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Mortal Kombat 9/Universal Abilities/Enhanced Special Attacks

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Once you get one full bar of your X-Ray Meter, you gain access to Enhanced Special Attacks. This costs one bar of your X-Ray Meter to perform, and they are activated by performing your Special Move as normal, but combining the activation with the Block button. This even applies to moves that have no activation via button press, such as Raiden's Teleport, Kano's Ball, and Sheeva's Jump Stomp. Just press the Block button right before completing the motion.

Enhanced Special Attacks are exactly what they sound like: enhanced versions of existing Special Attacks that grant the Special Attack extra damage, a different attack path, small amounts of invincibility, added comboability after the move, and other such extra abilities. Learn what powers your Enhanced Special Moves give you. They can easily help you gain more damage in a combo or help shift the momentum of a fight in your favor.