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Mortal Kombat 9/Universal Abilities/Jumping

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Uniform Jump

Every character in Mortal Kombat basically has the same jumps when it comes to height and distance. Forward Jumps are the fastest, Straight Up Jumps a little slower, and Back Jumps are the slowest, though the differences between the jumps are very minute.

Auto-Correct Jumps

The main thing to point out regarding Jumps is that, during a Jump, your Normal Attacks will automatically attack in the direction of your opponent. So for example, if you jump over the opponent and attack after you've reached the other side, your jump attack will turn you around in the air and you'll attack back at your opponent. This is very useful for jumping over moves with long delay and punishing the opponent from the other side. Even if you jump straight up and the opponent dashes under you, for example, if you press a button in the air you'll attack the other direction.