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Kim (RBFF2)

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Kim Kaphwan is a Taekwondo master who hails from Korea. He made his first apperance in Fatal Fury 2, and has been in every annual King of Fighters game to date. Kim is happily married and has two sons, Kim Dong Hwan (Eldest), and Kim Jae Hoon (Youngest). He spends his time teaching his sons Taekwondo when he isn't competing. He is also very good friends with Terry Bogard and the rest of the Lonely Wolves. Kim has a remarkable sense of justice and dispises evil more than anything, he'll do whatever it takes it shut down evil with his feet alone! Aku wa yurusan!

Gameplay Overview

Kim has come a long way from his first apperance in Fatal Fury 2, but he hasn't changed much in comparasion to Real Bout Fatal Fury and Real Bout Fatal Fury Special. His Air Dust is now performed similiar to his Flying Swallow Slash, and his Air Dust also has a finisher now, while his Hien Zan doesn't.

His Hien Zan is a great anti-air, although it lacks the range of Terry's Rising Tackle, Andy's Shoryudan, and Joe's Tiger Kick, but it does make up for it with it's priority. Has mentioned before, Kim's Air Dust has changed a bit, Kim now flys forward more than he does upward, and the recovery time is slower. It's much wiser to combo into the Air Dust rather than use it stand alone, unless you think your opponent isn't expecting it.

Speaking of combo's, Kim has a good chunk of combo ability under his foot, and he also has one of the best S-Power Desperation Moves in the game. It's easy to sucker opponents into it, especially after they make a mistake or if you bait them into it. His P-Power Super Desperation Move comes out very fast, making it lethal at close range, especially if you combo into it. However, like many Desperation Moves, they can be punished easily if blocked.

Overall, Kim is a very good character, he does have some flaws when it comes to recovery time when most of his moves are blocked (Air Dust, Hien Zan, etc), but a smart Kim player can perform fairly well if they play their cards right, and they don't let their opponents pressure them. You also shouldn't get careless ethier, as carelessness can be an awesome enemy as Kim himself has once stated.

Move List

Command Moves

  • Axe Kick: Forward + B
  • Phoenix Kick (Feint): Down+BC

Special Moves

  • Air Dust: Hold Down, Up + A
  • Air Dust Finisher: Down + A (At the top of Air Dust)
  • Flying Swallow Slash: Hold Down, Up + B
  • Half Moon Slash: Quarter Circle Back + B/C
  • Flying Kick: In Air, Down + B
  • Flying Kick Slide: Down-Forward + B (At end of Flying Kick)
  • Conquest Kick: Down, Down + B

Desperation Moves (S-Power)

  • Rising Phoenix Kick Dance: In Air, Half Quarter Circle Forward + BC

Super Desperation Moves (P-Power)

  • Phoenix Kick: Quarter Circle Back, Down-Back, Forward + C

Attack Notes

  • Axe Kick: This attack is an overhead and will hit crouching opponenets.
  • Flying Swallow Slash: This move can be used has a breakshot.
  • Conquest Kick: Will stop some projectiles, can be used as a breakshot, and it's can be canceled into Phoenix Kick P-Power.
  • Half Moon Slash: This move can be used has a breakshot. The B version travels a short range and has a fast recovery time, while the C version travels further, but has a slightly slower recovery time.
  • Rising Phoenix Kick Dance: Try using this move after jumping over your opponent and doing a mid-air turn.

Chain Combos

  • Standing A, Standing B, Standing C
  • Standing A, Standing A, Standing C
  • Standing A, Standing A, Standing B, Standing C
  • Standing Close C, Standing A, Standing B, Standing C

Advanced Combos

  • Standing Close C, Standing A, Standing B, Standing C, Hold Down, Up+A, Down+A