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Move List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Special A - Splash!: d.f. attack button (useable in air)
Kon charges towards the enemy, if he hits the edge of the level, he will bounce back and continue charging until he hits the ground.
All versions: 9 hits, 16 damage (Kon will charge further in the Medium and RF versions)

Super Moves

Super A - Bankai!: d.f.d.f. attack button
Increases Kon's attack power, Kon's attacks deal more damage.

Super B - Bankai!: d.b.d.f. attack button
Increases Kon's defense, enemy attacks do less damage.

Super C - Bankai!: f.b.d.f. attack button
Increases Kon's speed, allowing him to attack faster.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy