Last Blade 2/Shigen

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Shigen is one of the four guardians of the earth and was a close friend of Kagami's before he was betrayed by him and locked under the earth for a decade.

Moves List

  • b + B

Overhead. Has super armor (1 hit).

  • Shigen has air throw (j.CD)

  • OTG:
    • CD (Throw)
    • df + C
    • C

Special Moves

  • White Tiger Talon - qcb + A/B

Shigen hits with stone hand. Super Cancelable. The B version has super armor (1 hit)

  • White Tiger Pounce - qcb + C

Shigen hits with shoulder

    • Follow up with Pounce Continued (qcb + C). Only on speed and only on first hit.

  • Exploding Spirit Blast - dp + A / Shout Blast - dp + B

Exploding Spirit Blast is Shigen hits outward with his hand. Shout Blast is Shigen grabbing his opponent out of the air and slamming them into the ground.

  • Kingfisher Crunch hcf + A/B/C (in-close)

Shigen gets a hold on opponet and chokes them and slams them to the ground. A version can be comboed. B version invokes Shigen's super armor (1 hit) C version is a long-range grab.

  • Diamond Smasher - hcb f + C (in-close)

Shigen grabs opponent and throws them into the air, and slams them into the ground

    • From Diamond Smasher, perform Kai (hcf + A)
      • From Kai, perform Kai (qcb + A)
      • Follow up from [1st] Kai with Retsu (qcb + B)
      • Follow up from [1st] Kai with Shinden Taichi (hcb hcb + AB) DM
    • From Diamond Smasher, perform Aku (hcf + B)
      • From Aku, perform Shou (qcb + A)
      • Follow up from Aku with Da (qcb + C)
      • Follow up from Aku with Dohatsu Taiten (hcb hcb + C) SDM

Opponent may escape the non-super follow-ups by mashing buttons.

Desperation Moves

  • Bouko Hyouga - qcf qcf + AB

Shigen activates his stone armor and dashes shoulder-first against opponent

    • Follow up with Kyouten Douji (hcb hcb + B)
    • Follow up with Yuuchuu Maisai (hcf + B)

Follow ups must be done on the first or second hit.

  • Inga ouhou - hcf b + AB

Shigen crosses his fists in a counter-stance. If hit, he grabs opponent, and puts them in a pile of spikes

  • Destiny's Retribution - hcb hcb + AB

Shigen grabs opponent, tosses them in the air, slams them into the ground, and pounds on them with stone fists

Super Desperation Moves

  • Shinden Taichi Dohatsu Taiten - hcb hcb + B

Shigen growls and his right arms flashes, then the White Tiger image appears. Grab his opponent ,and does a Front Flip Piledriver and finish him with a Growl with OTG slashes.

Speed Combo Special

  • d d + A/B (overhead/low) >
    • A > B > C >
      • A > B > C >
        • A > B > qcf + C
        • C > qcf + B (unblockable)
      • d + C (low) >
        • BC (overhead) > qcf + B
        • d + C (low) > f + BC (unblockable + jungle + cancelable)

Basic Strategy

Shigen is a tank heavy hitter character focused in heavy strike and grappling combos, its a mid-low tier that you must respect because his meta is based about trade hits and comboing you easily, and if you are Lee Reeka watchout with his Death combo because your corrupt hit box


Power Mode

  • A >
    • hcf + A (~+48 dmg)
    • qcb + A (~21 dmg)
    • qcb + A > (DM) qcf qcf + AB >
      • hcb hcb + B
      • hcf + B
    • hcb f + C > (~+28 dmg)
      • hcf + A (~+30 dmg)
        • qcb + A (~+53 dmg)
        • qcb + B (~+60 dmg)
        • (DM) hcb hcb + AB (~+98 dmg)
      • hcf + B (~+30 dmg)
        • qcb + A (~+65 dmg)
        • qcb + C (~+57 dmg)
        • (SDM) hcb hcb + C (~101 dmg)

  • b + A, b + A, A >
    • qcb + A
    • hcf + A

  • b + A, b + A, d + C

Speed Mode

  • b + A > A > A > B >
    • (DM) qcf qcf + AB > (~+47 dmg)
      • hcb hcb + B (~+94 dmg)
      • hcf + B (~+90 dmg)
    • qcb + C > qcb + C, [follow-up]
    • df +C > hcf+ C

  • d + C >
    • (DM) qcf qcf + AB >
      • hcb hcb + B
      • hcb + B
    • qcb + C > qcb + C, [follow-up]
    • qcb + A

  • ... qcb + C > qcb + C > (~+20 dmg)
    • qcb + C (~+51 dmg)
      • dash in and hit CD (Close to corner) (~+70 dmg)
    • qcb + A (~+37 dmg)
    • dp + B (~+63 dmg)
    • hcf + C (Not a real combo)
    • delay, hcf + A (Not a real combo)

If you choose not to chain to anything else and they ground recover after the second qcb+C you can dash in and start another chain combo or whatever you want.

EX Mode

  • b + A > A > A >B > qcb + A > (DM) qcf qcf + AB >
    • hcb hcb + B
    • hcb + B

Advanced Strategy

The main thing people do wrong is try and play him like a grappler. He's a striker for the most part, although he is forced to use more grappling on power. His Down+B can be a good mix-up in speed combos, but it's very slow and doesn't actually chain, so use it conservatively. His down+C is good as a combo starter in speed as long as you can hit confirm well.


  • b+A is NOT cancellable on power.
  • You can't combo throws in speed mode.
  • Never use his tackle outside of combos.
  • Use dp + B vs. jumping opponents conservatively. It is however unblockable and can't be deflected
  • You can tick throw with A/b+A > HCF+A but it's risky.
  • Avoid his QCB + B
  • Avoid his b+B for the most part as tempting as it might be to use it. It can be useful as a defensive mix-up on occasion or as anti air for a knockdown.
  • I wouldn't use HCF+B/C unless you're unbelievably good at reading your opponent. Maybe the B version on power if you're expecting a counter attack after the tick. In power mode you can combo HCF+A and HCB,F+C of of any of his cancelable attacks except forward+C
  • His DM counter (HCF-b+AB) does really really broke ass damage. Unless he's close to perfecting you, you'll probably kill him if you catch him with this. It does not however counter grapples or low attacks, so don't be too reckless with it. When Shigen gets into flashing health, this move will cause your opponent will become much more defensive if they know what they're doing.
  • Low B is cancellable in speed/ex and has huge range, although it's slow and can't be linked off anything except his dashing A/B attack.
  • Use dash-in CD on grounded opponents whenever possible. They CAN ground recover from this, but you're invincible for a split second after. Just be careful.
  • You can break out of his chain throws by mashing the corresponding button that he's using. The DM/SDM parts cannot be broken out of.
  • Use jumping A for air-air, jumping C for jump-ins. Try to avoid jumping B for the most part, it's way too slow.
  • Jumping C can cross-up.
  • His HCBx2+AB DM and HCBx2+B SDM can combo on Setsuna, Lee, and Kojiroh if they are crouching.