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Arcana Heart/Lieselotte Achenbach

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  • Lieselotte Achenbach (リーゼロッテ・アッヒェンバッハ, Rīzerotte Ahhyenbahha?) (cv. Yōko Honda)

She is known internationally as the “Crimson-Eyed Criminal.” After losing her family, Lieselotte was emotionally scarred, and she became a cold-hearted assassin. Somehow, Lieselotte carries around the consciousness of her older sister, Elfriede. Lieselotte’s sister has the power to manipulate puppets, and together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Lieselotte does not know how she got into her current situation. She can remember living peacefully with her family. She can remember the smell of her mother’s warm baked goods. She can remember playing with her older sister, Elfriede. However, something horrible happened to all of them. Now, she travels the world alone, accompanied only by a ball-jointed puppet with no legs. Lieselotte has hopes that one day she and her family can all live together again and be happy. One day, Lieselotte was hired by a mysterious woman who asked her to capture Heart Aino and then disappeared. Lieselotte then heads to Japan to capture Heart Aino. Upon successfully capturing Heart, Lieselotte began regret within her self after fighting Heart (due to her caring but yet cheerful personality) where she began to distrust her contractor and after heading to skies secretly Lieselotte broke her contract and let Heart free where at the end Heart headed For Mildred where after the defeat of her, Lieselotte decides to keep an eye out for Heart for unknown reasons.

Lieselotte has a German accent. Heart calls Lieselotte "kidnapper" due to her storyline.

Move list


4/6AD: 2500 dmg. Lieselotte holds the opponent while reeling back her suitcase; she then swings it forward, slapping the opponent full screen and behind her.

5AD: 2100 dmg / 50%. Liese performs a combination attack (5B>2B) before launching the opponent into the air (3C).

j.AD: 2500 dmg. The animation for this throw is the exact same for her 4/6AD throw but executed faster.

Normal moves

2A: Performs two short range swatting attacks.

  • 1st 400 dmg / 100%. 2nd 320 dmg / 80%. 720 dmg total.
  • Both hits are Special/EX and chain cancelable.

2B: Slides forward and strikes with the edge of her suitcase.

  • Jump and Special/EX cancelable.

2C: While crouching, Lieselotte's suitcase flies open and Elfriede rolls out with a falling claw attack that results in a knockdown. Elfriede returns to the suitcase shortly after. While Elfriede is active, Liese will open her suitcase in the same manner and the door of the case will sweep the opponent instead.

  • 2500 dmg / 100%. Empty: 1500 dmg / 100%.
  • Homing and Arcana Force Super cancelable only.

5A: Lieselotte strikes the air twice with a backhand fist that oddly resembles knocking on a door.

  • 1st 400 dmg / 100%. 2nd 320 dmg / 80%. 720 dmg total.
  • Both hits are special/EX, jump and chain cancelable.

5B: Lieselotte turns away from the opponent to perform a heel kick while moving herself forward slightly.

  • 1000 dmg / 100%.
  • Special/EX and jump cancelable.

5C: Elfriede leaps out to perform a long range claw swipe with one hand and retract herself back into the suitcase with the other hand. While Elfriede is active, Lieselotte will open her suitcase in the same manner but with the door of the suitcase striking instead.

  • 2500 dmg / 100%. Empty: 1500 dmg / 100%.
  • Special/EX cancelable.

jA: Two aerial cat-like swipes.

  • Speical/EX and extra jump cancelable.

jB: An angled down strike with the suitcase bottom edge.

  • 1600 dmg / 100%.
  • Special/EX and extra jump cancelable.

jC: Elfriede jumps from the suitcase and strikes with a double claw attack. While Elfriede is active, Lieselotte will still open her suitcase but will strike with the door of the suitcase instead.

  • 2500 dmg / 100%. Empty: 1900 dmg / 100%.

Command Normals

6C: Lieselotte grips her suitcase with both hands and swings it horizontally while spinning.

  • Air unblockable. Homing and Arcana special cancelable only.

3C: A one-handed, upward swing toward the sky.

  • Air unblockable. Homing and Arcana special cancelable only.

6B: Elfriede springs out from the suitcase at a 45 degree angle and quickly returns. While Elfriede is active, Lieselotte will open her suitcase in the same manner striking with its door instead.

  • Special/EX and jump cancelable. Can be chained from 5A, 2A, 5B, or 2B.

1/2/3C (Air only): A fierce downward swing with the suitcase.

  • Extra jump cancelable only.

Special Moves

Crimson Gaze - 632146A/B/C: Lieselotte latches on to her victim and glares at them.

  • 2000 dmg. While this command throw does slightly less damage than her normal throws it compensates by having more range. More importantly, it yields a "status aliment". Crimson Gaze results in an instant and unrecoverable knockdown while leaving the opponent in a muddled state. While muddled the victim's directional controls become reversed (6=4, 1=9, 7=3, etc.) for a short period of time (approx. 4secs). Successfully landing this throw can spell disaster for the ascending foe and coupling the technique with puppet attacks and markers on their wakeup can be extremely difficult to maneuver through thus giving Lieselotte the significant upper hand. Adding insult to injury, the muddle status can't even be removed if your opponent manages to land a hit in the state of confusion. Crimson Gaze also creates an opportunity to replenish Elfriede's health if necessary while the opponent is downed. Crimson Gaze is extremely powerful when used in tick throws. Some of the generic ways to set up are with jump or IAD jA and dashing 5A(2)/2A(2). More advanced setups involve Elfriede attacks in block strings that intentionally have attack gaps placed in order to slip in a command throw (or to feint a command throw and punish an attempt to retaliate). Defensive options like Guard Canceling, and ground recovering aren't safe either. Crimson Gaze can snatch guard canceling if you react before an attack is executed and it can also catch the throw vulnerable frames of a ground tech.

Soul Split - 236A/B/C (with puppet stored away): Lieselotte holds up her suitcase and summons forth the cannonballing marionette, "Elfriede". As Elfriede is descending from the cannonball attack it executes a falling slash attack. Both parts of the marionette's attack are capable of striking the opponent.

  • Soul Split is without a doubt Lieselotte's primary offensive tool. In combos (ground and even air), this technique is the most consistent way to land damage and go into loops. In blockstrings, Soul Split yields significant blockstun, allowing Lieselotte to rush in (via ground dash, homing dash, or IAD) for added pressure with throws, markers, and high/low mixups. Even when guard canceled through, its abundance in clash frames (in unison with Lieselotte's attacks) can make it difficult to retaliate against. These clash frames also prove to be useful for a round opener and in guard cancels (especially 4GC). Soul Split is even effective as a zoning tool: Try jumping, double jumping, high jumping or any combination of air movement from full screen and executing J.236C then immediately air homing pursuit with a jumping attack to lock in on the opponent for pressure or improvising a combo if Elfriede hits. Feel free to mix in an air marker to feint your aerial approach making it seem less transparent. 236C can create a similar zoning effect from the ground as well. A somewhat common style shared by expert Liese players is to summon Elfriede and confirm a hit or some other advantageous situation. If the situation is not to their liking then they will quickly retrieve Elfriede only to resummon her shortly after. This style of play allows Lieselotte to keep momentum with quick offensive bursts from the summoning properties.
  • Once Elfriede is summoned Lieselotte loses her normal attacks that involve Elfriede emerging from the suitcase. Some of Lieselotte's attacks will have less damage and far less range but will have faster startup and recovery in return. Elfriede will function as a secondary character, given her own set of attack moves and and ground mobility that coordinates with Lieselotte's movement.

Coffin - 236A/B/C (can keep holding button): Lieselotte calls out to Elfriede. Elfriede then quickly rushes to Lieselotte and crawls back into her suitcase.

  • This move is essential to playing Lieselotte. Using the B or C versions makes Elfriede use either B or C, depending on the button pressed, before returning, so using the A version is definitely preferred.

About Markers

  • These levitating orbs dictate Elfriede's command of action. Up to 5 orb markers can be set at a time and each marker indicates the order in which Elfriede will execute the given commands. Attempting to place a sixth marker results in the dissipation of that marker. Tiny buds that orbit around the marker specify the order you initially placed the orbs (1st orb has one bud, 3rd orb has 3 buds, etc). When Elfriede has completed the command or commands she will remain in the spot where the last marker was placed and wait for further commands/inputs.
  • Markers can also be placed in the air but only one at a time. That is, if you have jumped and placed a marker you will not be able to place another one even if you choose to double jump or air dash after the initial jump. The only exception to this rule is that if Lieselotte is attacked out of the air and air recovers. Only then can she set multiple markers airborne without having to land then jump again.
  • Markers can be set prior to Elfriede's summoning. Once summoned, Elfriede will take action in accordance to the marker command(s). Although this may sound like a viable strategy, one should refrain from placing markers before summoning Elfriede. Preemptive marker placement will likely interrupt the foundation of Lieselotte's combo starter (Soul Split) by either repositioning the target mid-combo or by Elfriede simply not being present to help assist in combo loops. Be prepared to quickly cut your combo short (using J.2C ender), retrieve Elfriede mid-command, or bail out mid-combo and devise a new plan should you mistakenly place orbs prior to summoning. It isn't uncommon to see expert Lieselotte players "freestyle" a combo to buy time for Elfriede to take a better position or for them to correct the mistake with new marker placement mid-combo.

Submission - 214A/B/C (Air and Ground): This command sets a rotating, airborne "marker". When Elfriede is active, the marker is turned on (i.e. glowing) and commands Elfriede to perform a set special move. In this instance, Elfriede will rush to the point marked and perform a cannonball attack followed by a sweeping claw upon landing.

  • Generally used in blockstrings after a loop or at the end of a loop to land an OTG hit so the opponent doesn't tech right away, which allows for oki.

Insanity - 421A/B/C (Air and Ground): Elfriede turns into a fireball and goes flying towards the marker.

  • Very good in block strings in the corner, and great to place in holes while you're getting rushed down, as Elfriede will come flying and hit your opponent out, and can easily lead to loops.

Gatekeeper - 646A/B/C (Air and Ground): Elfriede will instantly teleport to this marker as soon as it's possible.

  • Best marker for getting Elfriede back to Lieselotte. Elfriede instantly teleports to the marker and Lieselotte can follow up with a 236A to call her back instantly. Also good for modified combos.

Cruel World - 22A/B/C (Air and Ground): Elfriede moves to the marker and performs a series of claw attacks.

  • Very good in blockstrings in the corner. Elfriede attacks a lot, and gives Lieselotte enough time to put out more markers, or to prepare mixup options.

Summoning - 63214A/B/C (Air and Ground): Elfriede moves to the marker.

  • Just a slower form of Gatekeeper. Not the greatest, but Elfriede can still attack on her way to the marker.

Super Moves

Deception - 236AB: Lieselotte calls back Elfriede to the case and opens it up, to which Elfriede unleashes a large series of claw attacks that send the opponent flying to the wall

  • An all right reversal which can be comboed into before the second series of claws by doing 236AB HC6 5A j.A(1hit) j.B 236B ad.B dj.A(2hits) dj.2C into midscreen or corner Elfriede loop.

Deathwish - 214AB (with puppet stored away) (Air and Ground): Elfriede flys out of the suitcase and grabs the opponent, biting and clawing them.

  • Great in combos to add a little more damage.


Lieselotte relies heavily on her priority and mixup after knockdown. Her combos are a little difficult to time correctly at first, but it becomes second nature with some practice. She's all around good, however complicated as well. Keep at a distance and wait for the opponent to leave themselves open or to make a minor mistake and then rush in.

Arcana Strategy

Moriomoto: Use those seeds after a corner loop for oki and potentially unblockable setups. 236D is also very good in her standard BnB too.

Bhanri: Mainly used after a 214A j.2C land 214A 22A 421A 214214D 6[C] unblock mixup, or to just keep them blocking while setting up other mixups and oki if they're not dumb.


Lieselotte's loops mostly consist of doing an air string ending in j.2C, then commanding Elfriede to either do a 5B or 5C to lift the target enough for Lieselotte to rejump, air string. Midscreen loops will always make use of j.2C into Elfriede 5B, while corner loops are most often j.2C into Elfriede 5C.

1 Homing gauge, midscreen ending in corner, Elfriede in suitcase

2A2B5C > 236C > IAD j.B > land > 5A (1 hit) > j.A (2 hits) A (1 hit) dj.A (2 hits) j.2B+C > tap B > land > j.AB2C > tap B > j.AB2C > tap B HC6 > delay j.C > land > delay j.A (2 hits) delay 2C > land > 214A > neutral jump j.A (1 hit) 2C

NOTE: The combo is almost corner to corner. You will need to keep Elfriede crawling throughout the loop. Press and hold 6 while doing the jump strings then quickly slide it to 3 to get the 2C's. The 2B+C makes Elfriede do its 2B swipe while Lieselotte will do her j.2C. You can also do this in the corner in case you have only one homing gauge to do post-combo oki.

2 Homing gauges, midscreen/corner, Elfriede in suitcase

2A2B5C > 236C > IAD j.B > land > 5A (1 hit) > j.A (2 hits) 2C > land > j.C 2C > land > j.C 2C > fall a bit, HC2 > j.C 2C > land > j.C 2C > land > j.C 2C > fall a bit, HC2 > delay j.A (1 hit) delay 2C > land > 214A > j.A (1 hit) 2C

NOTE: You can substitute j.A (1-hit) 2C > land j.B dj.A (2-hit) 2C > land j.C 2C, HC2 after the first HC2 in case you're having timing issues.

Loop Ender and Oki

Videos of Lieselotte players mostly end the loops by doing a 214A before the last jump. Elfriede's 214A swipe will catch them after the last j.2c and do an OTG hit, which won't allow them to tech right away. The time given to you allows you to set some nasty oki, which can lead to a kiss, another loop, or unblockable setups (dependent on Arcana selected naturally).

Some oki:

214a, (forward jump) j.a(1) 2c, 22a, 214a, 421a, backdash, 6[c]

Timing on this is pretty strict, but you can get a re-loop on this. Adding Gier or Bhanri supers make for more guaranteed re-loops. (i.e. 22a, 214a, Bhanri 214214[d], 6[c], let go of lightning as 6[c] hits)

214a, (neutral jump) j.a(1) 2c, 214a, dash 5b 22a, 2b (hit), Elfriede does 22a

214a, (neutral jump) j.a(1) 2c, 214a, dash 5b 22a, command grab

Re-loop/command grab mixup. You can occasionally go for a 6[c] in case 2b gets blocked.

Frame Data