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Last Blade 2/Kouryu

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Kouryu is banned in competitive play, as he is the unbalanced, boss version of the character. His projectile can essentially win matches by itself. He also has no crouching animation.


Normal Moves

Standing attacks

  • 5A:
  • 4A:
  • 5B:
  • 6B:
  • 5C:
  • 6C:

Crouching attacks

  • 2A:
  • 2B:
  • 2C:
  • 3C:

Jumping attacks

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:

Special Moves

  • ?

  • ?

  • ?

  • ?

  • ?

Super Moves

DM: ?

SDM: ?

Speed combo specials/super speed combos:

The Basics


Power mode

Speed mode

EX mode

Ex mode combos are basically anything you can do in speed mode + super cancels.

Advanced Strategy


Vs. Akari

Vs. Amano

Vs. Hibiki

Vs. Juzoh

Vs. Akari

Vs. Kaede

Vs. O. Kaede

Vs. Kagami

Vs. Kojiroh

Vs. Kouryu (self)

Vs. Lee

Vs. Moriya

Vs. Mukuro

Vs. Okina

Vs. Setsuna

Vs. Shigen

Vs. Washizuka

Vs. Yuki

Vs. Zantetsu