Mr. Heart/Normal Moves

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This page covers Mr. Heart's normal moves. His special and super moves are explained here.



Mr. Heart-A.png
One of Mr. Hearts most important anti-air normals, it serves both as combo filler, anti-air and combo starter.


Mr. Heart-B.png
Not nearly as good as crouch B, but still occasionally useful. Is used in some combo enders to stuff some extra damage before a Heart's A.
Can combo into Earthcrush.


Mr. Heart-C.png
This move should almost never be used. It has an incrediblity long startup time, which is only worth it if you can get the full charge damage wise. It is also neither special or normal cancelable.


Mr. Heart-D.png
A launcher that can be chained into from standing A. Is used heavily in combos and as a hit confirm. Not a very good button to press in neutral though.



Mr. Heart-2A.png
A quite fast and good reaching jab. Usually best used in conjuction with crouching B to hit confirm.


Mr. Heart-2B.png
Mr. Heart's most trusted companion and main poke, this baby not only has alright range, it also combos into Banishing Strike or Earthcrush (depending on range) on hit. Use it often.


Mr. Heart-2C.png
See Standing C. Also doesn't hit low but launches on charged hit for an Earthcrush style combo. Not worth the risk though.


Mr. Heart-2D.png
A slow sweep that doesn't hit low and can't be cancelled into anything. Punishable on block and low reward on hit. Try to avoid using this normal.



Mr. Heart-j.A.png
A good air-to-air poke that can be special cancelled into AB air grab.


Mr. Heart-j.B.png
Can occasionally be used as an instant air-dash pressure tool, but is otherwise primarily used to adjust the height in wall bounce combos.


Mr. Heart-j.C.png
Holding this button will make Mr. Heart float in the air, and if he lands without launching the attack, he will gain one hit of super armor that lasts until he gets hit or takes chip damage.
In general an alright air button as well just for its range. Hitstuns for a very long time as well.


Mr. Heart-j.D.png
Mr. Heart's crossup tool, also an alright jump-in button, combo extender (in wall bounce combos) and suprisingly often win air-trades.



Mr. Heart-6A.png
A medium speed overhead that will knockdown on hit but is not cancelable at all, can be chained into Heart's A on deep corner hit.


Mr. Heart-Throw.png
A regular throw that allows for combos when the opponent is thrown into the corner.

BD Throw

Mr. Heart-BD.png
A running bear grab that can make for a scary mixup option on non-attentive opponents. Can combo into itself during combos for an infinite

Heavy Strike

Mr. Heart-Heavy.png
A regular Heavy Strike with extremely good range. But like all other Heavy Strikes it's quite risky to go for.

Banishing Strike

Mr. Heart-Bani.png
One of Mr. Heart's most important moves. Anytime it's possible try to confirm into Banishing Strike as the follow up boost is free. It is also an essential combo starter (just like his Guard Cancel) that can often lead to 50% without meter, or 100% with it.