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Mortal Kombat II/Sega 32X

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Although I don't have a single statistic to back this statement up, it's safe to say this is the least played port of MK2. The 32X was never a big seller and MK2 was released well after its brief heyday. I had a 32X when it was new and but didn't buy a copy until 2004. That's unfortunate because this was a great home translation.

Play control:

Strictly from a play control standpoint this is the closest to the arcade version. Everything about it just feels right. The moves, combos, and finishers work exactly as expected. Graphics:

The additional colors of the 32X really pay off here, especially when compared to the Genesis version. The characters are shorter than the arcade version but look very detailed. Sound:

The soundtrack is close to the original. Extras:

There's adjustable difficulty and support for that goofy Activator gizmo.