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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Vanilla Ice/Combos

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NOTE 4\6S+A\B\C means turn stand on\off and press that button immediately after, so that it continues your combo.

Ice's Tandem attack is very lenient and has a variety of inputs you can use to perform the combo. The easiest is (A>B>C) repeatedly but there are other combinations that can be preformed for relatively the same output of damage. Even if you do not properly input ABC reps, it will combo anyway. The more advanced inputs allows Ice to go for Touch of Death combos from a single 2A/663A.

Unless you are in the corner you will want to follow up Ice's Tandem Attack by rolling behind your opponent and repeatedly hitting them with 5A (2A if they are crouched at the time). 665A or walking may be necessary to keep your opponent pinned. Alternatively you can use 6B to get the same effect. If used in the corner you will need to do a 665A, 663A or walk in to keep them from falling out if Cream gets too far away from the wall.

When comboing into tandem from farther away than usual, you can easely use a 6B right after the tandem superflash ends to essentially link from the normal you canceled into tandem with BEFORE the tandem itself can reach (ex.: 6C xx 214S (tandem inputs), 6B, (tandem hits), etc...), making some conversions possible.

These starters/enders are easy to mix and match. It's easy to spot Vanilla Ice's repetitiveness in them, as all you will be doing is combo into tandem, and many times your starter will be identical or similar in structure to your ender. He has options, but there isn't much space for creativity when it comes to these BnBs, and if the opponent is crouching your possible routes are even more limited.

Important Combo Starters

Use these to start your combo and then choose one of the Tandem Enders to end your combo. This is a guide for beginners-intermediates, though more advanced combos are optional.

2A, 2A, 6B/6C xx 214S (ABC xN) - Basic combo starter into tandem;

663A/665A, 2A, 2A, 6B/6C xx 214S (ABC xN) - Starts Ice's basic combo with either dashing 2A or dashing 5A;

663A, 2A, 2A, 6C, 214C, 663A, 2A, 2A, 6B/6C xx 214S (ABC xN) - Very tight timing between 6C and 214C. It is one of Ice's optimal combos, but it is also one of his harder ones.

663A, 2A, 2A, 6C, 214C, 665A, S+6A > s.6B > s.6C, S+6C xx 214S (ABC xN) - Extended starter. Even better damage on top of the tandem.

s.2B, s.2C, S+6B/6C xx 214S (ABC xN) - Great Stand ON option for your tandems, but can be tricky at first due to the transition into Stand OFF. This is one of the combos where you may need to add a 6B after the tandem depending on range. You need to plink S and B while holding 6 in order to link S.2C to 6B

s.2B, s.2C, S+2C - Easy knockdown if you are too far away or (somehow) have no meter.

665C (3hits) xx 214S (ABC xN) - Not a bad option to close distance, but don't rely on it too much if you are looking for a combo. Note: Because the 665C pushes your opponent away you may need to dash or do a dashing 5A(or 2A) to get close enough to roll behind them. Alternatively you can do a 6B to get a similar effect.

665C (3hits), 2A, 6B xx 214S (ABC xN) - Alternative combo to the previous one if you are in 2A range after 665C

Tandem Enders

This is what you will be using after the tandem ends to finish the combo.

As a rule of thumb, ice usually wants to end stuff with 2C so he can use his oki

...(Tandem ends), 2A, 2A (walk cancel) 2C - Easy peasy. Knockdown that leads to oki. For the walk cancel, you can hold 3 while you do the 2As then go to 6, then to 3 again and press C.

...(Tandem ends), 2A, 2A, S+6A > s.5B > s.5C xx 236AA - Extra damage and slightly less consistent knockdown if you want to spend the meter.

...(Tandem ends), 665A/663A, 2A, S+6A > s.6B > s.6C, S+6C xx 236AA - More advanced due to links from Stand Off to On and viceversa.

...(Tandem ends), 2A, 2A, 6C, 214C, 663A, 2A, 2A, 6C xx 236AA OR (walk cancel) 2C - You can end with both 2C or a 6C canceled into super. Same concept as previous enders.

...(Tandem ends), 2A, 2A, 6C, 214C, 665A, S+6A > s.6B > s.6C, S+6C xx236AA OR 2C - As the previous combo, but with an extended link.

On characters with fast wakeup speeds you will want to go for 2C enders for oki because the 236AA knockdown is too short to allow consistent unblockables, sometimes for them to happen at all.

Combo Extension Stuff

  • NOTE* [attack] means hold that attack button. ]attack[ means release the attack button.

Just some basic combo extension stuff if you want to squeeze the most damage possible out of your combo

BnB Extension

What you do after the "..." is up to you

From 2A: 2A 6[C] 214]C[ 662A 2A 2A ...

Works as an extension to combo starters or tandem enders

Remember that 6[C] 214]C[ is a negative edge. Alternatively, you can do 6C 214B according to personal preference.

From 2A: 2A 6[C] 214]C[ 665A 6S+A S.5B S.6C ...

Works as an extension to combo starters or tandem enders

Youtube BnB Combo Vid

  • Follow this link for now, the first link is private for unknown reasons

Stand Crash Stuff

Its important to always go stand off and go for 6c into BnB/tandem.

Dont waste the opportunity of wiping a huge chunk of health all due to a single stand crash.

Nao Tandem

The Nao Tandem is the most optimal tandem for Vice as it requires pressing ABC and 214x as fast as possible during the tandem flash. The more reps you do, the more damage you'll get in your combo. However, with the upside of having a high rep count, it'll become harder to follow up with. By doing the 214x inputs in the latter half of the tandem flash, it becomes a bit easier to predict when the tandem will end. I highly recommend practicing your reaction time because it not only pays off in massive damage, but also in making huge comebacks by killing opponents in one combo.


Nao Enders

Here are some notable enders when doing this tandem:

Ender from the video

  • 2A>2A>6Cxx214C>665A>S+6ABC>S+6Cxx236aa

His basic follow ups also work

  • 662A>2A>2A>2C

  • 662A>2A>2A>6Cxx236aa

  • 2A>6Cxx214C>662A>2A>2A>6Cxx236aa

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