Mizuchi (Orochi) (NGBC)

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Kadokyakujin - b/f+CD

Special Moves

Kaijo - f,hcb+A/C

Seiyaku - f,d,df+D during near D

  • f,d,df+D cost 1/2 stock, standing far ver. doesn't cost any stock

Ken Imi - f,d,df+A/C

Rei - hcb,f+B/D

Katakenawa - hcb+A/B/C/D

Ontai - qcb+A/C in air

Super Attacks

Ookami - hcb(x2)+A/D (near)

  • costs 1 power stock

Kon - qcf(x2)+A/C

  • costs 2 power stocks

The Basics

Mizuchi NGBC Primer I(by Dark Geese):

-Mizuchi is a better version of Orochi He has two major problems though: 1. Up close hes not that great. 2. He has no answer against certain characters up close and medium range..Which ones?

a. Mudman (Up close)- He has no answer for dive kicks up close.. b. Tung- Same thing..but makes this deadlier because Dive Kicks link into MM. c. Haohmaru- Far St. C eats his lunch….probably his worst matchup…

-He has some good pokes though… Far St.D, Far St. b or close st. b are really good pokes. Far St.b can link into itself. Its his best poke he has so abuse it when they start getting in close. Zone with Double Pillars (hcb+A~B, hcb+B~C) single pillars, hcb-f +p, far st.b, far St. D. Double Genocide Cutter (takes meter is Far. St.DxxDp+D) -The Michael Jackson Launcher- Dp+P. Close St. D (two hits or one) can link into it and he can link into Pillars, DA, or aerial super (qcfx2 p). But if you are going for sheer damage.hte best thing to do is just let them fall and hit the ground..see for yourself..letting them hit the ground is deadlier than doing the rest. -DP+C is the true Michael Jackson Launcher..and it works as a decent Anti Air. -His Command Grab super is EXCELLENT. Has seriously good range, grabs through al kinds of shit..they gotta pretty much jump to get out of it..very few things beat it. (hcbx2 P) - You can combo c.rb into st.b into A Command Grab Super. -C Command Grab super you cannot combo into but does more damage. -If they wanna get in fireball wars you win with either the pillars or double pillars or his reflect (hcb,f+k) -DG Fancy Mizuchi Combo #1- After a Close St. D (2 hits) to Dp+p, run under opponent to the other side, do a Deadly Assault…looks stylish. -DG Fancy Combo #2- In the corner, Close St. D (2 hits)to Dp+A, juggle with qcb+b pillar, then do a hcb,f+C Giant Star, then juggle again with a B Pillar,then finish with a DA. -Mizuchi Infinite combo- YES ITS TOURNAMENT LEGAL BUT HARD TO PERFECT. With my Saturn pad I can get up to 5 reps of it…: His infinite is [Close St.D (one hit)xxhcb-f +P], run in repeat brackets..

Advanced Strategy