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Basic Combos

High Jump Combos

Since Mr.Heart does not have a Grave Shoot launcer he has to use 214+B (Earthcrush) to start high jump combos. Simply hold up and you'll super jump cancel it on hit. Note that Earthcrush will not launch airborne opponent. While you can cancel into Earthcrush from any lights, cr.B has the most range and is generally the best poke button, it is still worthwhile to simply throw out Earthcrush from mid-range as you will still get the full confirm.

Sidenote: It is not possible to combo from 214+D, but it is still a good poke that can be super jump cancelled and let you approach.

Earthcrush BnB

~214+B > jc > j.A > j.A+B > ((j.A+B) > 236236+A)

5 Hits, 38 damage and alright meter build, but most importantly it puts the opponent full screen and closer to the corner. If you are already at the corner you can hit another j.A+B as your opponent hits the ground against certain characters like Raoh or Shin and follow up with a super grab (236236+A "Heart's A"). Going for the extra air grab is a bit of a risc though, as whiffing it means you cannot hit the super.

If you have super meter and you're not near the corner, it is possible to do:

Midscreen Heart's A confirm

~214+B > jc > j.C > land > 236236+A ("Heart's A")

As the opponent cannot tech at all if they are hit by j.C.

If you can hit cr.B it is advisable to go for a Banishing Strike combo instead, as they overall deal more damage, though it might not combo at certain ranges.

In short, try and hit Earthcrush (214+B) as much as possible, but keep in mind that the big damage is in Banishing Strike combos.

Banishing Strike Combos

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