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Ky Kiske is a leader of the holy knights, and has a robot version of him. Carries a sword called the "Fuuraiken" or "Thunderseal." He comes from France and has a fond liking of expensive tea cups. He is a keeper of the justice and gracefully strikes down any person who dares to break the law. Ky has a grudge against Sol for stealing the "Fuurenken" from the Holy Order and is intent on fighting and beating Sol.

Special Moves

236+S/HS: Stun Edge

236+D: Charge Stun Edge

j.236+S/HS: Aerial Stun Edge

j.236+D: Aerial Charge Stun Edge

623+S/HS: Vapour Thrust

j.623+S/HS: Air Vapour Thrust

HS during any Vapour Thrust: Lightning Javelin

214+K: Greed Sever

236+K: Stun Dipper

222+HS: when the opponent is knocked down Lightning Strike

Force Break

j.214D: Stun Rays

214D after charged stun edge: Lightning Sphere

46D after Lightning Sphere: Charge Drive

OverDrive Moves

632146+HS Ride The Lightning

236236+P Sacred Edge

Normal Move Usage

5P: This move is fairly fast (comes out in 5 frames), and is used primarily as a move to help chain together combos. It is also used as an anti air under the right circumstances.

Anti Air: For example, if the opponent is over your head and they're trying to cross you up, a mashing 5P a little can work as an anti air since its hitbox is well suited for this situation (next to ky's head) and it's fast enough where if you mash it, Ky can generally turn around and hit the opponent if he ends up on the other side of you. Generally, use this move as an anti-air if the opponent is too close for you to do a 6P.

Combos: Generally used to finish up air juggles where 5S would not connect, thus, letting the opponent tech out.


Zoning: This moves doesn't have much range, but it stays out for a surprising amount of time, and can stuff a few moves (like May's 3K and Robo's 2K, which are both moves that are really low to the ground and move forward).

Attacking: Despite the fact that it prorates 80%, it's a good combo starter simply because people get hit by it occasionally. You can also do the same thing like I mentioned in the zoning section and just pause your block string and do 5K > 5S > combo to try and catch the opponent sticking out a normal and netting a hit to a combo. Okizeme: examples: empty jump, land, 5K; meaty 5K

5S.c: Used in combos and block strings, not much else. Does good damage and raises the guard bar a decent amount, but it's hard to use for anything else since it's difficult to time (you have to do it when the opponent is close to you, which is hard to do if they're not already in a combo or a block string). You have much better moves for all the non-combo situations you would even consider using this move for.

5S.f: Normally used in combos as well as for stuffing enemy jumps. Be careful using this against characters with sliding moves (like Ky's slide, sol's ground viper, etc.), as well as short characters (Zappa can run under it and Faust can crouch walk forward under it).

Zoning: One common tactic used is to get the opponent in teh corner, and spam this move and stun edges to trap the opponent in the corner while slowly chipping away at him. The 5S.f hits the opponent if they jump, the stun edge allows you to stay close to them after doing a normal hit since doing a projectile attack negates the pushback from normal attacks.

5H: Good damage and staggers on counter hit.

Attacking: This move leaves you at +1 frame advantage on guard so in theory it can be used as a move for resetting a block string and continue attacking, but I've never used it as such since I normally do a stun edge after this (others may disagree with me here though).

Combos: This move is also the primary move used to combo into a Stun Dipper since for some reason, Stun Dipper combos from 5H very easily.

Zoning/Poking: At the right distance (a little over a char length away) it's great at stuffing most moves and netting a counter hit. It's also great if you can hit the opponent with it when they're in the air since you can just run after them and to bait a tech (recovery).

5D: Ky's dust has decent range and a lot of people seem to get hit by it (in America). A lot of times against other beginners, doing something simple like 5K > 2S > 5D will work. As you get better in the game (as well as your opponents), using dust will not be as effective since they will be able to block it. That is not to say they are useless at high level, but the occurance of them is much more rare (maybe once in a blue moon). One common way to hit with a dust is to get a counter hit 5H and gatling into 5D.

It's a pity that damaging dust combos are difficult to do: the Impossible Dust combo does around 134 damage, but it's difficult to do. The normal dust combo does 123 i believe.

Normal Impossible Dust combo: D > homing jump > j.S > JC > dj.H |> S > 2H > JC > j.S > JC > dj.S > dj.H > 623H > H

Normal Dust combo: D > homing jump > j.H > j.S > j.S > j.P > j.S > j.P > j.S > JC > dj.S > dj.H > 623H > H

2P: This comes out in 4 frames, and is Ky's fastest move. Please note that this move prorates to 80% and drops the guard gauge quite a bit, so don't expect big combos off this. Attacking: Also, it leaves you at +1 on block, so use this for tick throw setups. Another common use for this and 2K is to do 2P, run up 2P, run up 2P etc to push them into the corner or go for a tick throw.

Defense: This move is also great for getting out of pressure since it comes out so fast. If you see an opening in an opponent's attack string, do this move and try to just somehow gatling from 2P to 2D somehow and get the knockdown so you can start pressuring the opponent/ keep the pressure up.

2K: A nice combo starter despite the fact that it prorates to 70%.

Attacking: It also leaves you at +0 on block so it's also another okay way to set up tick throws and what not. It can also be used as an OTG hit (Off The Ground) to nudge opponents towards the corner or to stop characters like Robo-Ky and Bridget from using their delay getup options. Zoning: I sometimes use it to try and stuff enemy pokes and whatnot as well since it comes out fairly fast and can combo into 2S > 2D.

2S: This move has a lot of range for a low move.

Zoning and Pressure: Use it to keep the opponent away if they are running in at you. This move is also used in conjunction with 5S.f and stun edge in the \ corner to stop characters from doing low moves to avoid the fireball as well as possibly hitting the opponent if they are not blocking low.

2H: This move is unique in that on air hit, it brings the opponent closer to you (like Jam's 2H and Potemkin's 2S). It's a great move that does good damage, and is jump cancelable as well. This move has 3 primary uses:

Combos: if you can get the opponent in the air right in front of you (like hitting the enemy with Greed Sever, a throw FRC, a Stun Dipper RC, and more), the most common things to do is 5S > 2H > JC > air combo or 5S > 2H > Vapor Thrust > Lightning Javelin.

Anti Air/Zoning: If you anticipate the opponent air dashing toward you, do a 2H to stop them dead in their tracks. If the 2H hits, jump cancel the 2H and do an air combo if it hits. If they block it, you can choose to just run in and start attacking them (or maybe even throw them!), or jump cancel the 2H and do a air block string (like mashing j.Ps until you both hit the ground).

Abare/Poking: Abare is a japanese term meaning turning random hits into damage, and this is what 2H is good for. On ground counter hit (or if the opponent is trying to jump away), the opponent is launched into the air, so it's common to see Ky sometimes run up and do 2H to try and catch the opponent sticking out a move, net a counter hit, and follow up with an air combo. Please note that while the opponent is launched into the air, they can tech before they hit the ground (for both air hit and counter hit), so don't just stand there and wait for them to land... start comboing them!

2D aka sweep: This is a very good move with good range (further than 2S I believe), is jump cancelable, comes out pretty quickly, and is also active for a long time. Normally, this move is used to knock down the opponent at the end of a combo, but it is also useful for stopping characters from running in at you (like against Slayer's Mappa Punches) thanks all the active frames it has. Another common use is after you knock down the opponent with this move, jump cancel it and immediately do an Air Charged Stun Edge (ACSE) or do an j.D as okizeme options.

6P aka elbow: This is Ky's main anti air. Good upper body invincibility, leads into some nice combos, and is a primary setup for his famous 6H loop since 6P causes blowback on counter hit and you can gatling from 6P to 6H. Use 6P on enemies jumping in, but be warned that it doesn't beat everything (for example, it loses to Slayer's j.H and to Baiken's j.S in a lot of situations). If you hit them as anti air, follow up with 5S.c > 2H > combo.

6K: This move has some utility (depending on how tricky/technical you want to be), but the primary use of this is in combos and block strings. This move links to 5K/P and 2K/P, but you should be linking to 2K since it has the most range, does the most damage, and drops the guard bar the same amount as any of the other moves. Another possible use is that because this move covers distance pretty quickly, some players do something like 6H > 6K in a block string to stay close to teh opponent and keep up pressure. This move leaves you at +4 on block so it's great if you can get the enemy to block it, but since it has so much startup and it brings you close to the opponent, don't do it on its own since the enemy can easily see it coming and hit you before the 6K even comes out. Random note: if you hit an enemy in hte air with this, it drops them to the ground like a rock.

6H: This move has considerable range, and it staggers for a long time on hit. However, this move is slow as hell, and the only it combos from a counter hit 6P. This move gatlings into any of the S and H moves (except 6H), and is jump cancelable as well. There's a few situations where you should stick out this move:

Okizeme: although it's backdasable, it scares a lot of people since if they get hit, you get to run in and either combo or do a mixup. If they keep backdashing it, try doing it a little later to catch them after the invincibility frames of thei backdash. Also, try to do this from further away so you don't get hit by wakeup invulnerable moves like Volcanic Viper and some supers. Combos: if you can hit them in the air with 6H and the distance is right (experiment and find out!), you can link a few 6Hs in a row! This isn't THAT hard to do, but you will have to practice to get it. This is known as the 6H loop.

Long range poke: Since this move has good range, you can hit hte opponent wit hit from fairly far away, stopping any advancing enemy or giving you an opprotunity to jump cancel 6H and advance. Enemies can see this coming from a mile away though, so don't do it all the time.

j.P: Short range, and Use this in an air block string since you can gatling j.P to j.P and do this till they hit the ground. Also used in most air combos since it combos to and from j.S.

j.K: A great air vs. air move since it beats so much stuff in the air and leads to Ky's standard air combo. This is your go-to move under almost all air vs. air circumstances. Use it as a way to stop enemies air dashing in on you or to meet an opponent in the air already.


Crossup: This move is unique in that it can cross up enemies. Just jump towards the enemy and depending on when you press S, you will cross up the opponent. The concept is exactly the same as Ken's jumping medium kick in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. Practice it and get a feel for when/where to do it.

Attacking: This is also used to hit crouching enemies, then link into a 2K or something, then ground combo. One common mixup tactic used is to jump, wait until close to the ground, air dash, and hit the opponent with j.S > j.H |> 2K > combo. Another common tick throw setup is j.S > j.P |> run up throw.

j.H: This move hits a little above, a little below and a lot in front of Ky.

Zoning: Since j.H covers a lot of space in front of Ky, do it to stop enemies from randomly air dashes in.

Okizeme: I've seen it used on okizeme as a mixup (between doing a j.H and a whiffed j.H into a standing kick).

j.D: Ky creates an electric cross in the air that stays out for a little bit. Knocks down the opponent on ground hit and disappears if Ky gets hit. This move also freezes Ky in the air as he does the move and the cross doesn't go active until a little bit afterwards, so don't do it haphazardly. Mind the ground recovery of this move, however, if you double jump after doing this, you don't suffer from the ground recovery! Use j.D as:

Zoning: do it far away from the opponent to stop them from advancing since getting hit by it means you get to do a big damage combo.

Okizeme: Knock the opponent down, jump forward, lay a cross, and jump up or back to do a cross cross-up! It's difficult to do, and I can't explain it with words very well, but believe me, it can be done! Don't do this on short characters like Zappa and Faust though, since they will not get hit by it and you might be get hit/thrown.

Ground Throw: Has a FRC point right when the sword hits the ground. This can lead into the standard VT Loop x2. 50% forced prorate. Has a throw range of 43 dots (pixels on the screen). This is the average throw range.

Air Throw: Wall bounces, so in the right distance/height, you can combo the opponent right after air throwing them. 50% Forced prorate though. Has a throw range of 88 dots (pixels on the screen). This is the average air throw range.

Dead Angle Attack aka DAA aka 'alpha counter': Ky does his 6P animation, and it wallbounces. You might be able to combo after this, but they need to be near the corner. Also of note, DAAs can't kill the opponent and when their life is low, the DAA does 0 damage.

Special Move Usage

S Stun Edge aka 'slow fireball' (236S): Your normal street fighter styled fireball, so use it as such, meaning use this move as a zoning tool, a block string finisher, and sometimes at mid range, a poke. Keep in mind that a lot of enemies can IAD over the fireball to punish you, so don't be too predictable. On air counter hit and if they're close enough, it's possible to run in 2P > 5S > 2H > combo (or maybe even without the 2P).

FRC point is as Ky's cape touches his legs. Note that this FRC point is sooner than the FRC point on the fast fireball. The FRC is used as a way to continue pressure after something that normally has a lot of recovery, similar to how you sometimes see Sol run up, do a block string, Gunflame, FRC, run up, repeat.

H Stun Edge aka 'fast fireball' (236H): Your normal street fighter styled fireball, so same general usage rules as slow fireball, but i'd recommend you do this at far range only. Note the timing on this is slower than the S version. The move also comes out a few frames slower and has more recovery. What I've found from using it is that the opponent has a hard time telling if the fireball you just did was a slow or a fast one (even though you can tell really easily if you're doing the move), so don't be afraid to mix it up and catch the opponent off guard.

FRC point is as Ky's cape touches his legs. Note that this FRC point is later than the FRC point on the slow fireball.

S Air Stun Edge aka ASE aka 'close air fireball' (j.236S): Air fireball that goes at about a 30 degree angle from straight down.

FRC point is right after the fireball comes out. Restores jump options after you FRC it. If you don't, you basically can't do anything until you hit the ground (and there's some recovery once you hit hte ground too). Note that this FRC is later than the other air fireball.

H Air Stun Edge aka ASE aka 'far air fireball' (j.236H): Air fireball goes at about a 60 degree angle from straight down.

FRC point is right after the fireball comes out. Restores jump options after you frc it. If you don't, you basically can't do anything until you hit the ground (and there's some recovery once you hit hte ground too). Note that this FRC is sooner than the other air fireball.

Charged Stun Edge aka 'CSE' aka 'big fireball' (236D): Big 3 hit fireball that goes across the screen horizontally but disappears before it goes full screen. So if you and your opponent are on opposite sides of the screen, the CSE will disappear before it hits him...

FRC point is on release (right as Ky flicks his sword away). This move is used as an okizeme option and as a way to start pressuring the opponent.

CSE-FRC glitch: The FRC point for this move is BEFORE the move comes out, so if you jump right after you FRC, the CSE will follow you into the air since it's programmed to come out whever you are, thus creating a CSE that goes across the screen, but high off the ground. To do this, just hold up when you're doing the CSE, then FRC. Use this trick to catch air dashers. This same glitch is used to also to get 2 fireballs on the screen at the same time since although technically, you can only have 1 fireball on the screen at a time, but if you do CSE FRC, then do a second fireball before the first one comes out, you can have 2 fireballs out at the same time. Also note that if you do CSE, then the opponent jumps over you, and then you FRC, the fireball will automatically turn to face the opponent!

Air Charged Stun Edge aka 'ACSE' aka 'big air fireball' (236D): This fireball does 3 hits like CSE and goes at about a 30 degree angle from straight down. FRC point is on release (right as Ky flicks his sword away). Note that this FRC DOES NOT reset your jump options like the other 2 air fireballs.

The infamous 'shtkn strat' as named by Mike Z: j.236D FRC negative edge a j.236H! If you do this right, Ky will effectively do 2 air fireballs that cover a big part of the playing field. While you won't do much damage off this, it can be used to keep the opponent away and catch unsuspecting enemies that try to air dash or jump towards you.

Greed Sever aka GS aka 'lightsaber' (214K): Overhead, also crosses up opponents if done next to them. It's pretty easy to see coming, so don't rely on this too much. It's also good as a zoning move if you can predict that the opponent's going to air dash in at you or stick out a poke with a decent amount of recovery. It can also hop over some low hitting moves as well as over Sol's gunflame! This move gives a lot of tension if it hits, so it's useful for that, but don't use it for big damage since this move prorates 85%. On counter hit, it bounces them really high and is completely untechable, so don't be too surprised if this happens.

Stun Dipper aka SD aka 'slide' (236K): First hit is low, second is mid. FRC point after the first hit finishes. Practice this (and I should take my own advice )! It's a great way to force the opponent to deal with a mixup since after this, you can run up throw, run up continue pressure, run up overhead, whatever. Be wary that the 2nd hit does not always combo from the first hit. This is distance dependant. However, if the first hit is a counter hit, the 2nd hit is guaranteed to hit them. A lot of opponents like to burst on this move, but if you frc it, you can block the burst and punish them! Another common use for this move is to do a combo that ends in slide then RC, then run up and do 5S.c > 2H > air combo. Another kinda gimmicky use is to do slide, FRC into GS for an overhead which which will surprise first time victims, but they'll catch on pretty quickly.

FRC point is right after the first hit ends.

S Vapor Thrust aka VT aka 'S shoryuken' (623S): Has less invincibility than H VT, so be aware that you will trade on wakeup against a lot of moves that H VT would beat. This move launches the opponent high into the air, so it's easier to combo a Lightning Javelin after this move if you hit them on the ground with this. On counter hit, it launches them super high and they can't tech all the way. If you do get a counter hit, don't do LJ, land and do 5S > 2H > combo. You can delay when you do LJ (and sometimes you will have to) so you can do it when the opponent's floating right next to you.

H Vapor Thrust aka VT aka 'H shoryuken' (623H): Has much more invincibility that S VT, but doesn't float the opponent as high (so you can't combo int LJ afterwards on most characters). Also has a 80% prorate, so your combos won't do much if you start with this anyway. Although you can't start combos with this, this is always used in the standard vs. air opponents 5S.c > 2H > VT > LJ since you don't want to lift the opponent into the air a lot since they're already in the air and at the right position for a LJ after a H VT.

Air Vapor Thrust aka air VT aka 'air shoryuken' (j.623S or j.623H): Used as an air combo finisher. Past that, I suppose you could use it as an air vs. air move, but it's risky, and not really worth it. The lightning javelin follow after this can be FRCed so that's nice.

Lightning Javelin aka LJ (H after any Vapor Thrust): Not guaranteed knockdown, but pretty close.

FRC point is right before Ky does the backflip. Primary use of the FRC in my opinion is to make your wakeup VTs safe. Say you do a wakeup VT, and they block it/ dodge it. You then do LJ, FRC it and you can block or attack on the way down now. It can also be used to extend the VT Loop.

Lightning Strike aka 'pikachu' (222H on a downed opponent only): Not terribly useful. Basically this is a tradeoff between getting to perform okizeme, or (not much) damage. Tactically, use this if you just want to keep someone away (Zappa with Raoh, Robo-Ky in det mode, maybe Potemkin?), or if this will kill someone. If you miss with this move, you are in counterhit state for all the recovery. You will miss if you do the move too late and the opponent is in his wake up animation when the lightning comes from the sky.

Forcebreak Usage

Lightning Sphere aka 'earth' aka 'shine' aka 'orb' (during Charge Stun Edge, but before the move comes out, do 214D): Comes out fairly quickly and the opponent must green block (faultless defense) this in the air. This is part of Ky's big damage combo (2D > earth > air combo). There's a decent amount of time where you can enter the 214D motion (though I do wish it were longer). Play around and try to get a feel for how long you can delay this move in order to catch enemies that backdash or jump away. If you hit the opponent with this in the air, they can tech before they hit the ground so jump up and combo him... don't go for the 5S.c > 2H unless you know you can hit them with it. If the opponent hits you while you're doing this move, then it disappears.

Charge Drive (after Lightning Sphere do 46D): Costs an additional 25% tension to do. So after you do Earth (25%) you can spend another 25% to do this (for a grand total of 50% tension). Don't do this. It's not really worth it with few exceptions. If you hit with this, the opponent can't burst (it counts as an overdrive I guess), and it removes a good chunk of their health if they don't green block this move. But I digress... avoid using this unless it's for a kill.

Stun Raise aka 'constellation' aka 'star mine' aka 'ex cross' (j.214D): This move looks just like Ky's j.D, but you hear the forcebreak sound, it's 2 hits, and it stays out for a long time. Please note that while this move is comes out fairly fast, don't do it like it's a j.K. If the opponent hits you before you can get the constellation to come out, then the move does not come out at all and you will have wasted your tension. Another strange case where this move won't come out is if you're falling really fast and you do this move close to the ground, you'll hear the sound effect, your tension gauge will go down 25%, and you might even see a forcebreak spark effect, but the cross won't come out because you touched the ground. Zoning: This move stays out for about 4 seconds and once it's out, it will stay out even if you get hit! On air hit, it launches them into the air and they will get hit twice like a bouncing ball. The opponent must green block (faultless defense) this in the air. If the opponent is trying to get rush in and you get this move out, this severely limits their mobility options since there's no fast way to get rid of it.

Okizeme: A great maneuver you can do with this move is to set it above their head on okizeme, then walk up to them and throw. After the throw hits, they will hit the star mine, and you can combo them afterwards. If they get smart and start trying to throw you instead then bait it or do a poke or even do an overhead. The important thing to note here is that the star mine won't go away if they hit you. If they do attack, they will get counterhitted by the star mine, which launches them into the air and you can combo them.

OverDrive Usage

Sacred Edge (236236P): common combo usage is 2D > sacred edge > combo. Not very meter efficient and doesn't work at all distances/characters. It's best that you don't do this and go for the 2D > earth combos instead since it costs less meter and you do similar amounts of damage. If you keep getting sweep > CSEs when trying to do this combo, try doing 2[D] 236236P ]D[ so you don't accidentally do a CSE after the sweep. FRC point is around where Ky bends his knee after throwing the sacred edge.

Ride the Lightning aka RTL (632146H): Has invulnerability on startup, but if they block it, kiss your ass goodbye. Don't use this move much (if at all) since the consequences are grim if you miss.

Air Ride the Lightning aka 'air RTL' (j632146H): Has invulnerability on startup and only has 3 frames of recovery on landing (you're vulnerable all the way to the ground though)! Try to TK this move so you hit the ground and recover sooner.

Gatling Chart


Cancels and combos into: c.5S, 5K, 5H, 2K, 2P, 5P, 2S, 6P, 2D

Cancels but does not combo into: 6K, 2H, 5D

Jump Cancelable


Cancels and combos into: 2K, 6P, 2P, 2S, 2D

Cancels but does not combo into: 6K, 2H, 5D


Cancels and combos into: 2H, c.5S, 2D

Cancels but does not combo into: 6K, 2H, 6H, 5D


Cancels and combos into: j.K, j.P, j.S

Cancels but does not combo into: j.H, j.D

Jump Cancelable


Cancels and combos into: 5H, 2S, c.5S, 6P, 2D

Cancels but does not combo into: 6K, 2H

Jump Cancelable