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Laurence (RBFF2)

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Laurence Blood. Substantially nerfed from his previous appearance on Real Bout Fatal Fury Special. Has a sidestep with followups, an anti-air and a mash move. Struggles because of poor damage potential. Middle tier character.

Moves List


Matador Slash: close, f + C

Command Moves

Tornado Kick: f + B - Plane shift.

Ole!: B + C - Full body invincibility.

Special Moves

Bloody Spin [Breakshot]: f, df, d, db, b + A or C

Bloody Saber: b~f + C

Bloody Cutter [Breakshot, Invincible]: d~u + C

Bloody Mixer: A rapidly

Super Moves

Bloody Flash: f, b, db, d, df + B + C (S-Power)

Bloody Shadow: f, b, db, d, df + C (P-Power)

Feint Moves

  • Laurence has no feint moves.

Chain Combos

close 5C -> 5C -> 5C (Not special cancellable)
6B (Plane Shift) - | - 5D
                   | - 2D
B + C - | - 5B (Special cancellable)
        | - 5C -> 632C (Overhead)
        | - 2C (Knockdown)
Air Chains
A -> C
B -> C

The Basics

Advanced Strategy