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Mortal Kombat II/Game Boy

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The Game Boy was, and still is in some form, the most popular handheld system. Naturally they had to release MK2 for it, the potential market was just too large to ignore. Of course the resulting product resembles MK2 in name only. I can't be too critical about this version. It accomplished what it set out to do, offer Game Boy owners some version of MK2. No one could reasonably expect a great translation of MK2 to this platform so there's not much to be disappointed about.

Play control:

Unlike the other versions this makes no apparent attempt to copy the arcade feel. That actually helps this game a little. This platform couldn't replicate the original controls so why make a bad game in a vain attempt to do so?


Hey it's a Gameboy. there's not much to work with. The backgrounds look reasonably good but the animation is awful and fatalities comical.


By Gameboy standards the sound is alright.


The original MK on Game Boy had a feature to play as Goro. That alone make the game worth buying. No such luck for MK2 which doesn't have anything extra other than adjustable difficulty.