Mortal Kombat: Deception

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Mortal Kombat Deception is the first mortal kombat to officially feature online multiplayer and was played competitively online it was featured at evo 2005 on the main stage and has been hosted at locals back in the day. Me in my friends would practice to try and beat the top players online.

characters: This game included , Kenshi, jade, scorpion, mileena, sub zero, baraka, havok, sindel, raiden, hotaru, kabal, ermac, nightwolf, bo rai cho, noob/smoke, tanya, shujinko, li mei, ashara, dairou, kobra, darrius kira, liu kang.

This was the roster for ps2 and xbox, more characters were added in other versions. In theroy there a lot of "unplayable" npcs you could fight as if you had a gameshark or action replay to hack the game but the base roster is all i've seen in competitive play.

game versions


This was the version played the most, online play is what made these versions the standard despite the smallest roster.


This version decided to accommodate it's lack of online play with two bonus characters exclusive to gamecube, goro and shao kahn


This version of the game titled Mortal Kombat: Unchained was released in 2007 with all the characters from the gamecube version and kitana, blaze, jax, frost. This version also had online play. Although this game hasn't been played competitively by many to my knowledge it's an excellent version, it was released on the psn store for vita as well.


1 is light punch (square on playstation, x on xbox)

2 is heavy punch (triangle on playstation, y on xbox)

3 is light kick (x on playstation, a on xbox)

4 is heavy kick (circle on playstation, b on xbox)

blk is the blocking

throw is your characters throw

h2h your fighting styles which involves your fists.

weapon your last fighting style that involves your weapon.

CS the style changing button, some strings let you combo into it.

attack types:

high attacks: an attack that your opponent can duck under or block either low or high.

mid attacks: an overhead basically, you must be blocking high not to get hit, if you block low or duck you will be hit, safe mids are very good in this game.

low attacks: an a attack you must block low to avoid, most of these are pokes and trips but some are launchers like kung laos back 3 in weapon stance. Safe lows are also very good in this game.

throws: throws are grabs you cannot block or tech, these have to be ducked in order to avoid, throws are incredible in this game as there are many strings/specials that are so plus on hit that it guarantees a throw. Some throws launch and some don't throw quality varies on which character you play but all are worth using.

safe: move is safe if opponent blocks it

unsafe: opponent can punish if they block it

breakable: your opponent can use on of their 3 breakers to stop your combo

unbreakable: your opponent can't use their breakers to get out


guaranteed throws: sometimes normals or specials have so much frame advantage on hit that it leads to a free throw, an easy example would be bo rai cho's forward 3, if it hit, your opponent would be in hitstun for so long you could guarantee a free throw after it landed.

infinites: Some characters had moves that, if you were in the right position you could do an "infinite sequence" these were banned, you could only do one rep of these infinite's. Example would be kobras throw in the corner, if you grab them right before they have no choice but to take the throw again, you can do this in theory until your opponent's health reaches zero.

tier list:

This very much depends on ruleset and if you are playing on ps2 or gamecube.

Top tier:

ps2 dariou

bo' rai cho


noob smoke



liu kang



gamecube dariou

high tier:





mid tier:






li mei


low tier:


shao kahn

sub zero



bear in mind this tier list was heavily inspired by shock's 2006 tier list: I have a few disagreements but I would probably listen to shock before me.


my discord: i go under the name "lightworklucas" if you would like to talk to me, thank you.

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