Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter/Zangief

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Ground Combo Chain: None
Jumping Combo Chain: None
Super Jumping Chain: Weak to Strong
Aerial Rave Launcher: Crouching MP, MP Throw
Aerial Rave Finisher: HP, HK, Body Press, Long Punch, Headbutt,Double Lariat, Screw Piledriver
Knockdown Attack: Crouching HK (standing HK knocks into air)
Ground Throws: b / f + MP / HP / MK / HK (db / df + MP / HP)
Aerial Throws: any direction but d / u + MP / HP / MK / HK
Variable Assist: KKK Double Lariat (can't move b / f)
Variable Counter: MK Flying Powerbomb
Variable Combination: Double Final Atomic Buster / Hyper Double Lariat

Normal Moves

Headbutt In air, u + MP
Double Knee Press In air, d + MK
Body Press In air, d + HP
(long punch) In air, f + HP
(elbow drop) f + MP (or in air, d + MP)
(instant running throw) Hold MP / MK / HP / HK, f,f
(delayed running throw) f,f, then MK / HK or b / f + MP / HP

Special Moves

Double Lariat Press PPP / KKK (move b / f)
Screw Piledriver Rotate 360 + P (air)
Flying Powerbomb hcf + K
Atomic Suplex When close, hcf + K
Banishing Flat f,d,df + P
Aerial Russian Slam f,d,df + K

Super Moves

Final Atomic Buster Rotate 360 + PP

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


1. J.Roundhouse, C.Roundhouse
2. J.Fierce, C.Fierce XX Fierce Banishing Punch
3. Body Splash, S.Fierce
4. S.Roundhouse (2 hits) XX Short Rising Air Throw
5. C.Jab -> C.Jab -> C.Jab, etc...
6. J.Roundhouse, S.Roundhouse (1st hit) XX Spinning Clothesline
7. Body Splash, C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
8. C.Strong -> SJ.Short XX Fierce SPD
9. Strong Throw -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Forward XX Spinning Clothesline
10. Banishing Punch, SPD or FAB or Double FAB
11. J.Roundhouse, S.Forward XX Running Bear Grab
12. (TICK) Knee Drop, SPD or FAB or Double FAB or Running Bear Grab
13. (TICK) J.Fierce, C.Fierce XX FAB
14. (TICK) S.Short XX SPD or FAB or Double FAB or Running Bear Grab
15. S.Roundhouse (2 hits), FAB or Double FAB
16. (TICK) J.Roundhouse, C.Jab XX SPD or FAB or Running Bear Grab 17. Body Splash, C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong XX Turbo Clothesline, S.Roundhouse (2 hits) XX Short Rising Air Throw
18. Strong Throw -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Strong XX Turbo Clothesline, FAB or Double FAB
19. J.Roundhouse, C.Strong -> SJ.Jab -> SJ.Forward XX Jab SPD
20. (TICK) Knee Drop, C.Short XX SPD
21. Strong Throw, Running Bear Grab or FAB or Double FAB
22. (corner) Fierce Throw, C.Roundhouse (OTG)
23. (corner) Fierce Throw, C.Forward (OTG) XX Jab Banishing Punch


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