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Arcana Heart/Konoha

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  • Konoha (このは?) (cv. Mayumi Yoshida)

She is from the Koinumara clan, warriors who were part human and part canine. Nowadays, members of her clan still have a dog’s ears and a tail, and although Konoha tries to hide her non-human features, they tend to pop out when she gets excited. Every time the Thousand Years Protector awakes, a member from the Koinumaru clan is selected to become the Millennium Guard and accompany her on her mission. Konoha is proud to have been selected this time. She enrolled at Misono Academy to assist Kamui, but she has been having so much fun lately that she sometimes forgets how important her mission is.

Members of the Koinumaru clan were largely regarded as monsters, in the old days. Thus, they lived in seclusion in the mountains, far from civilization. One day, a dimensional bend near their village caused evil spirits from the Elemental world would cross over and corrupt one of the Koniumaru ninjas. Fortunately, Kamui appeared in time to stop him and save the village. To repay Kamui for saving the village, the Koinumaru have sent one of their members to assist her each time she awakes.

Move list


4/6AD: Description - Whirlwind Throw that flings the opponent to the other side of the screen. Base damage: 2500

5AD: Description - 3-hit combo that ends with 3C. Knocks opponent into the air. Base Damage: 2000

j.AD: Description - 2-hit combo that ends with 3B elbow (in the air). Knocks opponent higher in the air. Base Damage: 2000

Normal moves

2A: Description - Low punch. Not a low move however. Useful to start combos with. Base Damage: 400

2B: Description - Sliding kick. A usual combo starter since combos starting with this usually do more damage than starting with 2A. Base Damage: 900

2C: Description - Longer sliding kick. The move that is used to cancel from in order to further combos. Base Damage: 1600 + knockdown.

5A: Description - Short elbow. Useful to start combos with. Base Damage: 500

5B: Description - High knee. Very mandatory for combos. Base Damage: 1000

5C: Description - An angled roundhouse. Knockdown if hit in the air but is ground techable. Base Damage: 2000

jA: Description - Straight punch. Base Damage: 600

jB: Description - Kick that angles downward. A useful crossover. Base Damage: 1000

jC: Description - Kick that angles upward a little. A good crossover but j.B is easier to land. Base Damage: 2000

Command Normals

4A: Description - Backhand punch. Has early clash frames, clashes with strong projectiles and reflects weak ones(wind, love). Base Damage: 600

6B: Description - Vertical split kick. Used to vault the opponent upwards more in combos. It's also air unblockable, jump cancellable, and has multiple clash windows. Base Damage: 1200

6C: Description - Charged crouching kick. Knocks opponent into wall. Base Damage: 2300 Regular/2200 + Fire Charged (This may be wrong but I am using it and this is what it says.)

3B: Description - Upwards elbow attack. Decent anti-air whcih can lead into combos. Floats opponent above your head. Jump-cancleable. Base Damage: 1320

3C: Description - Charged crouching kick that is at a higher angle than 6C. Knocks opponent into air. Can be comboed into. Base Damage: 2200 Regular and Charged but charge sets character ablaze.

j.2C: Description - Kick that flips Konoha forward. GREAT crossover. Knocks down to the ground if the opponent is in air. Used to end most air combos. Can be cancelled into specials and supers.

Special Moves

Shuriken/Kunai - 236A/B/C (also in air): Shurikens on the ground vary with angle. A goes in a straight line. B goes 15 degrees. C goes 45 degrees. They can also be linked into each other with different combinations to your choosing. Also, the 3rd shuriken is always on fire and goes faster than the rest of them. Base Damage: 400 Regular/2000 on Fire

Kunai in air vary with distance. Each Kunai propels Konoha forward a little. A goes right below Konoha. B goes a little further. C goes half screen. Unlike the shuriken, kunai cannot be linked into each other only one at a time. Base Damage: 600

Howling Wind - 623A/B/C: A quick punch to the gut. This punch is used for mostly keeping corner combos alive and furthering midscreen combos. A version only goes about an inch from where Konoha is standing. B version goes further and is also the version used in most combos. C version looks charged and shoots the opponent to the wall. Base Damage: 2000/2400/3000 (A,B,C respectively)

Earth Technique - 214A/B/C: The usual Ninja Teleport. She dissappears in a cloud of smoke then reappears in a new position (how mandatory for a ninja). Used in some mind games and mixups. A version reappears in the same position. B version reappears towards the opponent more. C version reappears behind the opponent which is used for mixup opportunity. Base Damage: 0

Heaven Technique - 421A/B/C: Same as above but she reappears in the air. The move takes up a jump so you can double jump or air dash afterwards. Same positions as the regular teleport only that she is a few inches in the air. Base Damage: 0

Decoy - 632146A/B/C: Konoha will thrust her palms forward for short bit. If the opponent attacks during the time frame where Konoha has her palms in front of her, she'll counter by dissapearing in a cloud of smoke and reappearing in a different position depending on the attack button used. See Come and Find Me! for references as to where Konoha will reappear when using different attack buttons.

Falcon Claw - 22A/B/C in air: Diving stomp to the ground. Instant knockdown if hit. If blocked Konoha will hop backwards giving this move some safety from any punishment. All versions are the same except for their startups. Can be canceled from any move in the air.

Roll - 4 or 6A/B/C after Falcon Claw lands: Konoha will roll either forward (6) or backward (4) when Heel Stomp lands on the ground. I believe this move has some invisibility but not much. It can be canceled early as well. There is no difference in versions.

Ninja Vanish - 22A/B/C on ground: Konoha will go into a cloud of smoke and will disappear with only a bamboo pipe and a mound of gravel (notifying that Konoha is underground). You can move forward, backward, and cancel into other moves whilst underground. If you only move and not cancel, she will stay there for 5 seconds then pop back up to the stage. Most low moves can beat this.

Flying Squirrel - 214A/B/C in air: Konoha pulls out her cape and floats slowly downward. after the startup finishes you can cancel with an attack or by pressing down.

Izuna Drop - 360A/B/C in air: Konoha will grab you, spring you into the air, and drop you for damage. Very powerful and used to end some air combos. Ending an air combo with 2C leaves you closer on wakeup, but the Izuna Drop is still good for damage or for air combos that end up being so high in the air that the 2C ender becomes pointless (Combos off of her air throw come to mind).

Super Moves

Doppelganger - 236AB: Konoha rushes in with her shoulder. If connected, she will administer a 99-hit Strider-ish multiple Konoha attack. Then all of them will come together to deliver the final blow for 100 hits. Instant knockdown. If blocked without cancelling, it's recovery is horrible. The range on this super is also close to full-screen and it has start-up invincibility. Base Damage: 5500

Konoha Drop - 2[8]AB: A ground version of the Izuna Drop. Rotating the stick right after connecting this throw will make Konoha fly higher into the air for extra damage. This move has four levels to it depending on how much you rotate the stick and they all vary in damage. Very short range. Base Damage: 2000/3000/4500/6000 (Levels 1,2,3,4 respectively)


General: Konoha is above all a rushdown character, her speed and small hitboxes make her a difficult and annoying opponent.

While her size makes her a smaller target is also gives her a disadvantage in a head on fight. Rushing in on the ground against an opponent with longer range normals will leave you open to attacks long before you can land one of your own. For this reason Konoha is better suited for air to ground, air to air and ground to air combat than ground to ground combat.

When konoha is at a frontal range disadvantage remember she has projectiles of her own and an arcana to help her get in. Also the homing button give you the option of attacking from above. (Learn the angles on the Kunai well as they leave you open if they miss)

Movement: Konoha doesn't have repetitive loops like Saki or heart or Lilica, And she doesn't do big damage on single hits like Fiona or Kira. Winning consistently with Konoha requires landing more initial hits than with other characters. With this in mind Konoha's threat lies as much in her movement as her combos.

- IADs are a must for Konoha, learn it or die.

- Homing Dash is a critical form of movement in this game, if you're not using it you're not playing Arcana Heart yet. - 8,8 or 6,8 or 9,8 Is the command for Konoha's short jump, its actually just double jumping as soon as you leave the ground but its notable enough to be counted as its own move because the jump has about half the height of her normal jump. It adds as a weapons in her mixup game and as a combo extender in certain situations. - Konoha is small enough to dash under her opponent in many situation. If you are performing a ground combo and you opponent activates the lift from their activation will give you enough room to attack them from the other side when they land if you choose.

- Konoha's air to ground mixup game is ridiculous j.B is not only a crossup it will hit if you are coming at your opponent backwards. j.2C will hit in front of her, well below her, and behind her depending on when it makes contact. Combining this with her air dash, IAD, double jump, short jump and homing dash makes her very troublesome to block when she begins swarming an opponent.


Meterless Combo

  • 2A 2B 2C > 236A~B~C(shurikens)

Simple B&B

  • 2A 2B 2C > 623A > HC6 > 5A 5B 6B > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.2C

Konoha Izuna Drop Bread N Butter

  • 2A 2B 2C > 623B > HC6 > 5B > IAD j.B > dj.B dj.C > land > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.2C > 360C

Alternative Advanced B&B 1

  • 2A 2B 2C > 623B > HC6 > 5A 5B > IAD j.B > jc short delay > dj.C > land > sj > j.A j.B > dj.A dj.B dj.2C

Alternative Advanced B&B 2

  • 2A 2B 2C > 623B > HC6 hold D > delay (let them fall a bit) 5A 6B > j.B (aim to hit the top of their sprite) > jc short delay > dj.B* dj.C > land > sj > j.A j.B > dj.A dj.B dj.2C

Easiest against larger characters (like Kamui) since the timing for dj.B* dj.C is more lenient. Against Konoha and Lieselotte, omit the dj.B*.

Konoha Niptra (Water Arcana) Combo

  • ...2C > 623B > HC6 > 5B > IAD j.B > dj.C > 6B > j.A j.B j.C > 236236D > dj.A dj.2C

Air Throw Combo

  • Air Throw > [HC] > j.C, j.B > dj.B dj.2C

Kunai Ground Combo

  • sj.236A (tip or CH) > land > dash.2A 2B 2C...

Kunai Anti-Air Combo

  • j.236B (opponent in air) > land > 66A > j.B > IAD dj.B dj.C > land > sj.A sj.B > dj.B dj.2C

Standing Opponent Ground Loop (Use to punish badly whiffed moves like Heart's 623C)

  • 5B_2B 5C > IAD j.A j.C > dash.2A 2B 2C...

Frame Data

Soon to be filled.