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Mortal Kombat II/Sega Genesis

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As consoles go, I favor the Genesis over the technically superior Super Nintendo. Sega used to run commercials that "demonstrated" the technical "advantage" of the Genesis by "running" Sonic the Hedgehog on a Super Nintendo. Nobody bought it. MK2 is a fine example of how the Super Nintendo was a technically superior console to the Genesis. They both run at the same speed and the play control is comparable. However, the Genesis clearly lacks the color depth of the Super Nintendo. If you compare them side-by-side you'll see how bland the Genesis version looks. This is still a good translation, but owners of both systems would have been well-advised to purchase the Super Nintendo edition.

Play control:

The control is very good, not perfect but close. The length of the jumps seems to be off just a little bit.


The color palette of the Genesis is pretty much maxed-out here and gives the entire game a dull appearance. It lacks the detail found in the Super Nintendo version but is still quite good for a Genesis cart.


The Genesis had an impressive sound chip so it was able to respectably imitate the original.


There's adjustable difficulty and support for that goofy Activator gizmo.