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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Shadow Dio/Introduction

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Shadow Dio is an alternative version of DIO from before the final showdown in Cairo. He is one of the six hidden characters in the game.

Shadow Dio, unlike the regular version of DIO, is a Passive Stand character which relies heavily on his fast movement. He is a character that relies a lot on positioning well in order to use his buttons most effectively. While he may be confused with a rushdown character, due to his risk reward, he has better uses as a mid-range character. Shadow Dio has a massive damage output and simple combos, however, his main weakness is the lack of defensive options. Shadow Dio is considered to be one of the biggest glass cannons in the game.

Pros Cons
  • High damage, simple combos, making him very easy to pick up and play.
  • Great Okizeme with a lot of options available, such as empty jump low, empty jump grab and a fake crossup all leading into another Oki situation.
  • A great set of amazing pokes, projectiles and anti-airs, can be difficult to approach if used to their full potential.
  • Very rewarding grab that leads into situations listed above.
  • Deceptively short jumping hurtbox can make a lot of anti-airs whiff, especially paired with J.S which pulls your hurtbox even higher.
  • Great, very active Guard Cancel that also lets you net additional damage after, and is safe/plus on block.
  • Retains his standing hurtbox when hit crouching, some confirms become harder or impossible since he loses the usual width from crouching
  • Passive Stand User.
  • Slowest Roll in the Game.
  • From most ranges, his pokes don't have as much reward and can often be outweighed in risk/reward if the opponent makes a good read.
  • Despite the grab being as great, it's not completely consistent across the board in terms of the Oki it provides, as some characters wake up too fast, forcing you to adapt a simpler mixup.
  • Gets his standing hurtbox when hit, making him take bigger damage than other characters would while crouching.
Shadow Dio

Shadow Dio A.png

Stand: Passive

Defense Value: 84

Roll Speed: 47

Wakeup Speed: 38

Prejump: 4

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
HFTF SDIO IdleStart.gif
SQ Japan Arcade(BigOne2nd)
Fightcade (rarely)
Twitter: @jojohftfsq
Fightcade: yukke
Legendary OG Japanese player; and considered to be the best HFTF player at the moment. Very strong with most of the cast, and his S.Dio is no exception.
Status: Active
MikeHawkIsBig Romania Fightcade Twitter: @Kekopara1
Fightcade: MikeHawkIsBig
Discord: Kekopara#7388
Put in a ton of work to reach the skill level he acquired and he reaped the rewards.
Status: Retired
HFTF SDIO IdleStart.gif
blacksavageman Netherlands Fightcade Twitter: @blacksavageman
Discord: blacksavageman#5318
Formerly known as blacksavageboy. Can play very lame but can also end rounds in seconds by optimally using Shadow Dio's tools.
Status: Active
DM Japan Arcade(BigOne2nd) Twitter: @DM_CassisGeneki Very strong Shadow Dio player from Japan. Also known for his Vanilla Ice.
Status: Active
ted cruise Ireland Fightcade Twitter: @Jizzwardo
Fightcade: OpTic Jizzwardo,
Jizzwardo (Older Account)
Discord: ted cruise#5648
Long time S.Dio loyalist. A very old school Shadow Dio player and a very agressive one.
Status: Inactive