Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl/Danny Phantom/Techniques

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This allows you to perform a platform slideoff or quickly move across the stage for mixups. Perform an aerial down strong, landing onto a platform or on stage from offstage such that you interrupt the animation. Your horizontal momentum will have been preserved and will slide a greater distance than a standard wavedash. The closer the player collision box is to the platform/stage collision box, the greater the distance traveled. If you perform a crashdash such that you land on the platform edge, you will not slide off the platform once reaching the other edge and you will instead snap to the edge.

Drop cancel crashdash

Similar to a normal crashdash, however you instead perform an aerial down strong in a frame window of 1 to 8 frames after inputting a platform drop. The later in the frame window you perform a crashdash, the greater the distance you will travel.