Motaro (MKT)

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In the realm of the Outworld, Motaro's race of Centaurians has long since come into conflict with the Shokan. When Shao Kahn formed special extermination squads to eliminate the chosen warriors of Earth, Motaro was appointed to head this elite group of savage warriors.



Special Moves

Grab & Smack: F, F, HP

Fireball: F, D, B, HP

Teleport: D, U

Grab & Smack (N64 Version): F, F, F, HP

Fireball (N64 Version): Hold LK 3 Seconds, Release

Teleport (N64 Version): D, DB, B, HK


Fatality 1 "Head Rip (N64 VERSION)": F, F, F, HK (Next to)

Description: Motaro rips your head off.

The Basics

Advanced Strategies