MK2 Kung Lao (MKT)

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Auto Combos

1. HP, LP, LP, D+LP 4 hits 27%, 36%, 38%

2. HK, LK, HK, HK, B+HK 5 hits 30%, 40%, 42%

Basic Juggles

1. KS, HP, LP, LP, D+LP, JK, superman 7 hits 55%

Advanced Juggles

1. KS, HP, LP, LP, D+LP, JK, whiff dash kick, aaHPHP, JK, superman 10 hits 69%

2. KS, HP, LP, LP, D+LP, (JK, whiff dash kick, aaHP) repeat ( ) til corner

Special Moves

Shield Spin: U, U, LK (Tap LK to keep spinning)

Torpedo Wall Slam: B, B, F

Hat Throw: B, F, LP (control vertical w/joystick)

Teleport: D, U

Dive Kick: D+HK (In Air)


Fatality 1 "Hat Decap": Hold LP, B, B, F, Release LP, Aim Hat Up Toward Neck

Kung throws his hat and if aimed properly his opponent's head is cut off.

Friendship "Magic Trick": B, B, B, D, HK (Past Sweep)

Kung pulls a rabbit out of his hat.

Babality: F, F, B, B, HK (Past Sweep)

Brutality: HP, LP, HK, HK, LP, LP, LP, LK, LK, BL, HP (Next to)

Stage: F, F, F, HP (Next to)

The Basics

Advanced Strategies