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Psylocke is most well known for having the best anti-air assist in all of Marvel vs Capcom 2. Her assist is probably the number one reason why teams such as MSP have the reputation they have today. Because of this, she (and many other good assists in the game) is a big target for being snapped in during matches. Again, she is mainly a top assist, and doesn't hang with the "God 4", or others in the top tier. However, she is still a very decent character and shouldn't be taken lightly, because while she doesn't have obvious exploits like unfly combos and infinites (besides her lone infinite against Sentinel) she is still a somewhat versatile character, with great speed, good priority on many important normals, and a rather flexible magic series chain.


First row: LP, HP, A1. Second row: LK, HK, A2.


Moves List

Normal Moves

Frames Advantage Cancel Block Hitbox Notes
Lp.png C HL
Psylocke s.lp.png
Mp.png HL
Hp.png C HL
Psylocke s.hp.png
Lk.png C HL
Mk.png C HL
Psylocke s.forward(1).png
Psylocke s.forward(2).png
Hk.png C HL
F.pngHk.png C HL
Lp.pngB.pngHk.png C HL
Psylocke p, b+hk(1).png
Psylocke p, b+hk(2).png
Lp.png C HL
Psylocke c.lp.png
Mp.png C HL
Hp.png - HL
Psylocke c.hp(1).png
Psylocke c.hp(2).png
Lk.png C Low.png
Mk.png C Low.png
Psylocke c.forward.png
Hk.png KD - Low.png
Lp.png -/- - High.png
Psylocke j.lp.png
Mp.png -/- - High.png
Hp.png -/- - High.png
Psylocke j.hp.png
Lk.png -/- - High.png
Mk.png -/- - High.png
Psylocke j.forward.png
Hk.png -/- - High.png
Psylocke (1).png
U.pngHk.png -/- - High.png

Command Normals


QCF+Assist A/B: Snap Out (3 frames) (*Snap in uses standing fierce animation)

Light Punch + Light Kick/Fierce Punch + Roundhouse: Tag (16 frames)

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + p
Psi-Blade Spin
Qcf.png + k
Hcb.png + P.png or k
Airok.png Press P.png or K.png to attack out of it.

Psy-Blast (QCF+P)

(Can also be done in the air)

Basic projectile. Direction of the move is based on strength of the punch used. However, unlike many other projectiles in the game, this is a rather special case: not every projectile can cancel it out. Although most will, it will go through a few projectiles and/or supers (such as Storm's Hailstorm). Also, when the Psy-Blast hits something, Psylocke will recover almost instantly. For example, doing a Tiger Knee motion Psy-Blast to stop Storm's Hailstorm. You can do it after Storm has started the animation for her Hailstorm, and since the Psy-Blast is so fast, chances are that Psylocke's projectile will hit Storm after the Hailstorm activates but the first few rocks of Storms super will not hit Psylocke because the Psy-Blast will have already hit Storm, allowing Psylocke to block what little came from Storm's super.
  • Overall, not really too useful alone, but it does have it's uses.

Psy-Blade (QCF+K)

(Can also be done in the air)

Her anti-air. This move is generally a good move to help stop pixies like Magneto and/or Storm and their Tri-Jumps. It has really good priority, it's really fast, knocks down, hits multiple times, and can be canceled into her Kochuo Gakure super (which in turn can be DHC into a safe super from one of her teammates, most likely Magneto's Tempest/Shockwave and/or Storm's Hailstorm). If blocked however, it gives the opponent enough time to punish Psylocke, and since this is MvC2, that can usually end a match.
  • A very useful move, just be careful of when and how you use it.

Ninjitsu (QCB+Any Attack Button)

(Can also be done in the air)

Psylocke's teleport. Generally there is no a good use for this move. It's slow, has plenty of start up and recovery time. The only real use it may have is trying to avoid a possible messed up guard break from Cable. Other than that, avoid using this move, opponents will have no trouble punishing it even if their attempt is late.
  • Location depends on what attack button you use. Jab punch will teleport Psylocke onto the top left side of the screen, Short kick will teleport her onto the lower left side of the screen, Fierce punch will teleport her onto the right side of the screen, and Roundhouse kick will teleport her onto the lower right side of the screen.

Super Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + Lp.png + hp
Airok.png Target with joystick.
Qcf.png + Lk.png + hk
Mash.png Mash buttons for more damage.
Kochou Gakure
Qcb.png + Lk.png + hk

Psy-Thrust (QCF+PP)

(Can also be done in the air)

A drill-like super that can go in any direction she chooses. Also, by mashing she can perform the super again, and even change directions from the initial direction she chose, without the cost of another super meter. Generally, this super is best used if trying to chip. The damage on hit isn't worthwhile, and isn't really versatile compared to her other supers.
  • Overall it isn't a great move. If you land a hit and want to go for damage, it's best to use her Kochuo Gakure super instead.

Psy-Maelstrom (QCF+KK)

Her anti-air super. It's fast and has good priority. The drawback, does nearly no damage and it's pretty much a waste of a super. The most damaging hit's come out at the end up of the super and if you wish to DHC into another super, you lose that damage.
  • Really, this move has no real use, even as an anti-air. If you want to score an anti-air hit as well as some damage, stick to Psy-Blade XX Kochuo Gakure super.

Kochuo Gakure (QCB+KK)

(Can also be done in the air)

Her most versatile super. It can be followed by an air magic series combo, can be canceled from a number of her moves, does decent damage, and is rather helpful for linking DHCs with other characters such as Magneto, Storm, and even Iron Man. It is also somewhat safe on block depending on the position of both characters. This is Psylocke's best super by far, so anytime you want to use a super out of a combo, this is the one to go with.

Note that when this is done in the air while super-jumping, Psylocke enters into normal jump mode and can call an assist.

Assist Moves

Cross-Over Combination
Alpha Counter
Alpha.pngHk.png Psi-Blade Spin
Hk.png Psi-Blade Spin
Beta.pngHp.png Psi-Blast
Kochou Gakure
Hp.png Psi-Blast
Gamma.pngHp.png Psi-Blast
Hk.png Psi-Blade Spin

Alpha Assist (Anti-Air Type): Psy-Blade

(Highly Recommended!)

One of the top assists in the game, and the assist you want to choose when picking Psylocke. It's fast, has good priority, has a decent amount of block stun, and knocks down on hit. Does roughly about 14 points of damage on a normal sized character if all hits connect, allows for combos on hit and if using Magneto, can easily turn the tables with a single hit.
  • (This assist will use the Psy-Malestorm super in a team super)

Beta Assist (Projectile Type): Psy-Blast

A single projectile that travels across the screen. Does about the same damage as the Psy-Blade attack. However, besides the fact that it only does one hit, it can be canceled out quite easily, and even if the assist connects, it hardly would make up for anything compared to the Psy-Blade assist. This assist type is not recommended.
  • (This assist will use the Kochuo Gakure super in a team super)

Gamma Assist (Balance Type): Psy-Blast

Virtually the same as her Beta Assist. The only thing that changes is what super will be performed if a team super were to be activated. And since team supers normally aren't a good idea in Marvel vs Capcom 2, using a team super with Psylocke in it isn't really a good idea, and it just wastes meter, and can even probably put your team in danger depending on the super Psylocke is using. Again, like the Beta Assist, not recommended.
  • (This assist will use the Psy-Thrust super in a team super)

The Basics

Beginner Overview


-Jump LP > LK > LP \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > s.LP > s.LK > c.HK XX qcf + LP

-d.s.LP > s.LK > s.LP > c.HP XX qcf + KK

-d.s.LP > s.LK > s.LP > s.LK > c.HK XX qcf + LP

-d.c.LK > c.LP > c.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LP > sj.HP

-Corner Jump LK > LK \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > s.LP > s.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LK > sj.u + HK /\ dj.u + HK /\ tj.u + HK

-d.s.LP > s.LK > s.LP > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > s.LP > s.LK XX qcf + LK,LK,HK

-Jump LP > LK > LK \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > s.LP > b + HK XX qcf + PP (hold f) XX f + P

-d.c.LK > c.LP > c.HK XX qcf + PP (hold df) XX f + P

-Corner Jump LK > LK \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > s.LK > c.HK XX qcf + LP XX qcb + KK

-d.s.LP > c.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.uf + HK XX qcf + HK,LK,LK XX qcb + KK

-d.s.LP > s.LP > s.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LK > sj.uf + HK /\ sj.uf + HK XX qcf + HK XX qcf + PP (hold f) XX f + P

-Corner Jump LP > HP \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > s.LP > LK XX qcf + LK,LK XX qcb + KK

-Corner Jump HP \/ d.s.LP > s.LK XX qcf + LP XX qcb + KK, d.c.LK > c.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LK > sj.u + HK XX qcf + HK XX qcf + PP (hold df) XX uf + P

-Corner Jump HK \/ d.c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LP > sj.u + HK XX qcf + LK XX qcf + PP (hold df) XX uf + P)

Dealing with snap-ins

As mentioned before, Psylocke is usually chosen for the use of her Anti-Air Assist, mainly with Magneto. If you are using MSP and are going against the same team, chances are your opponent will look for an opening to hit your point character and snap in your Psylocke, and eliminate Magneto and Storm's strong defensive options and reset possibilities.

If this is the case, there is very little Psylocke can do. Especially when coming in just after the snap-in. The most that can be done is to block Magneto's attacks and try to tech any throw attempts. Any counter attack attempt against Magneto will be extremely risky. If you do not have meter, you can try to pushblock to help get Magneto away from you so that you can super jump and build meter. Psylocke can jump two more times in succession while air borne. Magneto would either have to chase you, or wait for you to exhaust your all of your jumps and fall down. If you haven't built enough meter for a DHC, there are a few, risky options Psylocke can attempt to stop Magneto's attempts of attacking.

If you feel that Magneto will go for a ROM attempt, attacking with her jumping Roundhouse is a somewhat high priority move that can stop Magneto's light kicks if timed slightly later than when he first attacks. Psylocke can also use Roundhouse to stop Magneto's slide attempts or launchers.

If you feel like Magneto will call on a Anti-Air Assist, you can either shoot a Psy-Blast to slow the rate of the fall, or if you haven't used all 3 jumps, you can use a jump to bait out the assist, and then try to either out-prioritize or block Magneto's attack and once again try to super jump to build more meter.

It is recommended that once you have 2 meters, you use Psylocke's Kochou Gakure super, and DHC into either Storm's Hail Storm, or Magneto's Magnetic Tempest. If you end up DHCing into Magnetic Tempest, try to find a way to prevent the opponent from jumping over the rocks of Magneto's super so that he can't be punished. A rather effective way of preventing Magneto from being punished is to make sure the opponent blocks a few butterflies from Kochou Gakure, forcing them into into block stun and stopping any super jump attempts. It makes it even harder to punish if the opponent is in the air while blocking Psylocke's super, since it sends them down, and therefore they have to jump even later.

If your Magneto is snapped in, and you managed to build 2 or more bars of meter, again, try to find a way to DHC into the supers mentioned above. If you feel like you can score some damage, once you feel Magneto will rush in, or go for a triangle jump, the Psy-Blade attack will simply out prioritize any of Magneto's rush down options, and therefore you can cancel into Kochou Gakure, DHCed into Magnetic Tempest/Shockwave or Hail Storm. Any of the 3 options will lead into some hefty damage.

If your Psylocke is coming in while Storm is on screen, you have even fewer options, since Storm can just use her standing roundhouse (her launcher) to out prioritize any of Psylocke's air attacks. Furthermore, the fact that she has lighting attacks (that can, once again, out prioritize Psylocke's physical attacks) limits Psylocke's options even further. Psylocke's best bet is, just like against Magneto, to use her Kochou Gakure DHCed into Hail Storm and/or Magnetic Tempest/Shockwave. Psy-Blade will also out prioritize Storm's rushdown options just like Magneto.

Being the last character

Psylocke being the last character on a team isn't a good situation. She has no Tri-jumps, and any safe DHC options that came with Magneto and/or Storm being around are also gone. So anything like a Psy-Blade attempt will have to be a correct guess, because afterwords, she's left open.

One thing to keep in mind. If you have meter. Random snap-ins! Fast, high priority, and somewhat safe (while completely safe on block if not pushed blocked). This is really useful for double snap ins. And even if you feel that the opponent will not call out an assist, a successful snap-in is enough to temporarily break any momentum Magneto and/or Storm have. (Not to mention a chance to bring in their AAA and try to take it out)

If Psylocke is coming in against Sentinel, there is really nothing she can do. The most that can be done is hope that Sentinel will mistime the unblockable, or use her up+roundhouse flip kick to slightly raise her hit box.

If you are able to take the opponent down to their last character with Psylocke, depending on the character, she too can somewhat rushdown, even if it's somewhat one dimensional. Psy-Blasts mixed in with wavedashes can keep her on the opponent, even if she is push blocked. Try to mix up the constant barrage of pokes and Psy-Blasts with a throw attempt or two. Psylocke can also OTG with a Psy-Blast and follow up with wavedashing, being able to stay aggressive while building meter and slowly chipping away at their life.

Advanced Strategy


If the Maelstrom super knocks the opponent away, it causes pseudo-FSD. You can OTG with cLK, cFP, air combo. Note that they can counter-mash to get out of the knockdown stun faster and prevent the OTG follow up.

Extra Offensive/Defensive Options

Fun Stuff


The taunt hits and does one pixel of damage to the opponent. It cannot kill. It can be canceled into a super as well.

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