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Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge/Aulbath (Rikuo)

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"You air breathers wear defeat well. You must practice losing often!"

Deep beneath the Amazon lay a kingdom of the 30,000 merfolk. One day, the peaceful aquatic empire was shattered by a tremendous earthquake and volcanic eruption. The Emperor and hero, Rikuo, was the lone survivor. His home destroyed, he was filled with rage and upon discovering that Pyron was responsible for such evil, he vowed to stop him. Upon meeting another survivor, Aqueria, he settled down with her to start a family and rebuild his empire. Together they moved out of the Amazon into the great ocean to raise their three sons and 12 unhatched eggs.

Strengths Weaknesses

Color Options

LP MP HP Hold Start
VHUNT Aulbath Color LP.png VHUNT Aulbath Color MP.png VHUNT Aulbath Color HP.png VHUNT Aulbath Color Start.png
VHUNT Aulbath Color LK.png VHUNT Aulbath Color MK.png VHUNT Aulbath Color HK.png VHUNT Aulbath Color LP+MK.png
VHUNT Aulbath Artwork.png
Defense Middle
Standing Height 85px
Crouching Height 57px
Ground Movement
Forward Walk Speed
Backward Walk Speed
Dash Type
Forward Jump Speed
Back Jump Speed

Moves List

Normal Moves

Standing LP/LK - whiff crouching characters

Standing MP - short range with decent damage

Standing MK - Nice horizontal range

Standing HP - Anti Air

Crouching LK - combo starter

Crouching MK - Had nice horizontal low range

Crouching HP - close combo ender

Crouching HK - far combo ender

Jumping LK - Useful for tick throws

Jumping HP - Nice range for cross ups

Jumping HK - Slow but useful for long range combat

Special Moves

Spinning Current: Press HP during dash

Rikuo morphs into a sea shell spinning into his opponent for multiple hits. The damage is decent but there is no real advantage to using this move.

Tongue Lash 2nd: Press B after throw

The timing is hard to get down, but worth to learn to add the extra damage especially if you use throws alot.

Trick Fish: Press b, b + K [ES]

After leaping backward, Rikuo will leap forward at the opponent knocking them down. Button strength determines the distance covered not damage. LK covers roughly half-screen, MK covers 3/4th screen and HK just barely covers full-screen.

ES version covers the same distance of the HK strength for multiple hits, knock down and slightly more damage. Not the best use for your meter.

Screw Shot: Press B, F + P [ES]

Rikuo torpedoes himself at the opponent much like a Psycho Crusher for multiple hits. LP travels half-screen for 3 hits, where the MP & HP version travel 3/4th of the screen for 2 hits. The LP strength should always be used - it does more damage and is much safer, given that this special does not knock down. This is the only option Rikuo has for two-in-ones.

ES Screw Shot travels about 3/4th of the screen for more hits and damage. Still it does not knockdown but is much safer when it connects and can be used in two-in-ones.

Poison Breath: QCF + K [ES]

Rikuo emits a purple gaseous cloud from his gills that leaves the opponent stunned for roughly a second. This attack can connect as far as right outside of sweep distance and doesn't do much damage. However, it is barred from the projectile damage scaling, though there's not much to scale anyway since it only does a miniscule 6% damage. Stick to using the LK version since it has the least amount of start-up and more frame advantage.

ES Poison Breath does the same damage but fires a moving cloud rather than a stationary cloud. This ES will travel roughly 3/4th of the screen.

  • Both versions will bring a jumping opponent down to the ground in a stun state.

Sonic Wave: QCF + P (Guard Reversal) [ES]

Rikuo's projectile which does slightly more than the Poison Breath. It works rather similar in leaving the opponent stunned for roughly a second, except having less start-up and being subject to damage scaling. In addition, this is an actual moving projectile. LP has very little range as far as outside of Standing LP range. MP can connect as far as outside of sweep range and HP travels half-screen.

ES Sonic Wave does slightly more damage and travels full-screen.

  • Unlike Poison Breath, both versions of the Sonic Wave will not ground a jumping opponent. It will put the opponent into a stun state but only cause them to float up, hence limiting your options to attack them with one attack rather than a full combo as in with the Poison Breath.

Sky Neptune: Close, HCB + MK or HK [ES]

A rather strange command throw that knocks the opponent down and leaves them rather close. Cannot be teched like normal throws.

ES Sky Neptune is completely useless in that it is the same exact move and damage, except that it throws the opponent behind you rather than forward.

Crystal Lancer: Close, HCB + MP or HP [ES]

A simple command throw that leaves some distance between you and the opponent. Cannot be teched like normal throws.

ES Crystal Lancer barely does more damage and throws the opponent just barely a shorter distance, but can be hard to tell to the naked eye. A good waste of super meter.

  • Sonic Wave (Guard Reversal) has 33 frames of invincibilty

Super Moves

Direct Scissors: Press D, D + 2P (Level 3 only) (Available only with default color)

Given the criteria and the pay-off this super is a complete gimmick. It's modeled off of his Crouching HP, but the only difference is it must be blocked high. It does only 15% damage at best and cannot be comboed. If you want to waste 3 bars and a low damaging super over-head go ahead but don't expect a refund.

Aqua Spread: F, DF, D + 2P or 2K

Now you can either press and hold 2P to delay the attack or by using 2K the super will hit the opponent where they are. By delaying it you can limit your opponent's movement, you can also hit them from behind but not for much damage as the whole super will not connect. Surprisingly it cannot be airblocked. The damage is decent and it knocks down, setting up for an OTG Sea Rage.

Sea Rage: HCF + 2P

Rikuo creates a giant tidal wave. Unfortunately this move suffers from a huge gap with the initial 1-2 hits that knock down and the following 6 hits that can easily be blocked as the opponent gets up. You can use it for punishment from max distance or hit with it OTG after a Aqua Spread connects. Overall, this super is quite hindered due to the large gap.

Water Jail: F, D, DF + 2P

Water Jail is the go to super of choice. It doesn't do much damage and is scaled for damage like normal projectiles strangely enough. Water Jail may not do much damage but its strength comes from its ability to control space and get a free hit to follow-up to possible Water Jail loop. The bubble Rikuo creates is unblockable and travels full-screen. However, if he is hit before the bubble connects than the bubble will not connect. The longer the opponent is in the bubble, the more damage they will take but they can also mash out. Take note, that while your opponent is in the bubble you cannot execute Poison Breath or Sonic Wave.

The Basics

If you love to mind trick your opponent with trap specials he is your choice, your objective is to be a low rush fighter and charge your bar for a bubble mixups and keepaway your opponent if he jumps to you with your Trick Fish.


Standing close MK, Screw Jet (LP) - 5 hits, 31% damage

Standing close MK, ES Screw Jet - 9 hits, 35% damage

Standing close MK, Trick Fish - 2 hits, 26% damage

Standing close MK, ES Trick Fish - 4 hits, 32% damage

Crouching LK, MP (1 hit), MK (2 hits), HK - 5 hits, 25% damage

Crouching LK, Standing MP (2 hits), MK, HK - 5 hits, 28% damage

Aqua Spread, OTG Sea Rage - 5-6 hits, 38%-42% damage (the timing on this is very precise, you cannot execute Sea Rage too early or too late)

Advanced Strategy

Backdask Cancel

He can cancel a backdash after connect a Standing Close MK + back and then tap back foward, you need to backdash and then tap foward 2-3 times, its only recommended at Turbo Speed due to the hardness

Dash Cancel Loop

In Turbo Mode you can cancel a Dash Cancel LP and then Link a Standing MK.

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