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Kurosaki Ichigo

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Move List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Special A - Zangetsu: d.f. attack button
Ichigo launches a wave of pure reiatsu forwards.
Light version: 5 hits, 15 damage
Medium version: 5 hits, 15 damage (there is a slight delay before starting the medium version)
RF version: 7 hits, 18 damage

Special B - Engetsuzan: b.d.f. attack button
Ichigo charges forward, slashing at the enemy.
Light version: 3 hits, 8 damage
Medium version: 6 hits, 12 damage
RF version: 9 hits, 16 damage

Special C - Gazan: f.d.f. attack button (useable in air)
Ichigo jumps, knocking the enemy upwards, then knocks the enemy to the ground.
Light version: 2 hits, 7 damage
Medium version: 3 hits, 7 damage (there is a slight delay before starting the medium version)
RF version: 5 hits, 18 damage

Special D - Kongenzan: d.d. attack button
Ichigo stabs the ground, shooting a wave of reiatsu to the left and right.
Light version: 6 hits, 9 damage
Medium version: 7 hits, 10 damage
RF version: 8 hits, 11 damage

Special E - Danhazan: d.u. attack button
Ichigo launches rubble from the ground upwards.
Light and Medium versions: 9 hits, 14 damage
RF version: 16 hits, 22 damage

Super Moves

Super A - Getsugatenshou: d.f.d.f. attack button
Ichigo launches a large wave of pure reiatsu forwards.
5 hits, 36 damage

Super B - Issenduki: d.b.d.f. attack button
Ichigo spreads a beam of pure reiatsu upwards.
11 hits, 40 damage

Super C - Tensazangetsu (Bankai): f.b.d.f. attack button
Ichigo goes into Bankai form, greatly increasing his speed and attack damage, also allowing flash steps and line changes with no stamina costs.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

(Near) constant Bankai Ichigo benefits greatly from his Bankai "mode;" thus, there is a strong incentive to keep him in that state as much as possible. This is most easily achieved through the use of Infinite Reiatsu cards. Put as many Infinite Reiatsu cards in one's deck as possible (even the level 1 version provides enough time to input the Bankai command) and then simply use them in rapid succession, using a new one to power a Bankai whenever the previous Bankai runs out.