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Arcana Heart/Mei-Feng

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  • Mei-Fang (美凰, Meifan?, Pinyin: Měihuáng) (cv. Juri Takita)

She is a Chinese-made humanoid robot, created by Professor Mei Ling Hua, a colleague of Kira Daidohji. Mei-Fang was programmed with 4,000 years’ worth of Chinese recipes and a wide array of martial arts knowledge. Although Mei Ling Hua encoded her with a personality, she wishes Mei-Fang would smile a bit more often. After her creator mysteriously left Tokyo, Mei-Fang left the laboratory in China to locate her.

Mei-Fang is a marvel of Elemental Science. Professor Mei Ling Hua engineered Mei-Fang's body out of a power Elemental substance known as “ether.” Her bone structure is made of an ivory-ether frame, connected to an Elemental engine. Kira Daidohji is responsible for inventing the circuits used for this. Mei-Fang’s suit was woven from ether-fibers, making it both unique and very expensive. Heart’s ribbon, Saki’s hair band, Kamui’s clothing, Konoha's scarf, and Yoriko’s hat and robe are also made from ether-fibers. In order to find her missing creator, Mei-Fang decides to aid Kira, despite of her ambitions of world domination.

Move list


4/6AD: Mei-fang grabs their feet and tosses them a fair distance behind her

5AD: Mei-fang grabs them then hits them 3 times. Comboable afterwards.

j.AD: Mei-fang grabs them then slams them onto the ground.

Normal moves

2A: Low chop

  • Crouching A that hits low, doesn't have too much range.

2B: She thrusts both arms forward while crouching

  • Mei-fangs only crouching normal that doesn't hit low. nice startup and range.

2C: She swings an arm in front of her with great force.

  • Has great range and hits low.

5A: She sticks her hand forward quickly.

  • Great startup and recovery

5B: Mei-fang thrusts both her hands forward.

  • Very good as Anti-Air. Can also be used to bait out clashes in the opponents block strings.

5C: One arm straight punch.

  • Can be used for Anti-Air but is mainly used in block strings and combos.

jA: Aerial elbow jab.

  • Because of its startup time this is not a bad air to air normal.

jB: Aerial kick upwards.

  • Has ridiculous priority in air to air battles. Great for when the opponent is at her height or above.

jC: Aerial forward kick.

  • Great air normal, used when the opponent is at her height or below.

Command Normals

6C: Standard Chinese martial arts shoulder charge.

  • Can be made unblockable by fully charging it. Air unblockable at any level of charge.

3C: Mei-fang crouches then uses her whole body weight to launch with her palms

  • Can be charged to make it unblockable. Air unblockable at any level of charge. this 3c doesn't have very good range.

6B: Mei-fang sticks her leg up as high as it can go (omg :fap:)

  • Really good vertical range and being air unblockable makes this a really good anti-air.

4A: Shin kick.

  • Good in clashes because it has early clash frames.

Special Moves

Byakko Houken - 214A/B/C: Dashing Flame punch

  • No special properties outside of the 'C' version having wallstick properties. Great to used after a 'D' ground recovery.

Seiryuu Kouzan - 623A/B/C: Flaming Uppercut.

  • You can use this as a wakeup however the hitbox is sometimes unreliable. It tends to whiff when they are crouching or doing a crouching normal etc. Can also be used after 'D' techs if you think it will connect.

IkarugaDC edits: beware of letting this move randomly float out because of mistimed 236 commands; if you get sloppy with it, you will see two parts genbu toujin and then a random seiryuu kouzan, which is a huge problem. Additionally, this may not be the greatest anti air option, especially since she has two air unblockable command moves anyways. If you hit the opponent towards the beginning of your move, it's pretty reliable in terms of plowing through the opposition, but if you hit the opponent during their clash window or they do something to keep you from homing canceling out of the move (burst to force whiff?), you're guaranteed to die. Also, not recommended to homing after them on hit to try to continue the air combo, they usually recover immediately before your first hit lands, though with that in mind, surprise air throw is a viable option, though somewhat of a waste of a homing bar.

Genbu Toujin - 236A/B/C (Up to three times): Standard Rekka-kans

  • This can be used in combos in replace of the homincg cancel after 2c. u can link 214a+b after the last hit.

Suzaku Hourin - 1236A/B/C (Air only): Flaming Chop (OPPAI SMASH)

  • This will be your main air combo ender. gives knockdown and leaves you in a good position for followup pressure.

Chikatsu Tenshin - 421A/B/C: Backflip

  • Has some startup invincibility and is cancellable with specials.

Super Moves

Shisei Oudou - 214AB: Flaming dash combo into automatic followup hits.

  • Can be homing canceled on specific hits to allow followup combo.

Tenbu Senshou - J.214AB (Air only): Mei-fang shoots fire from her hands while diving towards the ground.

  • Can be used in combos and also to punish various unsafe things. Not invincible for very long if at all after fire appears.

Kirin Kougeki - 623AB: Mei-Fang gets into a robot and does a shoulder charge (ROBOT SUPER!!!)

  • Invincible until she gets out of the robot. Great combo ender because it gives an untechable knockdown.

IkarugaDC edits: You pretty much can't get hit or anything as soon as you put in the command. As soon as you see the opponent whiffing or even just about to do a move with relatively long delay, you can land this as a counter, though this move is simple enough to land in a combo. Doing it as a counter keeps the damage scaling for the follow up to a minimum.

Taihou Senkou - 236,236,236AB (During Kirin Kougeki): Kirin Kougeki Followup

  • Shoots a laser after the shoulder charge for added damage. Not worth the meter at the end of really long combos.


Character Summary: Mei-fang is your standard rushdown character. she doesnt have as manny gimmicks/ tricks as some other characters but Mei-fang shines in the damage department. Once she gets in close she can be very fearful because any random hit that she lands can easily lead to 50% damage combos or more. Her offense relies mainly on smart use of her normals as well as good spacing and arcana use.

How to handle Mei-fang

  • Get in and stay in should be priority #1
  • Combine J.c's with well placed arcana specials and IAD's to close the distance
  • Make use of the jump cancelibility on 5b and 5c in blockstrings. She can use it to do IAD pressure or just jump then use an arcana special
  • Meanwhile you should be using AA 5b and 5c on people doing iad strings on you. When it clashes you want to cancel into 5a allowing u to follow up with big damage.
  • 6b is used as an AA when they are out of 5b range and/or you are on the offensive and they are stuck in jumping blockstun
  • You mainly want to be ending ground combos with robot super and air combos with oppai smash because of the advantage/ knockdown u can get


Meterless combo

  • 2abc 236b 236b 236b

Basic BnB (when taken to the corner) - 1 homing, 1 super meter

  • 2abc 236b 6d 5ac iad j.c land dash 5ac iad land dash 5c 623a+b

Basic BnB2 (when taken to the corner) - 1 homing, 1 super meter

  • 2abc 236b 6d 5ac iad j.c land dash 5ac iad land dash 5c iad land dash 5c 236b 623a+b

Basic Midscreen BnB - 1 homing (+1 super in fire)

  • 2abc 236b 6d 5ac iad j.c land dash 5a6b j.ab dj j.bc j.1236x (j.632146d air dash J.c j.1236x with fire arcana)

Advanced Midscreen BnB - 2 homing meters

  • 2abc 236b 6d 5a iad j.a djforward j.c land dash 5ac iad j.c land dash 5b 2b 5c 236b 6d 5a iad j.a djforward land dash j.a djforward land dash j.1236x

Advanced Midscreen BnB - 1+ homing meters

  • 2abc 236Bx3 214a+b 5[d] land 5c iad j.c land dash 5ac (go into standard corner combos)

Advanced BnB (corner) - 3 homing, 1 super meter

  • 2abc 236b 6d 5ac iad j.c land dash 5ac iad land dash 5c 6d 5b iad j.b land 5c iad j.c land dash 5ac iad land dash 5c iad land dash 5c 5d 5b iad j.b land 5c iad j.c land dash 5ac iad land dash 5c iad land dash 5c 236b 623a+b

Fireball loop 1 (corner) - 2 homing, 2 super meters

  • 2abc 236b 236b 214a+b 5[d] (on upward palm hit) j.b j.236d j.b j.236d j.c 6d j.a dj j.ab j.236d j.b j.236d j.c j.632146d air dash j.c j.1236x

Fireball loop 2 (corner) - 2 homing, 2 super meters

  • 214b 214a+b 5[d] (on the flaming shoulder hit in the air) 9[d] j.b j.236d j.b j.236d j.c 6d j.a dj j.ab j.236d j.b j.236d j.c j.632146d air dash j.c j.1236x

(combos written assuming your not using rock/time, enders can change depending on arcana)

Frame Data