Kisarah Westfield (NGBC)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Body Tosses

Swearing Smash: b/f+CD

Command Normals

Round Heel Kick: f+D

Snapping Stamp Kick: b+D

Special Moves

Hearty Brandisher Type A: QCB+A

Hearty Brandisher Type F: QCF+A(after Type A)

Hearty Brandisher Type B: QCB+B

Hearty Brandisher Type C: QCB+C (hold C to delay,D to cancel)

Hearty Brandisher Type D: QCB+D (hold D to delay,C to cancel)

Hip Bazooka: QCF+P

Rhythmic Bound: A/B/C/D after a succesful Hip Bazooka

Rhythmic Kick: A/B/C/D after Rhythmic Bound(SC)

Vaulting Over: HCF,F+P

Cheerleader Kick: QCF+K

Cute Rainbow: f,d,df+K (SC)

Happy Presser: Re-enter buttons when the opponent is hit by Cute rainbow.

Super Attacks

Splash Air Dance: QCF(x2)+K (can be done in air)

Jealousy Bomber: HCF(x2)+P (near) Uses up 3 stocks

The Basics

Kisarah Novice Guide Part I- by Dark Geese

-qcb+a is an overhead, follows up into qcf+a.

-Down+D is a slide(Low)

-Qcb+C is a counter..main followup combo #1 (of like 3) after the counter hits is qcf+D to qcf+Bxxair Super.

-Bnb combos-

  1. 1-cr.ax2 (High not recommended!) to qcf+bxxair qcfx2 k super.
  1. 2-St.b (low), cr.a, to qcf+b to air super.
  1. 3-St.b (low), cr.a to f+D, back+D. (Untechable)
  1. 4-St.b to cr. b to qcf+b to air super.
  1. 5- Cr.bx2 to qcf+b to air super.

Theres plenty more with Kisarah trust me..she is not easy to master..

She has look on the first page like 2nd post to find the fastest battery builder in the game. I already have it archived.

Once you feel comfortable with all of this we can go further.

The main mixup with Kisarah is-

Slide (Down+D) which is a low comboed into qcb+a to qcf+a. Or..

Qcb+a (Overhead) comboed into qcf+a.

Advanced Strategy

By Dark Geese:

Kisarah's elusive Kara OTG- Off a St.a, cr.D or some other things...

go from F+D to Back+D.

  1. 2-The Second Kara or Kisarahs-

St.a or Slide into Back+D.

The uses here are for the Kara-OTG:

  1. 1= To finish off all combos that end with qcb+a qcf+a...if they do not tech.

For the second Kara the use is mainly as an Anti Air...if they jump and you can do it quickly enough yes you can punish into that etc.

Also Master Kisarahs Cancels!

She has some like qcb+D~C and qcb+C~D etc. Get them all down.

Master Quad KaraCancels also..

Like the following... KC stands for Karacancel..

Cr.C (KC) Slide (KC) qcb+C KC D.

Also know that if you hold qcb+D for 2 seconds..Kisarah will launch the opponent!

Other things..

Speed up qcb+D-

To speed this mode up do- qcbx2 then Press D. Yes it comes out faster!

More BNBs of Kisarah-

-Far St. D to qcf+D to qcf+B to Air Super.

-qcb+B to qcb+a to qcf+a.

- Qcb+D to qcb+b to qcb+a to qcf+a.

  1. 1-The Cr. C is not supposed to hit but you can combo Cr.CxxSlide.
  2. 2- Oops yeah I forgot about the qcb+C Add-on. That brings out something can make the qcb+C after qcb+d come out right after the first kick hits..or after the second attack hits you can do it.

More Kisarah just work up from a nap so I'm going right off the top of my head- (Archived)

More bnbs-

1. Qcb+D, Qcb+C, hcfx2+p Jealousy Bomber Super

2. Qcb+D, Qcb+C, then go into her cr.ax2 or st.b to cr.a or any variation of the first set of beginner combos into qcf+b into Aerial Super.

3.Qcb+D, Qcb+C, St. DxxDeadly Assault.

4. Far St. D, qcf+DxxDeadly Assault.

5. Also after a C Counter connects, Qcf+DxxDeadly Assault.

6. After A C Counter WHIFFS, go into qcb+b to qcb+a, to qcf+a.

Other things to know about Kisarah-

She has a few grabs!

  1. 1- Hcb+f A/C Grab- After she walks forward and links certainly off the A one I believe you can combo mid air into Aerial Super, or also when you land into her ground short bnbs into Aerial Super.
  1. 2- Dp+Dx2- Up Close do one DP+D then immediately repeat the same move..Kisarah will grab the opponent and slam them with her legs to the ground. If you miss this she will fly high into the air so be careful!

You Can combo into this via St.B!

More to know like for example.. Practice tick setups like st.bxxJealous Bomber and stuff like that..

Practice it and get it down!

Learn about Kisarahs Hip Bazooka- qcf+A/C. C crosses up, Knocks down upon hit..if its blocked you are pretty safe..and can bounce off with a button..

Its one of her best moves. It travels far so its great to start the match with!

Dark Geese/P-Soul Hybrid Kisarah Uses C Hip Bazookas A LOT. Keep that in mind. Its really good for closing in on the opponent.

Learn what buttons makes her bounce off far and close..and know that while mid air you can press the same button again to do an midair cheerleader kick..which can be canceled into Aerial Super!

Also let me give you some of my Dark Geese Patented Kisarah Corner Traps since we have a fellow Kisarah Player-

Expert Level Kisarah Tricks

  1. 1- In the corner After a Far. St. D to qcf+D hits..[.then Reset with St.a, then go into qcf+D] repeat brackets. Great for killing noobs, intermediates and experts alike..they will be trapped until they figure "a way out"

I aint saying what it is I worked on that trap for a while..

If the Qcf+D Juggles..heres a couple of things you can do..

Combo into DA of course or qcf+b to aerial super..or you can juggle with A medium Level St.D to qcb+a to qcf+a to put them on the ground then the NASTY WAKEUP GAME

Dark Geeses Wakeup Game Level II-

Heres where if you are keen you can really kill them with Kisarah!

-In the corner of course you have the basic overhead bag/Slide mixup..but you ALSO haveĀ :

-The Counter which DOES NOT counter lows..just highs!!!

-The Overhead Bag to Kara-OTG DG Wakeup game...

Let me explain-

If they tech in the corner and you do a Overhead Bag (qcb+a) anticipating them WILL HIT THEM!! Follow up with a qcf+a once again to restart the whole cycle!

If they do NOT catch on they will die by this Wakeup Trap alone!

So what do they do? They DONT TECH..Kara OTG is free!!

More misc tidbits-

She can Karacancel into ONLY her normals like F+D and Back+D off a far st. C..test has to be like a little space from the opponent...the ground bag with can also if fast enough combo it into super!

Other things..

Know that if they jump over you get a guaranteed 30% combo off a Slide to qcb+a to qcf+a.

That will punish them everytime they jump over you..use that as your as I call it.. "Reverse Anti Air"

Some more Expert stuff with Kisarah-

If you get a counter and the opponent is in the corner..ALWAYS DO THIS COMBO to start the nasty wakeup game- Aka The MAIN CORNER COMBO.

  1. 1- After Counter, qcf+D, Juggle with a medium timed St.D, qcb+A, qcf+a.

Here is a Persona combo off a Far St. D for flash-

1. Far St.D, qcf+D, [st.a KC to F+D, Back+D,] (Back Hits to launch them HIGH) then immediately repeat the [ ] brackets two more times! Yes it will OTG again but as I say its not too practical...the Main Corner combo I gave you is what you should use!

The concept of Ultimate Juggle- Kisarahs Ultimate Juggle is qcb+a..hence you can do that Main Corner Combo I told you. This also means like it someone jumps over you in the corner you can juggle with st. a to qcb+a to GUARANTEED...Ultimate Juggle means if will juggle Counter Hit or NOT..doesnt matter after ANY NORMAL practically if high enough in the air and in range.

Heres a Top Secret combo I dont think anyone knows I did-

Far St. D, Qcf+D St.a KC to F+D to Back+D then finish with qcb+A to qcf+A. Yes the Qcb+A will whiff but the Qcb+A WILL NOT. It WILL OTG!

I claim first dibs on that combo!!!!!!!