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Krauser (RBFF2)

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Wolfgang Krauser is the famed boss from the game Fatal Fury 2. Has made numerous appearances afterwards as a playable character.


  • Great damage output
  • Krauser's A+B attack is very useful for pokes and Anti-Air
  • Both of Krauser's P-Power supers are great, and game changing
  • Decent Zoning against characters that he can keep up with.
  • Kaiser Wave is overall useful once you have them ready.
  • Good neutral wall game with Air A or B


  • Attacks come out slow
  • Huge hitboxes
  • Has trouble keeping up with characters that are faster than him
  • Limited AA options
  • Doesn't have much options for being hit in the backplane except guess right to block high or low.

Moves List

Command Moves

Death Hammer
F.png - P.png
Kaiser Body Press
(during high jump) D.png - H.png

Special Moves

Blitzball (high)
Qcb.png - P.png
Knockdown on airborne opponents. Armorbreak.pngProj.png
Blitzball (low)
Qcb.png - H.png
Knockdown on airborne opponents. First active frames hit low. Armorbreak.pngProj.png
Leg Tomahawk
Qcf.png - K.png
High.png armorbreak
Phoenix Throw
Hcf.png - H.png
Counters High.png / Certain special moves
Kaiser Claw
Dp.png - H.png
Lift up Blow
Hcb.png - K.png
Dangerous Throw
Hcf.png - P.png
Griffon Upper
F.png f - H.png

Super Moves

Kaiser Wave
charge B.png , F.pngH.png + K.png
Proj.png S-Power
Gigatec Cyclone
B.png , D.png , F.png , U.png + H.png or Hcb.png , Ub.png + h
Throw.png P-Power
Deadly Rave
Hcb.png , F.png + P.png , P.png , K.png , H.png , K.png , H.png , P.png , K.png , H.png
Deadly Rave Ender 1
After last attack in the Deadly Rave
Deadly Rave Ender 2
Rdp.png + P + h
After last attack in the Deadly Rave

The Basics

  • Krauser is a character who can be playing at a risk many times due to his slowness.

Make sure every time you decide what to do for an attack that it's best for such a situation.

  • Neutral hop/jump A is good to use as an air to ground poke once in awhile. If you can find the sweet spot it will catch anybody pressing buttons clean. It's useful as an air to air in this way too.

  • Don't get yourself backed into the corner either by the opponent or unintentionally moving backwards.

It will only make things even harder for you in such a position.

Try to defend where you are currently and your approaches to the opponent.

  • At certain distances. Leg Tomahawk is safe on block, so it can be use as an approach or used in blockstrings.

  • Your A+B move is seriously one of the best tools at your disposal.

It's fully invincible from the thigh area up to Krauser's head for a short amount of time.

Use very often for Anti Air, retaliation to attacks, a frame trap followup, and poking.

Keep in mind it can make you suspectible to low attacks, but if they are trying to hit low.

They give you an opening to retaliate with Leg Tomahawk/ Hop or Jump Attacks/ Crouch A/B poke check for trying to counter A+B, so they have to either decide to deal with A+B again or deal with your low retaliations.

  • In fighting at neutral in mid range Krauser does have some other pokes to use in such a case like far B, C, far C, far A, C chain, cr. B, C chain or Cr. C.

Use with caution.

  • Kaiser Wave can be tricky due to it's startup, but it can be sometimes safe to throw out from afar.

Just make sure you use it the instant it's ready or eat punishes.

  • For knockdowned opponents, meaty low blitz balls and leg tomahawk (If they don't have good reversals) are some options.

  • Get familiar with recovery times and safety of the cast's attacks.

Knowing such things can make it easier to know when to punish and give openings to take your turn to attack.

Advanced Strategy

  • Leg Tomahawk gets serious frame advantage (+6 frames) if it hits a crouching opponent.

Allowing you to set up frame trap followups for Krauser's offense. Mainly just cr. A or St. A chains and going from there.

  • Both your high and low blitz ball get frame advantage anywhere on the screen. Up close and afar (+4). Using this in combos and if it hits in general can help Krauser extend pressure/zone.

  • If you use A+B as a frame trap followup for being cornered for St. A, Cr. A for a hit. If they poke with a fast light attack they'll hit you out of your recovery for you to do the close C chain combos.

Even A+B by itself just as a trade from certain attacks, Krauser can follow up with whatever heavy attack he can reach with.

  • Empty hopping over something that has some recovery and timing an A late so only the startup comes out could work as way to scare someone enough to do Krauser's command throws and Gigatec.

  • Unlike your regular command throws.

Gigatec Cyclone comes out regardless if your opponent attacks or not

Use for punishing and holes in your opponent's offense.

  • Krauser's command throws are mainly for punish purposes like unsafe up close moves, bad hop ins, and anything that leaves them open that you dash in on.

It can be used as surprise way to open someone with a dash in command grab/gigatec after making them blocked jab poke once in awhile. If used too much it's quite easy to be stopped.

  • Blitzballs are a situational move to throw out.

Most of the time from afar. You may only get one out before the opponent is already closing the distance on you

It should be noted at max and mid leg tomahawk range.

You can the frame advantage of a blocked or hit low blitzball to do a leg tomahawk freely if you anticipate they will jump to you.

  • Kaiser Claw can snatch some people from the sky afar but not so well up close.

It's not a reliable anti air, but if the position seems right for it, then it can be okay for a try once in awhile.

Mainly it's used for a combo ender with the cl. C, df+C chain and combos involving the Deadly Rave.


VS Geese Howard

Always be active with neutral hop A or B in this matchup along with lower blitz ball(and sometimes Kaiser Wave)from afar to keep Geese from doing back+B kara or dash in command grab/Rashomon carelessly.

With neutral hops make sure to pick your spots when to attack because the Geese will sometimes try to kara cancel to high counter.

If Geese is close and throwing a Reppuken tag him with a hop B/sometimes Leg Tomahawk to punish it

If he is doing Reppuken and Double Reppuken a bit too much from afar Kaiser Wave if you have it.

Be very careful to not get knockdowned by Geese, with his F+A meaty unblockable and pursuit cancels. Geese can pretty much erase all the work you do for damage.

For the most part with this matchup is just guesssing what Geese is planning and playing against that.

VS Yamazaki

Snake Tamers from Yamazaki are definitely a bothersome thing of this matchup.

For the mid one, your only answers are to is to try to AB though them or get a trade or crouch B preemptively to avoid from afar.

The latter option will likely give you more time to move forward during Yamazaki's recovery, and punish if in range of your far C

If you manage to avoid the mid snake tamer from afar you could be able to throw a low Blitz Ball or a high one as AA to start a little bit of zoning.

In this fashion Yamazaki will have far less time to react to this than in the open.

The low one you can easily punish with hop C if you are certain they will do that.

Don't let Yamazaki get away with doing his knife move or his S-Power if he spaces it wrong, and punish with the B,C chain if blocked

Try not to hop or jump out in the open too much with this matchup unless you expect a sweep coming. You're quite easy to hit by Yamazaki.

Be warned that you can't duck Yamazaki's st A/ far A. So he chain into his cr. C for free pressure. Doing a snake tamer cancel to make it safe. An AB preemptively is the only way you have a chance of stopping this.

VS Cheng Sinzan

Be careful with blockstrings because Cheng players love to breakshot any chance they get. The damage is well worth the meter for them.

Don't ever let him get away with that Sneeze move up close, you can stop it with F+A even at a far range and quite late.

If he throws fireballs in the corner, let them know that it's -5 on block so you can normal throw them up close, f+A if they like the sneeze move, or an A chain of your choice to take your turn back.

Neutral Hop/Jump A beats his Belly Dive outside corner and in corner if you do right away as a hard read if he tries to scare you with that. Very punishable for him if blocked of course.

You can bait his attempts to breakshot far away with a Kaiser Wave then do a low Blitz Ball afterwards.

If they tiger knee their P-Power it hits lows and if they do up in the air it hits high and very punishable. Tiger Knee'd just normal throw them out of whatever they're about to do once it's ended.