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Sajin Komamura, the Captain of the 7th Division of the Gotei 13, is characterized by his self-conscious attitude towards his appearance, his towering figure, and undying loyalty to Genryusai.

Move List

Normal Moves

Standing Light

4 Damage
Komamura stretches out with a medium range palm attack.
Although it lacks the range that is found in most of Komamura's other normals, it makes up for it in its speed and versatility. Obviously, you'll want to use this to start combos, because it's fast and will easily chain into his other normals. This move is critical to Komamura's game; see the Advanced Strategy section.

Crouching Light

4 Damage
Komamura swipes the ground in the area close to him.
This is mostly like L, but it has less range and speed. The move does hit low though, so use this in a high-low mixup. (This works well in combination with j.H)

Standing Medium

6 Damage
Komamura leans forward a bit and slashes downward.
This move has a great amount of range, and comes out quick. Furthermore, this move hits a good deal of space above him, so you can use it as a semireliable anti-air. This is one of Komamura's best normals. As such, feel free to through it out when you're at mid range to gauge your opponents reactions and to force them to make a decision. An excellent normal.

Crouching Medium

6 Damage
Komamura crouches way down low and thrusts his palm into the ground.
This move is one of Komamura's best. It's quick to come out, has HUGE range, evades higher attacks, and allows him to combo after. There is a bit of recovery time afterwards, but if you use it from a long enough range, it's hard to punish.

Standing Hard

8 Damage
Komamura rears back a little and performs a brutal downward slash.
This move doesn't have as much use as his other normals, but it does have a few good traits. Even though it doesn't seem like the range would be very far, this move hits in many situations. There is a bit of recovery time when Komamura lifts Tengen, so be careful of that. This move does have the added bonus of hitting a large above Komamura's body, making it an excellent anti-air that will stuff most of your opponents jumpins. Outside of combos and stuffing jumpins, you should stay away from this move, however.

Crouching Hard

8 Damage
Komamura crouches down low and slashes horizontally.
Probably Komamura's best grounded normal, this move should be your friend. The range on this is amazing, bordering on the range that Renji has with his extendable Zanpakuto, Zabimaru. It comes out fast and will also evade many high (or even some mid) attacks. Unfortunately, you can't chain into any other normals from this, so that means that to continue a combo you should be prepared to Shunpo.

Jumping Light

4 Damage
Komamura performs a small aerial slash.
Forget about this, mostly. Both of his other two air normals have everything that this does and more. The only time you should be using this is when you're doing an air combo.

Jumping Medium

6 Damage
Komamura thrusts his palm downwards at an angle.
This move is a lot better than j.L. This move has a lot more range, a great angle of attack, and speed. You can use this move while jumping up to hit as an instant overhead, or to just go into a combo.

Jumping Hard

8 Damage
Komamura cuts downward in a large area in front and beneath him.
This move should be renamed "GTFO OF MY AIRSPACE!!" It's tied for the best aerial normal in the game, so use it well. Pressure your opponent with it, instant overhead with it, or just hit into a large combo. With this move, you can essentially stuff any attempt of your opponents to become airborne (including uppercut moves).


6 Damage
Komamura body checks the opponent across the screen.
This move is an important part of Komamura's game, especially if you're trying to pressure the opponent during block (obviously). Although it deals 4 less than most opponents throws, Komamura can still juggle (or ground combo, even better) after it easily. Even if Komamura is nowhere near the corner, there are still a few ways in which he can deal extra damage afterwards, making this very versatile.

Special Moves


L/M/H: 7 Damage, 5 Hits
Komamura activates his Shikai, Tengen, causing a ghostly hand to punch the ground, creating boulders.
This move has good range, and a decent amount of damage with it. It should serve as a combo ender in some situations, but the recovery time on the L version will bite you if the opponent is too close. For the M version, it has a longer startup period and thus should only be used in certain situations. The H version is a RF move that gives you the best of both strengths-fast startup and fast recovery. Both the M and H versions give you frame advantage on hit, so you can combo after them.

Special Move B

L/M/H: 2 Damage, 3 Hits
Komamura disappears for a second, before dropping on his opponent, causing rocks to explode from the ground.
This move is an important move for Komamura in many ways. Firstly, it is a great defensive move in that Komamura is fully invincible while he "warps out." Second, it gives him some much needed mobility, because he will track the opponent wherever they are (including across planes). Finally, it further strengthens his mixup options, because it gives him frame advantage on hit or block. There is no difference between versions.

Special Move C

L/M/H: 8 Damage, 2 Hits
Komamura lunges forward in a dashing grab. If he catches the opponent, then he will perform a jumping slam on the opponent.
This move is the other prime candidate for ending combos with Komamura. It comes out very fast, but you should watch out when using the L version; Komamura will only grab the opponent when his shoulders are forward. The grabbing period is small in the L version, so don't do it from too far away or you'll be left open to attack. The RF version has both excellent range, speed, and recovery time, so don't be afraid to thow it out once in awhile. Even though this attack is a grab, it is blockable.

Special Move D

L: 15 Damage, 7 Hits
M: 16 Damage, 8 Hits
H: 18 Damage, 11 Hits
Komamura grabs the opponent and slams them on either side of him before using Tengen to crush them on the ground.
This is one of Komamura's most imporant moves, as it is an unblockable command throw that does good damage and is very fast. As you'll see later, this is a key element in his mixup game. If Komamura misses the opponent, he'll be left standing for a moment with his palm extended. Because this is an actual throw (unlike Special Move C), you can't combo into it: you can't be thrown during hitstun or blockstun.

Super Moves

Super Move A

37 Damage, 10 Hits
Komamura calls upon Tengen to deliver a series of upwards and downwards punches, blasting the opponent backwards.
This move is a great Super, because it does a good amount of damage, has awesome range, speed, and you can juggle afterwards for even more damage and meter. Because of how fast this comes out, if you ever hit a stray cr.M or cr.H (or something simliar), you can easily cancel into this attack and it will hit from practically any range. Make sure that you hit the opponent, because the attack takes a few seconds before it finishes, so you could be punished if you miss or if the opponent blocks it.

Super Move B

48 Damage, ? Hits
Komamura grabs the opponent, repeatedly slamming them on his sides before performing a diving throw that skids the opponent across the ground. He finishes by hitting them with a punch from Tengen.
Another great super, this move has the same properties in terms of speed and range as his command throw. This means that it is instant in its activation, and will catch many opponents of guard if done from a shunpo. To add to its destructive power, Komamura can hit the opponent with a j.H or Super Move A at the end.

Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō

Y/u+Y/d+Y: 30 Damage, 4 Hits
A: ~28 Damage, ~30 Hits
Using all 3 reiatsu bars, Komamura performs the full release of his Zanpakuto; his Bankai. The body of Tengen's ghostly hand now fully appears, looming over the entire battlefied with its giant sword and fiendish armor. Y and A control its right and left arms, respectively. Y has the giant cut across the whole screen, with the modifications slashing upwards and downwards. A makes the giant slam his palm against the ground, causing a torrent of rocks to stream across the battlefield.
I cannot stress enough how good this move is. Often overlooked because people don't think it will cause guaranteed damage (as compared to something like... Byakuya's Shūkei: Hakuteiken) and the degree to which you can control the giant is limited, this move is one of the best level 3 supers in the game. Both attacks that can be performed cause the wallbounce state, which means that the opponent can be juggled with another move. Using this, one can easily do huge damage by simply looping his two attacks, up to a maximum of about 150 damage (roughly 60% of your opponent's lifebar). Furthermore, the sword slash will connect anywhere on the screen after a M/H Tengen, which is very easy, considering that you can combo into RF Tengen. Furthermore, you can also combo into it when you've cornered your opponent on the right side; cancelling from a H or cr.H, a followup A will combo. What's more, you can air combo the opponent after the Bankai ends, which will add some extra damage and give you some meter back. Last, but not least, the move is an excellent defensive maneuver. The activation is instant, and for the duration of the whole move, Komamura is invincible (he's not on the screen), which will help you get out of sticky situations. This is Komamura's trump card; use it wisely.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy