK.png
VHUNT Pyron Artwork.png
Defense Middle
Standing Height 89px
Crouching Height 61px
Ground Movement
Forward Walk Speed
Backward Walk Speed
Dash Type
Forward Jump Speed
Back Jump Speed

Moves List

Normal Moves

Note worthy Normals

Standing LP - whiffs on crouching opponents

Standing far MP - whiffs on crouching opponents

Standing close MP/MK - good combo starters

Standing far MK - large hitbox covering his whole, good range, excellent anti-air that cannot be ariblocked

Crouching HP - completely useless outside of chain combos

Crouching MK - good low poke

Crouching HK - long range sweep that is relatively safe on block from max range

Jumping HP - good air-to-air attack, but the legs are vulernable

Jumping LK - deep angle that's good for tick throws

Jumping MK - good air-to-air and can cross up

Jumping HK - good for pinning people down when cornered and good combo starter

Throw (close, b or f + MP or HP) - Demitri's throw has the odd trait of not being able to consistently throw in either direction. It doesn't matter which button or direction you use.

Special Moves

Diving Punch: During jump, press D + P

An excellent command move that can be used as an overhead, its useful to get close to your opponent if you use it with a low attitude.

Sol Smasher: QCF + P [ES]

Pyron's projectile that shoots a fire sphere,a straight horizontal in LP version, or a front to up trayectory curve with MP and HP versions.

ES version had LP trajectory and HP damage.

Air Sol Smasher: During jump, U, UF, F + P [ES]

An aerial version of your fire sphere projectile, its a diagonal downward one but slow for an overhead.

ES version can juggle jumping opponents.

Zodiac Fire: F, D, DF + P (Guard Reversal) [ES]

Pyron becames a fire wheel and rush forwards to his opponent instead as a hop diagonally trajectory of his Vampire incarnation,its a great combo ender and have a good startup and medium recovery.

ES version makes more damage and had LP startup.

Orbital Blaze: - During jump, QCB + K [ES]

Your Aerial Rush Move, Pyron makes a mini typhoon and going downwards, its makes good damage and a decent startup but his recovery its slow and had bad range hitboxes, useful as a hit or miss move.

ES version its a waste outside of make more damage.

Planet Burning: Close, HCB + MP or HP [ES]

Pyron grabs his opponent and became a sphere jail and bounces,its his Command Grab, had a nice animation and good range.

ES version had better startup makes more damage.

Galaxy Trip: B, D, DB + P or K (useable in air)

A teleport move that varies the warp zone which button you press, use it randomly and for escape situations, but his recovery its slow and can be vulnerable for meatys.

Super Moves

Cosmo Disruption: HCF + 2P or 2K

Pyron throws a lot of exploding stars that covers the half back and front screen opponent view, it had slow startup outside of his big damage, only recommended for wake up situations after a sweep.

The Basics

Pyron's objective is too obvious,to be a air to low rushdown chainer and charge the bar for a Super Move Reset.

Your Fire Wheel its your meterless best combo ender and the teleport will be your corner trap escape tool.


Crouching LK, MP, MK, HK - 4 hits , 24% Damage

Standing LP, Crouching LK, Standing MP, Crouching MK,Foward HP - 7 hits , 26% Damage

Crouching LK,MP,MK,Standing Foward HP - 6 hits , 26% Damage

Jump HK, Crouching LK/MK, Zodiac Fire - 6 hits, 30% Damage

Close MP, ES Zodiac Fire - 6 hits, 31% Damage

Cosmo Disruption, Orbital Blaze or Zodiac Fire - 4 hits, 32% Damage

Advanced Strategy

Game Navigation

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