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Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge/Phobos (Huitzil)

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"Target neutralized. Threat evaluation: Severe danger. Recommend unit upgrade."

Phobos, known as Huitzil outside of Japan, is one of an army of identical giant, disproportionately-shaped robots that are classified by his name in plural form ("the Huitzil," or simply "Huitzils" in the 1997 anime) and who were constructed by Pyron 65 million years ago with orders to destroy all life on the planet Earth, but after they succeed in obliterating the dinosaurs, a massive earthquake traps everything deeply beneath Earth's layers until 520 A.D., when one of the robots was unearthed and utilized by the Mayans as a guardian of Central America against evil forces before being abandoned in the ruins of the Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan (in pre-Columbian Mexico).

Phobos is the primary zoner of Vampire Hunter and possesses enough strengths to do so well. Thanks to his long range normals and great projectile in Might Launcher (214K) Phobos is able to both effectively zone and keep opponents out while his amazing guard cancel and hover allow him to keep opponents at a distance. Phobos also happens to possess one of the single best supers in the game in Confusioner, a projectile super that essentially stuns the opponent. As one might expect, Phobos struggles once opponents get in, his hurtboxes are the largest in the game and his normals are far slower than other characters, making it hard for him to challenge pressure. If you enjoy playing a more traditional, slow paced zoning game, Phobos may be your character.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Strong normals with great range and priority, including two amazing anti-airs
  • Among the best zoning capabilities in the game thanks to his projectile and normals
  • Amazing Guard Cancel, does no damage but pushes the opponent almost full screen
  • Confusioner is one of the single best supers and gives him incredible comeback potential, being able to turn a major deficit into a guaranteed victory
  • Good, if awkward to use, mobility
  • Normals has slow startup, very limited pressure options up close
  • Despite Might Launcher and Confusioner being amazing, his other specials and super are rather weak
  • Massive hurtboxes makes Phobos easy combo food and allows strong character specific combos including an infinite
  • Very limited chain options, chains for Phobos are ultimately less rewarding compared to rest of the cast

Color Options

LP MP HP Start
VHUNT Phobos Color LP.png VHUNT Phobos Color MP.png VHUNT Phobos Color HP.png VHUNT Phobos Color Start.png
VHUNT Phobos Color LK.png VHUNT Phobos Color MK.png VHUNT Phobos Color HK.png VHUNT Phobos Color LP+MK.png
Phobos (Huitzil)
VHUNT Phobos Artwork.png
Defense Heavy
Standing Height 101px
Crouching Height 68px
Ground Movement
Forward Walk Speed
Backward Walk Speed
Dash Type
Forward Jump Speed
Back Jump Speed

Moves List

Standing Normal Moves

VHUNT Phobos 5LP.png
Close & Far
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

Hits twice. Rather useless normal, it's simply too slow for the range you would want it and 5LK does everything it could do better.

VHUNT Phobos 5MP.png
VHUNT Phobos Far 5MP.png
Version Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
Close - - - - - - -

Hits Twice. An unfortunate normal, while useless you will still probably see it occasionally trying to anti-air with f.5MP.

Far - - - - - - -

Phobos' amazing anti-air. Excellent range and priority make this move incredibly effective at keeping opponents out.

VHUNT Phobos 5HP.png
VHUNT Phobos Far 5HP.png
Version Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
Close - - - - - - -

A rather strange looking button. In theory this can work as an anti-air but Phobos has two other options that outclass it in every way. Of the two choices for a throw OS this is probably the better option as it can potentially catch upbacking.

Far - - - - - - -

Possessing the worst sweep in the game Phobos is forced to rely on f.5HP as his main chain ender. The large size of it can make it a potential choice for an anti poke but generally it should be reserved solely for chains.

VHUNT Phobos 5LK.png
VHUNT Phobos Far 5LK.png
Version Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
Close - - - - - - -

Phobos' primary normal for pressure, a bit on the slow side but has good range for a light normal giving Phobos an effective tick throw game.

Far - - - - - - -

At first glance it's actually tricky to tell that this is a proximity normal. The close version's main difference is its hitbox having a few less pixels of range, otherwise it's almost the exact same. This version specifically also has an unintended bug as well, the game incorrectly classifies this normal as a special and will cause opponents hit by it in the air to be knocked down. This bug affects c.5LP and c.5MP as well but is mostly irrelevant there due to the poor quality of those normals.

VHUNT Phobos 5MK.png
VHUNT Phobos Far 5MK.png
Version Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
Close - - - - - - -

Multihitting normal. It's too slow with too little range while being an easy guard cancel, sees no use.

Far - - - - - - -

It seems like it would be notable for the disjointed hitbox but it's held back by its poor startup, generally goes unused.

VHUNT Phobos 5HK.png
VHUNT Phobos Far 5HK.png
Version Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
Close - - - - - - -

Similar to with 5MP you may see this occasionally when trying to anti-air with the far version. It's incredibly slow, but the arc it travels in is decent and may still anti-air if you trigger it on accident.

Far - - - - - - -

Phobos' other amazing anti-air. Its massive hitbox, great range, and high priority makes this difficult for most characters to challenge. As if that wasn't enough this guarantees a hard knockdown against opponents in the air giving you a free pursuit off of it, allowing for a mix up after. One of his single best normals.

Crouching Normal Moves

VHUNT Phobos Crouching 2LP.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

Decent poke, your best option if you need to throw something out while crouching.

VHUNT Phobos Crouching 2MP.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

Slightly less useful poke. It has decent range and priority but generally this is chain fodder.

VHUNT Phobos Crouching 2HP.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

Hits twice. Its range is incredible but it's too slow to make real use of.

VHUNT Phobos Crouching 2LK.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

Potential chain fodder, no other real purpose.

VHUNT Phobos Crouching 2MK.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

Generally unremarkable normal but thanks to it being both special and super cancelable it fills the important role of being Phobos's confirm into Confusioner.

VHUNT Phobos Crouching 2HK.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

Hits twice. The single worst sweep in the game, severely limiting Phobos' chains. The main problem is that you need to land both hits of it to cause a knockdown, neither hit will cause it on their own. Despite it's good range actually being at the distance to ensure both hits land requires you cutting your chain short and just confirming off lights unless against a cornered opponent. It can guarantee a sweep if you ever feel you absolutely need it but generally this notmal should go ignored.

Jumping Normal Moves

VHUNT Phobos Jumping LP.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

While overshadowed by j.MP this normal is still fairly useful. Has fairly good priority for a light.

VHUNT Phobos Jumping MP.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

When used from a low hover this becomes Phobos's single best poke. A little slow to come out but with an amazing hitbox, far range, and great priority. The normal's most notable aspect is actually the result of a bug however. Due to accidently being labeled a sweep this normal will cause a hard knockdown against both standing and crouching opponents. If you ever need to throw something out in neutral this is probably the button to use.

VHUNT Phobos Jumping HP.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

Very strange looking normal, but useful. This is Phobos' only crossup, which is especially important as he can chain into 2MK and confirm Confusioner off of it.

VHUNT Phobos Jumping LK.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

Similar to j.LP, overshadowed by the medium version but it's still an occasionally useful low poke.

VHUNT Phobos Jumping MK.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

Another amazing poke to use both while approaching and escaping. This normal can be used from a low hover height to give Phobos an overhead with deceptive speed and range, making it easy for him to catch downbacking.

VHUNT Phobos Jumping HK.png
Guard Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Property
- - - - - - -

It gives you a huge window to cancel into something but is too slow to really make use of. It's primarily used for his optimal Confusioner combo.

Normal Moves

Standing LP - Whiff crouching opponents

Standing close MP - whiff crouching opponents

Standing far MP - good for anti air

Standing HP - Decent for anti air

Standing LK - hits crouching opponents

Standing Far MK - large hitbox

Standing Close MK - hits crouching opponents

Standing HK - Large anti air hitbox

Crouching LP - Good crouching combo starter

Crouching HP - Large hitbox combo ender

Crouching HK - Low Large hitbox combo ender

Jumping HP - Nice hitbox for cross ups

Jumping MK - Good horizontal range for overhead

Jumping HK - Good vertical range for overhead

Special Moves

Float: Press UB or U or UF

Huitzil does not have a normal jump but instead he floats in the air.

>Cancel: Press DB or D or DF

Eventually Huitzil will land, or you can cancel the float by press down in any direction. The only way to accomplish a normal jump is to simply press up in any direction then immediately pressing down in any direction.

Air Dash: Press b, b or f, f

Huitzil can air dash during his floating state in any direction.

Crawling: Press and hold db or df

By doing this Huitzil performs a slow moving low walk.

Plasma Beam: QCF + P [ES]

A laser beam attack that goes max range and changes it's firing position depending on the strength you use. LP will shoot a low beam, this is useful in that it shrinks Huitzil's hit box and hits all grounded opponents, but can be easily jumped over. MP will shoot a high, standing beam that most everyone can crouch under. HP will shoot a beam straight up that can only hits opponents who are jumping right on top of you. The Plasma Beam cannot be comboed, but knocks down, leaving Huitzil with a good amount of frame advantage. Best to use at max range, for it has alot of recovery and is dangerous is blocked at close range.

ES version fires a thicker beam, slightly higher than the LP version but still hitting crouching opponents. It does much more damage, but also cannot be comboed, has a little more start-up and a ton of recovery. Best to use from max range and make sure you hit with it. Even though it knocks down you have a negative 7 hit disadvantage.

  • Both the Plasma Beam and ES Plasma Beam have the advantage of not being held by usual projectiles constraints - 1) they are not scaled down for damage by distance, 2) Anakaris cannot swallow them and 3) Hsien-Ko cannot reflect them. In addition, the Plasma Beam beats all projectiles except ES projectiles which it will just trade hits with. An ES Plasma Beam is needed to defeat an ES projectile.

Mighty Launcher: QCF + K [ES]

Similar to the Plasma Beam in that it does the same damage and cannot be comboed into. However it has slightly less start-up and some hit advantage on block. This slow moving projectile stays pretty close to the ground thus you can easily jump over it. Each strength fires the projectile a different distance LK fires 1/3rd of the screen, MK fires half the screen and HK fires 3/4th of the screen away.

The ES version fires a full-screen, more damaging projectile. The projectile or the explosion can hit the opponent, resulting in a knock down. It does 3 hits, therefore if one of the hits whiff on a jumping opponent they will be in a limited juggle state. The ES version gets even more block advantage.

Genocide Vulcan: B, D, DB + P [ES]

The only special move that can be comboed into. This is Huitzil's anti-air and although it's quick, damaging and knocks down it can carry alot of recovery, especially on block. This specials stays out for a while, making Huitzil susceptible to punishment.

The ES version is essentially the same in every aspect except that it does more damage.

Circuit Scrapper: Close, HCB + MP or HP [ES]

This command throw is the same as his normal throw, except it cannot be teched, throws the opponent further and opens up for a pursuit attack. Circuit Scrapper throws the opponent forward, where the normal throw only throws the opponent behind.

The ES version is essentially the same in every aspect except that it does more damage.

Reflect Wall: During block, F, D, DF + P (useable in air) (Guard Reversal)

This technique is a Guard Reversal only. It results in no damage as it pushes the opponent back to max screen distance. The start-up is nearly instant, with lots of invincibility and frame advantage.

Super Moves

Final Guardian: HCB + 2K

This super only hits jumping opponents. It can be difficult to hit with for max damage, since it fires in a sweeping like motion. With that said hits can whiff. With its hefty start-up, this isn't the best anti-air option. Plus, ES Genocide Vulcan roughly does the same amount of damage in shorter start-up.

Confusioner: F, D, DF + 2K

Huitzil fires a fast spaced projectile across the screen, that travels max range. Upon hit, it will put the opponent into a floating state where they can still attack but not move or block. This gives you the chance to land some free damage. The projectile portion itself can be comboed and is relatively safe on block.


Crouching MK, Genocide Vulcan - 15 hits, 26% damage

Crouching MK, ES Genocide Vulcan - 27 hits, 35% damage

Crouching LK, Standing MK, Crouching HK - 6 hits, 25% damage

Crouching LP, LK, MP, HP - 5 hits, 33% damage

Crouching MK, Confusioner - 2 hits, 29% damage

The Basics

If you love to spam projectiles this is your best choice, far combat will be your strong strategy, but in close combat you need to Command Grab immediately.

Advanced Strategy

Instant Air Dash

As he have air dash he can tap uf,uf for air dash at the minimum attitude, its recommended for cross up resets.

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