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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core/May

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Movelist (Accent Core)

Name Input Description
Dust fake [D] hits low, juggles
Overhead Kiss 63214 K (close) command throw
Mr Dolphin (Horizontal) 1 [4], 6 S
Mr Dolphin (Horizontal) 2 [4], 6 H
Mr Dolphin (Vertical) 1 [2], 8 S Vaccum effect
Mr Dolphin (Vertical) 2 [2], 8 H
Applause for the Victim (P) 41236 [P] Hoop appears just behind May.
Applause for the Victim (K) 41236 [K] Hoop appears ahead of May.
Applause for the Victim (S) 41236 [S] Hoop appears ahead of opponent.
Applause for the Victim (H) 41236 [H] Hoop appears just in Front.png of opponent.
Restive Roller 1 623S Aims upward
Restive Roller 2 623H Aims Downward.png from air, aims Upward.png from ground

Name Input Description
Onward Mr Dolphin (Horizontal) 5 6 D during Mr Dolphin (Horizontal)
Onward Mr Dolphin (Vertical) 5 8 D during Mr Dolphin (Vertical)
Jackhound 214 D

Name Input Description
Ultimate Brat 63214 H
Great Yamada Attack 236236 S whale
CMKD 63214 S Super spinning whirlwind
Deluxe Five-River Bomber P (during CMKD) orca

Name Input Description
May and her merry friends/crew 1 41236 41236 H Instant kill. Throw.
May and her merry friends/crew 1 63214 63214 H Same move, alternate command.

Some combos

WARNING! WARNING! I wrote all these combos back when XX Slash was the latest game in the Guilty Gear series. THEY DO NOT WORK IN ACCENT CORE.

25% tension "bread and butter" combo

5K, sweep, horizontal "H" dolphin, FRC, j.H, land, instant air dash, j.K, j.H, land, then either:

1) vertical "H" dolphin, vertical "H" dolphin


2) jump, j.K , j.D, jump cancel, j.H, j.D

  • You can replace the first hit with any hit or hits that gatlings into sweep, or leave it out completely
  • (the timing on the FRC can be character-specific, remember to try an early FRC, a mid-timed FRC and a late FRC if you are having trouble)
  • Ender #1 ends in knockdown. #2 does slightly more damage, but does not end in knockdown.
  • You can start combos in the air (against an opponent on the ground), land, and continue into this combo in many ways. Try doing j.S or j.H or j.2H, land, 5P or 2P, sweep, etc. There are a *lot* of variations depending on how far away you are, so try out different things.
  • If you don't have 25% tension, try doing a gatling string into sweep, then cancelling the sweep into a dolphin hoop. This leaves you with a dolphin hoop all set up for oki. SERIOUSLY, sweep > dolphin hoop is great. DO IT!!

Good 25% Tension OHK combo

OHK, S(c), JI, H, vertical dolphin, FRC, air dash, j.H, land, then follow up with ending #1 or #2 for the Bread and Butter combo (same conditions apply)

  • This combo takes a lot of practice to get the timing down... The motion and button presses should be S-8-H-2, quickly.
  • You can add a 6P before the S(c), but the timing is much harder.

6P/Counterhit 2H combo

6P or counterhit 2H, S(c), JI, H, vertical dolphin, FRC, air dash, J.H, land, then follow up with either 1 or 2 listed in the Bread and Butter section above.

  • Remember the 6P doesn't have to be a counterhit for this to work, but you need to be close enough to go into S(c) for it to work.
  • The 2H must be a counterhit for this to work.
  • Yeah, it's the same as her OHK combo. However, without the damage modification of OHK, the hurt goes way up. From about 180 to almost 250 on Sol (same damage for both 6P and 2H).
  • This is also a great combo to use after you dizzy someone. Use the 6P to start, of course.

Impossible dust

Dust, homing jump, j.H, j.H, j.2H FDC (May should start to fall at about the same rate and similar height to the opponent), j.H as low to the ground as possible, land, followup (same as followup choices #1 and #2 for BnB).

This combo is a bit hard. Here are some notes if you're having trouble:

  • You have to do the first 2 j.Hs pretty fast. You'll know if you're getting the timing right by how soon the opponent can tech: if they tech very soon after you do the second j.H, that is wrong. If they almost (or sometimes DO) hit the ground before teching, that is correct.
  • You don't want the j.2H to come out, I'm not exactly sure why it is there but you should cancel it in the first frame or 2, you shouldn't be able to see it at all.
  • The timing for the j.2H FDC is not as soon as the 2nd j.H comes out. You have to wait a bit. I usually use the visual cue of where May's anchor is to tell me when to j.2H FDC. I look for it to start moving again after the hit, but FDC very quickly after that.
  • This combo may not even be worth it. May's regular dust (not even the hard regular dust) does about 10 less damage than this one, and you have to work to screw that one up. This one is a bitch to do consistently for usually just a bit of extra damage. You be the judge.