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Kusajishi Yachiru

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Move List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Special A - Iyahho~i!: d.d. attack button (useable in air) (chargeable by holding the attack button)
Yachiru radiates a small damaging aura around her body.
Light and Medium versions: 12 hits, 10 damage
RF version: 16 hits, 14 damage

Special B - Ikkuyo~~! (Here I Come!): d.f. attack button (useable in air)
Yachiru dashes forward, damaging the enemy.
Light version: 12 hits, 6 damage
Medium version: 30 hits, 14 damage (there is a slight delay before starting the medium version)
RF version: 30 hits, 14 damage

Super Moves

Super A - Jama Shinaide! (Don't Interfere!): d.f.d.f. attack button
Yachiru radiates a large damaging aura from her body (basically a larger version of Iyahho~i!)
46 hits, 36 damage

The Basics

Advanced Strategy