Kabal (MKT)

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As a chosen warrior, his identity is a mystery to all. It is believed he is a survivor of an attack by Shao Kahn's extermination squads. As a result, he is viciously scarred and kept alive only by artificial respirators and a rage for ending Shao Kahn's conquest.



Auto Combos

1. HP, HP, D+HP 3 hits 13%, 22%, 24%

2. HP, HP, HK, B+HK 4 hits 19%, 28%, 30%

3. HK, LK, B+HK 3 hits 18%, 28%, 30%

4. HK, LK, HK, B+HK 4 hits 24%, 34%, 36%

5. HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP 4 hits 17%, 27%, 28%

6. HK, LK, HP, HP, D+HP 5 hits 15%, 25%, 27%

7. HK, LK, HP, HP, HK, B+HK 6 hits 18%, 28%, 30%

8. HK, LK, HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP 6 hits 17%, 27%, 28%

Basic Juggles

1. Spin, KS, HK, LK, HP, HP, D+HP, JK, air fireball, 9 hits 41%

2. aa spin, aaHPHP, JK, air fireball 5 hits 42%

3. aaHP, spin, aaHPHP, JK, air fireball 6 hits 49%

Advanced Juggles

2. near corner, spin, KS, HK, LK, HP, HP D+HP, JK at peak, pause and fireball before you hit the ground, then JK, pause slightly, air fireball, JK, airfireball (you can get at least 2 JK airfireballs on every character) 2 volleys is 11 hits 56%. 3 is 13 hits 70%

3. aa spin near corner, aa(HP,HP out of skate range) JK, airfireball 2 or 3X depending, can result in 72-100%, on 2X, stick in a running HK at the end, for 86%.

4. Spin, KS, HK, LK, HP, HP, D+HP, R, aaHP, JK, airfireball 10 hits 44%

5. aaspin, JK, aaLP, JK, airfireball (on male ninjas, Jax, Sub, Stryker) 5 hits 50%

6. aaSUJK, aaspin, JK, aaLP, JK, airfireball (on male ninjas, Jax, Sub, Stryker) 6 hits 61%

7. aaHPHP (glitch just frame cancel to spin), aaHPHP, aaHP, JK, airfireball (on Scorpion, Smoke, and Ermac block teleport punch especially easy, hit them before they fall out of the spin because they can escape) 8 hits 62%

8. Spin, HKS, HK, LK, HP, HP, D+HP, R, aaHP, JK, air fireball 10 hits 44% (works on male ninjas, jax, Stryker, and Sub-zero, add a second aaHP on Jax for 11 hits 47%)

9. JK (grounded) spin, wait till they fall out of the spin, HP, HP, JK, air fireball 6 hits 59%

10. aaHPHP (glitch cancel, again easier than you would think) spin, aaHPHP, aaHP, JK, air fireball 8 hits 62% (BP) (escapable if timed incorrectly)

Special Moves

Spin: B, F, LK

Energy Ball: B, B, HP

Ground Blade: B, B, B, RUN


Fatality 1 "Head Inflate": D, D, B, F, BL(sweep)

Kabal puts a tube that feeds air into his OOP"s head thus causing a violent explosion

Fatality 2 "Mast of Death": Run, BL, BL, BL, HK(next to)

Kabal takes off his mask screams once, then twice at the OPP killing em

Friendship "Marshmellow ": Run, LK, Run, Run, U

Kabal pulls out his sword with a marshmellow on it and a fire appears and he roasts it

Animality " Rhino Charge": Hold HP, F, F, D, F,Release HP(next to)

Kabal Turns into a rhino and charges the OPP

Babality: Run, Run, LK(past sweep)

Brutality: HP, BL, LK, HP, LK, LK, HK, LP, LP, LP, LP, HP, LP (next to)

Stage: BL, BL, BL, HK(next to)

The Basics

Advanced Strategies