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Backbreaker Techability

A boolean value dictates whether an attack is techable or not. When that value is 0 you can tech and when it's 1, you cannot. Most attacks set that value to 0 upon hit while others, called Untechable Launchers, will set that value to 1. Once an attack is teched, the value will be set to 1 as well.

Backbreaker doesn't change that value at all, however. Instead it uses whichever value was already stored there, meaning that the opponent's ability to tech Backbreaker was decided before they came in contact with the Command Grab.

If you don't want Backbreaker to be techable you must force the value to set to 1 before the super connects by either hitting the opponent with an Untechable Launcher (Grab, j.S against airborne opponents, 214+S or Guard Cancel) or by forcing them to tech beforehand.

Command Grab/Hit Grab Invulnerability

There will be 2-3 frames of Command Grab/Hit Grab invulnerability after the opponent's wake-up which is retained after a successful meaty until they're out of hitstun. This is the reason why Rubber can't combo into wrap during his Vortex Combos (if they hit meaty). This also applies to Backbreaker.

There's also CG/HT invulnerability during jumps (starting during their pre-jump frames) which lasts until the player goes back to neutral. This means their landings after a jump can't be meatied with Backbreaker and meatying with other attacks won't confirm into a wrap. Do note that airborne status caused by launchers don't have this problem and UB Resets override this invulnerability.

Turnaround Cross-Up / Unblockable Cross-Up

Performing Specials and Supers will force Rubber to instantly face the opponent if he wasn't already. If Rubber side switches the opponent while one of his light attacks is active, the attack will stay active for one more frame after Rubber turns around to do a Stand special/super, acting like a true cross-up. This is more noticeable when Rubber cancels his j.A into j.S while switching sides but it can be done with any other normal or special, like cancelling his sideswitch j.A into 236+A/B/C or a grounded S move the frame before he lands or during his Dashing Cross-Up Okizeme against Pet Shop.

All these actions become unblockable if they are performed as Player 2, cause why the hell not.

Wrap Screenlock

After a wrap launch, the screen locks its position meaning it doesn't move any further until either the opponent is hit by Rubber, hits a wall (wallbounce) or the ground. If Rubber takes the round while wrap is still active or with his j.S follow-up (even after a wallbounce), the screen will stay temporarily lock until the next round when one of them gets hit (if Rubber won the previous round by using j.S) or after Rubber uses his Stand (if the wrap itself was the finishing blow).

This comes in handy when facing players that use the in-between round transition to get as far away as they can from Rubber since they won't be able to.

A similar effect can be obtained mid-match after a Double Wrap against Iggy if he manages to break out of the second one.

Wallbounce Inconsistency

Player 1 can recover almost instantly after a wallbounce compared with Player 2. This makes hitting a j.S ender after a wrap launch close to a wall considerably harder as P2. The easy way out would be to simply avoid the wallbounce in the first place by dashing to the other side of the screen then hitting them with j.S as they fall towards you. The problem with this is that you lose some damage in the process and it's out of the question in the corner.

The optimal solution is to hit them with j.A during the last frames of their stun before they get launched. If you do this correctly then your jab will overextend their hitstun, delaying their launch and giving YT more time to disappear for you to do j.S.

Unblockable Wrap

Rubber Soul starts off the game with a peculiar property in his 214+A/B/C that makes it not trigger preblock during its first active frame, making it effectively unblockable when done upclose and not in blockstrings. This "install" lasts until Rubber uses any attack other than his jabs, 236+A, 236+AA, GC, Grab or Backbreaker. Once the install is gone it will not return in future matches. You can get very creative with it but you decide whether it's worth keeping since it severely limits your moveset.

Standless Glitch

When Rubber isn't in the middle of hitstop, it takes him 1 frame to strike a pose after inputting a special. Surprisingly enough, Rubber can still block during this frame before he poses as long as the opponent's attack interacts with his hurtbox and not YT's.

For whatever reason, when all these conditions are met Rubber's special move will abruptly come to a stop and YT will be temporarily disabled, leaving Rubber with only jabs at his disposal to defend himself. This condition will last until Rubber either gets hit, techs a grab or the round ends (be it a Time Out or by miraculously winning).

Beetle Companion

Mashing A/B/C/S at least 25 times at the beginning of the match during Character Intros will cause a beetle to fly down from the skies and follow you around for the rest of the match so you can have someone to celebrate your victories and lament your losses with.

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