Majin Buu (HD)

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Majin Buu


In a nutshell

Majin Buu is a character who emphasizes raw power at the cost of speed and mobility. He is very slow and his combo potential is low, but his attacks hit like a truck. Majin Buu is one of two charge characters in Hyper Dimension, however due to his slow speed and lack of any real anti-airs, downbacking with him is not recommended as he really can't play a reactive game at all. He has the shortest hop in the game and a very fast j.B allowing for faster overheads than most characters have, at the cost of being unable to hop over most attacks. Mister Buu also has some very strong projectile attacks to help him out at longer distances. Good choice for players who enjoy playing heavy bruiser types.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Close st.Y - Buu pokes the opponent with his stomach. Both this move and close st.B are the slowest close standing normals in the game, tied with Kid Buu's close st.B. The speed of this normal can create some big problems with Buu's combo ability, but more on that in the combo section.

Close st.B - Buu pokes the opponent with his stomach. Completely identical to close st.Y. The speed of this normal can create some big problems with Buu's combo ability, but more on that in the combo section.

Far st.Y - A magic spark explodes in front of Majin Buu's face. Can't be special cancelled. The spark's hitbox is disjointed from Majin Buu's hurtbox, so despite being the slowest far st.Y in the game, it's still quite a safe and solid poke with fairly quick recovery.

Far st.B - Buu swings his ass at his opponent. Similar range to far st.Y, but slightly slower and stretches Majin Buu's hurtbox with it. Not very useful.

cr.Y - A magic spark explodes in front of Majin Buu's face. The spark's hitbox is disjointed from Majin Buu's hurtbox, so despite being the slowest cr.Y in the game, it's still quite a safe and solid poke with fairly quick recovery. Unlike far st.Y, this attack can be special cancelled into things like Tri-Blast and Mightyness Bomber for some low-forward -> fireball action. Strong ground to ground poke.

cr.B - Majin Buu slides forward on his ass. Hits low. Can't be normal or special cancelled. Very good low and surprisingly fast, this move is best used as a midrange poke. Just be careful with the spacing as it can be punished on block if done too close.

j.Y - Belly-flop. This move takes so long to come out and has a pitiful 6 active frames, and the cross up potential is disappointingly low to boot. Use j.B instead.

j.B - Buu once again throws his ass at the opponent. One of the faster j.Bs in the game. Very solid., and great for pressure. Makes for some fast overheads when used in tandem with Majin Buu's very short hop.

j.Down.gifB - Magical falling ass attack. Completely halts Buu's air momentum as he falls to the ground and then bounces foward. Knocks down. This move two hitboxes, the falling ass and the bounce forward, but can only hit once. Very punishable on block, but the falling ass becomes active in 5 frames, making it the fastest air normal in the game, tied with Piccolo's j.B. Can be very useful in air-to-air footsies, but that's about it.

Special Moves

Planet Attack - charge B.gif, F.gifY - Majin Buu flies head first into his opponent. Slow startup and very punishable on block. Not a very practical move, probably best to forget about it in most circumstances.

Body Slam - Qcf.gifY - Buu flips over and sits on the opponent. Follow up to Planet Attack. Knocks down. You can actually cancel into this at any time during Planet Attack, even before it has hit. Still very punishable on block, but then again so is Planet Attack, so you might as well buffer this every time you use it.

Tornado Hip - charge B.gif, F.gifB - Buu balances himself, then performs a 4 hit ballerina spin. Fully hit invulnerable on start up. Very punishable on block. This is Majin Buu's only reversal, but it's only hit invincible, so it can still be thrown out of startup, and since the start up is very slow, most players will have time to jump in with an attack, see that attack whiff, then throw you on reaction. In most circumstances, you're better off finding a safe time to hop with j.B or j.Down.gifB than banking your money on this.

Powersault - charge Down.gif, Up1.gifY - Buu clenches his fists together and swings upwards. Launches on hit. Not invincible. This attack is slow and doesn't have particularly good range, but because it does launch on hit and even if it trades you still get a combo, it can be a worthwhile anti-air in some situations. Just not on reaction to hops.

Shocking Candy Munch - charge Down.gif, Up1.gifB - Majin Buu zaps his opponent, turns them into candy, eats them, then spits them out. This attack has similar startup, but greater range than most far standing normals, making it very viable in footsies if spaced and timed right. This is also the most dense projectile in the game, completely neutralizing even level 4 projectiles. Generally strong move and combo ender, although it is very punishable on block, so be careful with it.

Tri-Blast - Qcb.gifA - Buu pauses before throwing out 3 generic fireballs at 3 different angles. Costs 5 health to perform. Excellent midrange projectile attack, great for space control since it effectively covers all angles of approach at once AND it recovers very quickly, allowing you to follow behind it for a safer approach. It does have slow startup, but if you can find the space to throw this attack out, then by all means. Just be careful using this against any character with a quick level 2 or above projectile, like Goku, Kid Buu or Cell.

Buu Energy Field - Hcf.gifA - Majin Buu charges up then explodes with energy all around him. Knocks down. Most useless move in the game. This attack has incredibly slow startup, incredibly long recovery, and is punishable on block and on hit. I can't think of a single situation where this move might be useful. The real tragedy is that Majin Buu gets this instead of a regular, generic anti-air projectile.

Mightiness Bomber - Qcb.gifF.gifA - Buu gathers energy in front of him then releases it forwards. Standard chargeable projectile attack that most characters have in some form. Costs 10 health to perform. Hold down A while performing in order to charge it up to a maximum of 3 power values. No charge will quickly release a level 2 projectile. Medium charge will release a level 3 projectile. Maximum charge will release a highly damaging level 4 projectile. One of the best "Kamehameha" type projectiles in the game because unlike other similar attacks, not only is this one way bigger and harder to jump over, this one puts a hostile hitbox in front of Buu which protects him from frontal attack as he is charging it. The trade off is that it has longer recovery than other Kamehameha type attacks. Strong long range attack regardless.

Desperation Attack: Buu Breath - Qcf.gifB+Y - Majin Buu paralyses the opponent with his lazer, then blows up the screen. Level 4 projectile. Identical hitbox to Shocking Candy Munch, except this one starts up a lot faster. Very scary footsie tool, faster and longer range than most far standing normals and obviously far more reward for landing it. Can be comboed into from most special cancellable attacks. Still very punishable on block, so don't go crazy.


The Buuish Problem

Majin Buu is a curious case of being screwed by the system, as he suffers heavily from the "guard glitch". In this game, blocking has a 2 frame startup, and there happens to be a 1 frame gap between all of Buu's important combo chains. This means that while the opponent can't block in between these chains, they can perform any invincible move in that one frame gap. This isn't an issue against characters who don't have invincible moves because there is nothing they can do to escape, but it is against those who do. A list of combo chains with 1 frame gaps is as follows:

- Close st.Y or Close st.B into Close st.Y or Close st.B

- Close st.Y or Close st.B into B+Y (launcher)

- Cr.Y into B+Y (launcher)

This is a major problem for Majin Buu; he theoretically can't combo into his launcher against any character with a frame 1 invincible attack. He could try, and just hope that the opponent either doesn't know or mistimes the reversal, but it's a flaw in his design that can be heavily exploited by skilled opponents. Your choices as a Buu player are to either risk it and go for it anyway, or settle for the very short and simple 3-4 hit combos that don't require his launcher.